Esther | 16 Mar 15:18 2010

Centering elements in TableLayout


I'm trying to do the following:

I have a morph for which I set TableLayout as layout Policy. List direction
is topToBottom. Then I add some rectangular morphs with a centered string
morph in each of them (serving as label). Most of the rectangular morphs are
placed exactly one below the other, but some of them (which have a longer
label) are placed out of the row. 

So I wonder how to get them all in a row with table layout. Everything I
tried by now (listCentering- and cellPositioning-values) did not work for
me. The only thing that a first seemed to work was listCentering:
#justified, but then vertical spaces increase (for some reason I don't
understand) when I scroll the field.

Can anyone give me a hint how to solve this problem?

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priti verma | 6 Feb 01:40 2010

Need help

     I am Priti, student of CEG Anna University Chennai.
For my final year project i am developing UI for scratch in scan mode.
since i am new to Squeak its very difficult for me to proceed. Please help me, my email id is arpit.priti <at>

Priti verma

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Giuseppe Luigi Punzi | 25 May 14:53 2009

Create themes for PolyMorph

I'm squeezing my mind, searching different ways to get a "native" look
for Squeak.

I tried to install Zurgle, but was unsuccesfully, and, thinking good, I
think could be better to use, something more new like Polymorph.

Watery2, looks good, but could be confusing for Windows Users.

Could be difficult to create a "win/native/normal_grey_and_ugly"
look&feel theme for PolyMorph? There are somebody working, or thinking
in doing it?.

Brad Fuller | 21 Mar 01:50 2009

UI List

I'm asking if anyone can take over administering the UI list. I can't
do the job well since I am now very busy with other things. Anyone? It
doesn't take much work at all.


Brad Fuller
Matthew Fulmer | 19 Jan 05:25 2009

Looking for a GridLayout

Hi. I'm looking over the various layout policies available in
Morphic for one that aligns morphs in rows and columns (a grid
layout). I see there is a TableLayout, but looking thru the
code, it does not lay things out in a table (or grid), at all,
but in a single row or column. 

In most user interfaces, dialog boxes are nearly always made up
of widgets aligned in rows and column, with some widgets
spanning several rows or columns. 

If anyone has something like that, I'd be grateful for it. I've
been tasked to fix up the layout of some tweak dialog boxes in
Cobalt, and discovered that Tweak's layout code is word-for-word
identical to Morphic's, so anything anyone has in Morphic will
work just fine for me.


Matthew Fulmer --
Ken G. Brown | 6 Aug 20:31 2008

Workspace Convenience Method Enhancements?

Some enhancements to the Workspace window menu might be helpful, particularly load workspace from file.

See <>

Ken G. Brown
karl ramberg | 6 Aug 10:52 2008

Re: Copy Enhancements?

I would like that feature.

Another text/copy feature, make it possible to select a piece of text
with the mouse and click and drag it to another place. I know I can do
that in list panes but I cant do it in text panes.

On 8/5/08, Ken G. Brown <kbrown <at>> wrote:
> Gary asked on #Squeak IRC for other UI enhancement requests:
> I have found it would be nice sometimes to be able to copy the complete
> line/lines of text from the upper pane of the debugger for such as pasting
> into an email asking for help with some problem or other. At the moment, the
> copy to paste buffer non-intuitively only gets the method name text. 'Copy
> text' gets way too much.
> On Mac, doing cntl-click in the method pane of OB Package Browser, I see
> 'copy to paste buffer', but it does not appear to copy anything.
> Also, couldn't that just be 'copy' in the menu?
> Thx,
> Ken G. Brown
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> UI mailing list
> UI <at>
Alain Plantec | 27 Jun 16:09 2008

Re: FillStyles in borders

On Friday 27 June 2008 15:46:45 you wrote:
> Certainly possible... though, since maintaining backwards-compatability, it
> would not gain much (and a small performance hit is likely).
I was thinking about the possibility for Miro. I would like to get rid of borders as well by only using
fill style. The performance is maybe an issue but so far, I prefer not to care about that.
(I prefer simplest possible code)
> Regards, Gary.
Gary Chambers | 16 Jun 19:21 2008

FillStyles in borders

Just wondering if anyone would like to be able to use fill styles in borders
(rather than just colours)...

Igor Stasenko | 23 May 23:43 2008

Composite fill styles in action (or what to do when you bored).

Just do following script in latest squeak-dev image with UI
enhancements installed.

World fillStyle: (
CompositeFillStyle fillStyles: {
	BitmapFillStyle fromForm: (
	(Form extent: 1 <at> 2 depth: 32) colorAt: 0 <at> 0 put: (Color transparent) ;
colorAt: 0 <at> 1 put: (Color gray)).
	World fillStyle.

2 Gary Chambers: quite confused why style listed last drawn first?
As for me it is more logical to fill in order of appearance in code,
not in reverse..
or i missing something?


Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

Adrian Lienhard | 8 May 11:14 2008

[BUG] Click events are only honored after moving the mouse


 From time to time it happens that the image gets into a weird state  
where click events are only honored after moving the mouse. For  
example, in the code browser you click on a method but nothing happens  
until you start moving the cursor. The problem does not seem to go  
away again.

Has anybody else seen this problem? If yes, does a Mantis report exist  
that I have not found?