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Chris Twiner | 30 Dec 11:53 2011

[announce] Scales Xml is moving to github

Hi All,

In preparation for the upcoming 0.3 release Scales Xml has moved to github

0.3 adds a full compliment of XPath axe to the XPath dsl and full XPath 1.0 String evaluation via Jaxen.  It also adds a number of improvements to overall usability and of course some bug fixes as well.

Due to timing conflicts 0.3 will be published without the traditional documentation site but that will follow shortly afterwards.

Scales Xml is an alternative library to Scala Xml that's:

* faster,
* uses less memory than both Scala Xml and JAXP / DOM,
* has an XPath dsl,
* XPath based transformations,
* JAXP support and integration,
* superb pull parsing support
* and much more...

See the existing documentation site for more information:

The move to git / github has been a long time coming for me and I hope it proves useful for others as well.