kilon alios | 26 Jul 01:04 2014

Problem with streamsocket receiving

so I have no issues sending data from pharo to python but I have a problem recieving data from python 

here is my method

sendMessage: aString

|stream errString isDataAvailable |
stream := SocketStream openConnectionToHostNamed: ''  port: 4000 .
stream sendCommand: aString.
isDataAvailable := stream isDataAvailable .
isDataAvailable inspect.
isDataAvailable ifTrue: [ errString := stream nextLineCrLf  .
                                 errString inspect.
                                       errString = '' ifFalse: 
                                                                        [self error: errString.]] .

stream close.

I have used telnet to test the connection , telnet can receive the data fine and it displays it fine. I have encode the data as bytestring from python with ascii encoding and added both a carriage return and a line feed in the end ? whats wrong ?

I tried most method in socket stream even upToEnd message and none gives back any data. 

What am I doing wrong ? 
stepharo | 25 Jul 22:15 2014

Other MenuMorph facts

(MenuMorph selectors select: [ :each | 'add*' match: each ])  size

number of isKindOf: 11 for a single class I imagine that this is the top.


stepharo | 25 Jul 21:55 2014

About deprecating UpdatingMenuMorph

Hi guys

I would like to simplify the Menu logic and I would like to remove the 
So far it is only use in Spec with autoRefresh.
I really think that if we want to give a chance to Morphic and its 
future incarnation we should
rationalize what we have.


kilon alios | 25 Jul 19:47 2014

Returning the source of a class as a string

I want to find the source of a Class and its methods (including all variables too, local , instance, class , class instance etc) and return them as a string or a collection of strings.

I have found MethodNode>>sourceText and CompiledMethod>>sourceCode but I have no clue how to send these messages or if they are the messages I am looking for.

Also any pointers as to how to navigate the Pharo syntax by code using something like AST would be greatly appreciated :)

Would it make more sense to use something like PettitParser ? 

kilon alios | 25 Jul 19:45 2014

Opening World Tools via Shortcuts

Is it possible to open the tools in world menu using shortcuts ?

I am interested especially for Workspace , Browser (without selecting a message) , Finder , Monticello and of course all the others.

Serge Stinckwich | 25 Jul 17:06 2014

Metarepo Pharo 4.0 access

Can someone give me access to the metarepo for Pharo 4.0 ?
Thank you.

Serge Stinckwich
Every DSL ends up being Smalltalk

GitHub | 25 Jul 17:03 2014

[pharo-project/pharo-core] 3bf31d: 40124

  Branch: refs/heads/4.0
  Commit: 3bf31df0501b003ae885be0a32d9e006b80452fe
  Author: Jenkins Build Server <board@...>
  Date:   2014-07-25 (Fri, 25 Jul 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M Monticello.package/MCVersionMerger.class/instance/adding/
    A ScriptLoader40.package/ScriptLoader.class/instance/pharo - scripts/
    A ScriptLoader40.package/ScriptLoader.class/instance/pharo - updates/
    M ScriptLoader40.package/ScriptLoader.class/instance/public/
    A Spec-Core.package/TextModel.class/instance/NOCompletion/
    A Spec-Inspector.package/extension/SequenceableCollection/class/
    R Spec-Inspector.package/extension/SequenceableCollection/instance/
    M Tool-Spotlight.package/Spotlight.class/
    R Tool-Spotlight.package/Spotlight.class/instance/accessing/
    R Tool-Spotlight.package/Spotlight.class/instance/accessing/
    A Tool-Spotlight.package/Spotlight.class/instance/accessing/
    M Tool-Spotlight.package/Spotlight.class/instance/initialize/
    M Tool-Spotlight.package/Spotlight.class/instance/opening/
    M Tool-Spotlight.package/Spotlight.class/instance/private/

  Log Message:
13684 missing code completion in Spotlight

13519 Problem when printing heaps
13571 Something is completely broken regarding Slice submission

GitHub | 25 Jul 17:03 2014


  Branch: refs/tags/40124
Stefan Krecher | 25 Jul 16:28 2014

[Job] Freelancer for pharo 1.4 -> pharo 3.0 migration wanted

Dear Smalltalkers,
i just posted a project on elance:
It's a small project but maybe it's of interest for someone here. Or
maybe someone likes to support this in order to push another
real-world application based on Pharo/ Seaside.
Job description below.

this is the job description:
Looking for a Smalltalk-Developer who can
- migrate my Seaside/ Magritte WebApp to from Pharo 1.4 to Pharo 3.0
(maybe Pharo 4.0?) and the newest Version of the Seaside-Framework.
- refactor persistence (currently: image-based + Object-Serialization
to filesystem)
- refactor magritte (get rid of it or do it right)

Projects that may follow would be:
- pimp the UI (maybe we could slim-down the seaside-part and use
Amber) / make it look fresh/ cool/ sexy
- migrate to Gemstone/S
- refactor/ enhance usermanagement/ authentication

The application is small - only a handful of entity Objects and some CRUD-Stuff.
It's a system to manage volunteers with a few clients (but more to
come) so it needs to get stabilized (and i'm also looking for some
kind of co-founder so i can distribute it more active.

The scope of Phase 1 needs to be discussed and refined

Esteban Lorenzano | 25 Jul 15:26 2014

smalltalkhub should be working now

with the invaluable help of Nico, we managed to fixed it. 
(or at least we *think* we managed to fix it :D )


stepharo | 25 Jul 15:20 2014

Looks like smart suggestions implementors is broken


can someone confirm?