Markus Gaelli | 11 Jul 09:19 2002

Re: [Win32][RFC]: Default settings for Ctrl vs. Alt

I also second Doug Way's recommendation, especially that long time users
of squeak should be able to switch back and create their own ini-file.


Am Donnerstag den, 11. Juli 2002, um 01:46, schrieb Chris Becker:

> It would prevent me from going insane too! Well, *more* insane, that is.
> 8-P
> I second Doug Way's recommendation of:
> { $c . $x . $v . $a . $s . $f . $g . $z }
> Thanks, guys, especially Andreas for offering to make the change.
> Chris
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Ragnar Hojland Espinosa | 11 Jul 10:09 2002

Re: Squeak as a desktop - needs ssh

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 07:23:25PM -0500, Martin McClure wrote:
> At 10:58 PM +0200 7/10/02, Ian Piumarta wrote:
> >
> >I notice that ssh is suid root (just like rsh) so I assume sshd also
> >requires the client connection to be coming from a privileged port.
> Just checked this, and I can make ssh connections from a 
> non-privileged port. I haven't looked at the ssh protocol spec, but 
> what little I know of it suggests that a privileged port wouldn't 
> increase security.
> It would be great to have the ability to do ssh from inside Squeak... 
> but probably a non-trivial task.

The port thing is a restriction tunable in the server configuration.  But,
anyway, on linux it should be possible to give it a CAPability to bind on
low ports..


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Karl Ramberg | 11 Jul 10:36 2002

Re: Squeak as a desktop

Aaron J Reichow wrote:

> I was doing just that on top of Mac OS X.  The only thing I was leaving
> Squeak for was a web browser.  

I'm pretty much in the same situation. My go at it have been trying to 
make a HTMLTableMorph for Scamper so at least webpage rendering will 
look a tad better. 
Latest change set are here:

If anybody are interested in helping out in this effort let me know.


Karl Ramberg | 11 Jul 10:41 2002

Re: Mailing List Archive(s)

"Richard A. O'Keefe" wrote:

> Question 4: would there be any interest in having the mailing
> list archives accessible through an Information Retrieval engine?

This would be cool. Lot's of interesting bit's of information are 
stored in this mailing list and a fast way to use this would be valueable.


Kevin Fisher | 11 Jul 12:03 2002

Re: Weekend Project Update [was: log me in!]

Thanks Ian!

I gave things a quick test and the TeletypeWindow works jus fine with Zurgle
now.  The only gotcha is that Zurgle hides the SystemWindow menu so there's
no obvious way to get at it!  Still, it's easy to open shell by evaluating:
TeletypeWindow open owner newShell

Thanks very much!!

On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 05:50:45AM +0200, Ian Piumarta wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, Ian Piumarta wrote:
> > On Wed, 10 Jul 2002, Kevin Fisher wrote:
> > > claims labelArea doesn't exist.
> > 
> > I fixed some geometry problems last night and there are no more references
> > to labelArea in my current code.  If you can hang on for an hour or so
> > I'll make the new code available...
> I've filed it out in the usual place.  This is mainly for two reasons: (i)
> It might let Kevin zurgle further with it and (ii) the 3.2-4 VM comes with
> a new (*much* more portable) PTY plugin requiring a couple of small
> (but significant) changes in the class PseudoTTY.
> I've pulled PseudoTTY out of the "telnet" changeset to keep the two
> independent.  (The protocol of the former hasn't [and isn't likely to]
> change, but the primitives are now slightly *different* so you have to
> have the one that corresponds to your version of the VM... or else! ;)
> The full story is at:
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Georg Gollmann | 11 Jul 11:09 2002

Re: Mailing List Archive(s)

At 12:06 Uhr +1200 10.07.2002, Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:
>Question 3: roughly how large _are_ the archives?
>I've estimated 2-3kB per message from a sample, 10-40 messages
>per day, call it 1/2 to 3 1/2 MB per month.  So my very rough
>estimate is 40 to 300MB, and the student (who has worked in the
>industry) calls 300 MB "small".

Currently about 40 MB per year.



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Cees de Groot | 11 Jul 12:08 2002

Re: Mailing List Archive(s)

Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:

> Question 3: roughly how large _are_ the archives?
> I've estimated 2-3kB per message from a sample, 10-40 messages
> per day, call it 1/2 to 3 1/2 MB per month.  So my very rough
> estimate is 40 to 300MB, and the student (who has worked in the
> industry) calls 300 MB "small".
He,s just being polite. He actually suppressed the urge to call it 
'tiny' ;-)

> Question 4: would there be any interest in having the mailing
> list archives accessible through an Information Retrieval engine?
Not only the list archives, but all relevant sites as well. In fact,
you're beating me to it: I have been toying with the idea to set up a 
proof-of-concept 'topic-specific' search engine with a focus on Squeak, 
where the on-line archives, Squeak-specific websites, etcetera would all 
be collected.

What's the difference between an IR engine and a Internet search engine?

Kevin Fisher | 11 Jul 13:34 2002

Re: Weekend Project Update [was: log me in!]

Whoops, one more small bug!

I notice that if you fire off a shell from the TeletypeWindow, and then
minimize the window, the connection to the shell gets broken (this is
using the 3.2.3 VM).

Samir Saidani | 11 Jul 13:59 2002

Mailing-list Archive + Newsgroups Backend

(for those who missed the thread)


There is a solution to combine the advantage of mailing-list and
newsgroups :

We could acceed to squeak-dev by
news://, this could be a newsgroup
backend to the mailing-list. Moreover, Gname was designed by Lars
Magne Ingebrigtsen under GPL, the guy who designed the wonderful
Emacs/gnus (!).

Here is a significant excerpt.

"GNU Mail To News And Back Again :

Much interesting discussion today takes place on mailing lists. This
is inconvenient. If you become interested in a subject, you want to
know what's being discussed, and you want to familiarize yourself with
the culture of the list. This means that you need to get an overview
of previous discussions.

Several mailing lists archives exist, but these are all hidden under a
web interface. Reading mail that way is not convenient. Reading mail
as if it were news is convenient.

This is what Gmane offers. Mailing lists are funnelled into news
groups. This isn't a new idea; several mail-to-news gateways
exist. What's new with Gmane is that no messages are ever expired from
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Manu Chhabra | 11 Jul 14:16 2002

Recieving complex classes in soap Opera

I was trying to access a service by
( using the soap client functionality in soap Opera.
The returned message contained a class type Location
double x;
double y;
String des1;
String des2;
Envelope envl;
The soap message I recieve from the server is correct but the returnValue of the message is nil.
is it due to the fact that soapOpera presently does not support complex types?.
Is there way out to recieve the message as a Location class.
Any insight would be welcome.
Manu Chhabra
PS:I am new to smalltalk and squeak !!!!