Ari Brown | 1 May 01:02 2007

Re: unsubscribe

Why would you want to do that?!?!

Silly user.

On Apr 30, 2007, at 4:16 PM, Terrance Mok wrote:

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relocatable ruby distribution

Hi All:

  I've convinced the java project to allow ruby (yay!), and now we
want to include and control the ruby dist, libraries and gems and all
in svn.  Since the project can be checked out anywhere I want to be
able to relocate ruby.  I tried allinoneruby (happily used ruby2exe on
a different project), and can't figure out how to get it to include
all the libs and gems.  I also tried to point $: at the correct
locations, but got an unresolved lib.

  Is there a std way to do this?



Ryan Davis | 1 May 01:29 2007

[ANN] ZenTest 3.5.2 Released

ZenTest version 3.5.2 has been released!

ZenTest provides 4 different tools and 1 library: zentest, unit_diff,
autotest, multiruby, and Test::Rails.

ZenTest scans your target and unit-test code and writes your missing
code based on simple naming rules, enabling XP at a much quicker
pace. ZenTest only works with Ruby and Test::Unit.

unit_diff is a command-line filter to diff expected results from
actual results and allow you to quickly see exactly what is wrong.

autotest is a continous testing facility meant to be used during
development. As soon as you save a file, autotest will run the
corresponding dependent tests.

multiruby runs anything you want on multiple versions of ruby. Great
for compatibility checking!

Test::Rails helps you build industrial-strength Rails code.


*** 3.5.2

+ 4 bug fixes:
     + Patch up Rails fixture defaults for Test::Rails::TestCase.
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brabuhr | 1 May 01:37 2007

Re: ruby scripting on microsoft active directory plus exchange

On 4/19/07, Francis Cianfrocca <garbagecat10 <at>> wrote:
> There's another thing I and some others have been working on for some years
> now: a network-service that would provide fine-grained authorization to any
> application (including Rails of course) through the XACML protocol. The goal
> would be to permit access-control policies to be defined *in isolation* from
> specific applications, and managed centrally. We'd like to release this as
> an open-source project, probably as part of the Net::XACML project on
> Ruyforge. Anyone interested?

That's awesome.  At work I am just starting on an XACML project.  I am
certainly interested in taking your code for a spin when it's published :-)


Re: relocatable ruby distribution

I should also point out we're running RHEL4 64 bit, though we want to
move to running windows builds as well.

Thanks in advance


German Monfort | 1 May 03:32 2007

Re: Class Level Variables

El Lunes, 30 de Abril de 2007 19:15, Gary Wright escribió:
> On Apr 30, 2007, at 1:52 PM, German Monfort wrote:
> >> 2) Class variables are associated with a class *and* its subclasses
> >> and the order of initialization is important.
> >>
> >> class C
> >>     <at>  <at> foo = 42        # shared by C and its decendents!
> >>    def foo
> >>       <at>  <at> foo           # shared with C, D, and E
> >>    end
> >>    def bar
> >>       <at>  <at> bar           # this is C's  <at>  <at> bar
> >>    end
> >> end
> >>
> >> class D < C
> >> end
> >>
> >> class E < C
> >>     <at>  <at> foo = 43        #  <at>  <at> foo shared with C, D, and E
> >>     <at>  <at> bar = 44        #  <at>  <at> bar only defined for E
> >>    def bar
> >>       <at>  <at> bar           # this is E's  <at>  <at> bar
> >>    end
> >> end
> >>
> >> puts       # 43
> >>
> >> puts       # 44
> >> puts       # undefined!
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Mr Magpie | 1 May 03:32 2007

Re: Why is 0x7FFFFFFF Bignum and not Fixnum ?

Thanks for the informative answers. I see the reasoning now.

Has anyone done performance comparisons of Fixnum and Bignum ?


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Giles Bowkett | 1 May 03:56 2007

Re: Problem with RoR's controller getting too large

I share Vlad's frustration and generally agree that Rails questions
should go to the Rails list. Just for the heck of it, though, there
are a couple interesting Rails-world blogs addressing this problem:

For what it's worth.

On 4/30/07, Vlad GALU <dudu <at>> wrote:
> On 4/30/07, shurain <shurain <at>> wrote:
> > Let's assume that there are two models Post and Comment. If we have a
> > controller dealing with both of these models, it wouldn't take long
> > before the controller grows too big to maintain. As far as I
> > understand, this happens because a controller tries to handle all the
> > actions allowed by the user. If I change the perspective and create a
> > controller per model the controller getting too large is fixed but I
> > have another problem.
> >
> > I don't see any good way of accessing multiple controllers (or models)
> > in one view. There are times when I have to see an instance of a Post
> > "AND" the comments which belongs to the post. I've heard that it can
> > be solved by using components but that has been deprecated and I've
> > heard that there are some issues which discourage its use. Using
> > application.rb doesn't really help because it still makes the
> > controller grow large. Is there any clean solution to this?
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Harold Hausman | 1 May 03:57 2007

Re: Windows new user cheat sheet?

On 5/1/07, Michal Suchanek <hramrach <at>> wrote:
> I use ruby on Windows and I never really needed to use the windows
> commandline in connection with ruby. The one click installer
> associates scripts with ruby so all I need is to write the script in
> an editor and doubleclick it. But a windows shell extension "irb here"
> similar to the MS "Command Prompt Here" could be useful.

What a great idea! And so easily done. (:

First grab this and put it in C:\ruby\:

Then grab this and double click it to import it into your registry:

Then right click a folder in Explorer (or even the little folder icon
in the top left of an open Explorer window) and choose "irb here!"

Thanks for the sweet idea.


Giles Bowkett | 1 May 03:59 2007

Re: RoR how does scaffold work?

Now this really is a question for the Rails list, not this list.

Giles Bowkett

On 4/30/07, anansi <kazaam <at>> wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanna write a little blog in ruby so I started with creating a
> mysql-db with blog_test, blog_development, blog_production. Then I
> created a new rails project with "rails blog". I create, in the folder
> db, a file create.sql with this content:
> drop table if exists entrys;
> create table entrys (
>           id              int          not null auto_increment,
>           headline        varchar(100)  not null,
>           news            text          not null,
>           primary key (id)
>          );
> then I did:
> mysql blog_development <db/create.sql
> which works without problems. After that I changed /config/database.yml:
> development:
>    adapter: mysql
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