Yuriy Tymchuk | 27 Aug 21:14 2014

Change superclass programatically

Any ideas? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25535202/change-superclass-programatically

Camille Teruel | 27 Aug 17:53 2014

Opal, custom compilers and class-side methods

Hi all,

With Opal, if you want to customize how methods are compiled into a class you can override #compilerClass on class-side:
MyClass class>>#compilerClass
^ MySpecialCompiler

However this custom compiler is not taken into account when compiling methods on the class-side:
MyClass class compilerClass ---> OpalCompiler
I was expecting to have the same compiler class for the metaclass. The consequence is that right now there is no way to specialize how methods are compiled in *one* metaclass.
Is it on purpose or is it a bug? 

Also is there cases where one wants instance-side methods and class-side methods to be compiled with different compiler classes?
My rough guess is that in most cases you want the same compiler class, but I don't fell confortable forcing that.
So I propose to add a method #classSideCompilerClass:
^ self compilerClass

Then compilerClass can be implemented for metaclasses:
^ self instanceSide classSideCompilerClass

Likewise, if I override compilerClass, it is taken into account for both instance-side and class-side methods but I can still say that I want a different compiler for class-side methods by overriding classSideCompilerClass. Tell me what you think about it and if you're ok, I open a bug entry with the slice.

Sven Van Caekenberghe | 27 Aug 17:38 2014

Glorp Login>>#encodingStrategy

It seems that Glorp Login>>#encodingStrategy is not used by the NativePostgresDriver yet it is required
to set it to a non nil value to get things working. This feels like a hack or something unfinished.


GitHub | 27 Aug 16:01 2014


  Branch: refs/tags/40192
  Home:   https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo-core
GitHub | 27 Aug 16:01 2014

[pharo-project/pharo-core] a21c4b: 40192

  Branch: refs/heads/4.0
  Home:   https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo-core
  Commit: a21c4b36c88fce077401d0d861f0563aa0d561b7
  Author: Jenkins Build Server <board@...>
  Date:   2014-08-27 (Wed, 27 Aug 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M FreeType.package/FreeTypeFontProvider.class/README.md
    M NativeBoost-Core.package/NBExternalStructureType.class/instance/emitting code/coerceReturnPointer_.st
    M NativeBoost-Core.package/NBFFICallout.class/instance/accessing/useEmitCall.st
    M NativeBoost-Core.package/NBFFICallout.class/instance/call conventions/cdecl.st
    M NativeBoost-Core.package/NBFFICallout.class/instance/call conventions/stdcall.st
    M NativeBoost-Core.package/NBNativeCodeGen.class/instance/initialization/initialize.st
    M NativeBoost-Core.package/NBNativeCodeGen.class/instance/options/doesNotUnderstand_.st
    M NativeBoost-Core.package/NBNativeCodeGen.class/instance/options/optionAt_.st
    M NativeBoost-Core.package/NBNativeCodeGen.class/instance/options/parseOptions_.st
    M NativeBoost-Core.package/NBNativeFunctionGen.class/instance/code generation/generateInstructions_.st
    A NativeBoost-Tests.package/NBCoreTests.class/instance/tests/testOptionParsing.st
    A NativeBoost-Tests.package/NBFFIExternalStructTests.class/instance/tests/testStructWithPointerAccess.st
    A NativeBoost-Tests.package/NBTestStructureWithPointer1.class/README.md
    A NativeBoost-Tests.package/NBTestStructureWithPointer1.class/class/as yet unclassified/fieldsDesc.st
    A NativeBoost-Tests.package/NBTestStructureWithPointer1.class/definition.st
    A ScriptLoader40.package/ScriptLoader.class/instance/pharo - scripts/script192.st
    A ScriptLoader40.package/ScriptLoader.class/instance/pharo - updates/update40192.st
    M ScriptLoader40.package/ScriptLoader.class/instance/public/commentForCurrentUpdate.st

  Log Message:
13153 Comment of FreeTypeProvider refers to FileDirectory and it should not

13726 Forward port Pharo4: 13725 NativeBoost crashes when reading null pointer field in a structure

13390 Support NB options with non-boolean values


Maximilian Bareis | 27 Aug 15:12 2014

Substitution of ' to " in TextEditor>>shiftEnclose


I am wondering if the upper part of 

TextEditor>>shiftEnclose: aKeyboardEvent
"Insert or remove bracket characters around the current selection."

| char left right startIndex stopIndex oldSelection which text |
char := aKeyboardEvent keyCharacter.
char = $9 ifTrue: [ char := $( ].
char = $, ifTrue: [ char := $< ].
char = $[ ifTrue: [ char := ${ ].
char = $' ifTrue: [ char := $" ].

is a bug or a feature. For german keyboards it causes that pressing the single Apostroph (which is reached via shift-#) is substituted to ". So enclosing a textblock and pressing ' leads to comments around the block, which is really annoying.

I am curious, because this substitution does not make any sense to me. The keyCharacter is always the "real" character ( $( instead of $9 ). Also it seems that this substitution reduces the keyboard to the en-Layout, therefore breaks the separation of concerns.

Is there any reason, why this substitution takes place?


Yuriy Tymchuk | 27 Aug 13:27 2014

Cyrillic handling

Hi guys.

Sometimes I exigently type cyrillic characters (because I have 2 keyboard layouts). When I do this,
besides of typing just the characters, some shortcuts re triggered. Is it easy to fixe that? Because
sometimes I mess up my code like this :)



Sprint 29/8 still planned?

Is there a sprint in Lille as announced a while ago?

I'd be delighted to join :-)

GitHub | 27 Aug 10:46 2014

[pharo-project/pharo-core] 2a94e5: 40191

  Branch: refs/heads/4.0
  Home:   https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo-core
  Commit: 2a94e5357858522cf92ecc51801bf64bd72812f8
  Author: Jenkins Build Server <board@...>
  Date:   2014-08-27 (Wed, 27 Aug 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M Gofer-Tests.package/GoferResource.class/instance/running/setUpMonticelloRepository.st
    A Metacello-TestsMCResources.package/MetacelloTestsMCPackage.class/instance/accessing/species.st
    A ScriptLoader40.package/ScriptLoader.class/instance/pharo - scripts/script191.st
    A ScriptLoader40.package/ScriptLoader.class/instance/pharo - updates/update40191.st
    M ScriptLoader40.package/ScriptLoader.class/instance/public/commentForCurrentUpdate.st

  Log Message:
13911 Metacello test packages not properly unload


GitHub | 27 Aug 10:46 2014


  Branch: refs/tags/40191
  Home:   https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo-core
Michele Lanza | 27 Aug 10:40 2014

Looking for PhD students

Dear all,
this is an informal call for PhD students. I’m Michele Lanza, head of the REVEAL research group from the
University of Lugano in Switzerland, active in Smalltalk since many years (16 to be precise). The group,
which you might know from tools like CodeCity, SpyWare, Softwarenaut, SPO, etc. and its involvement in
Moose and Pharo in general, currently features 4 PhD students and 1 postdoc. 3 PhD students program with
and in Pharo, namely Yuriy Tymchuk, Roberto Minelli, and Tommaso dal Sasso, who recently attended ESUG.
I’m looking for one or maybe even two PhD students. Topics with me are normally open and agreed upon by both
sides, as long as it’s fun and relevant. I have some funky open topics. The only requirements are an open
mind, good OO skills, the willingness to learn and to work hard.

Drop me a line if you’re interested or know anyone who’s interested.



BTW, I could say things about the nice climate in Lugano, the relatively good salary conditions, the
generous available funding for traveling and hardware, etc. but if you come only for that you better stay
away from me :-)