Jeremy McAnally | 12 Dec 01:03 2008

Re: Error in MatchData docs

This system already exists and actually lets users edit the RDoc in
the browser and submit a patch to a remote Git repos.  It's called

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 9:59 PM, Ryan Davis <ryand-ruby <at>> wrote:
> On Nov 20, 2008, at 14:06 , Rich Morin wrote:
>> At 14:16 -0700 11/14/08, James Britt wrote:
>>> The API docs are generated from comments in the Ruby source code.
>>> The best way to handle this is to, ideally, post a patch to the
>>> ruby-doc or ruby-core mailing lists for the code/comments in
>>> question.
>> Actually, the best way to handle this would be to have a way for
>> the reader to make a comment, wiki-style, on the page, with an
>> alert being generated to interested parties...
> Actually, statements with "the best way" in them rarely are, especially if
> they start with "Actually".
> In this case, the best way to actually get a change into the system is
> indeed to submit a patch to ruby-core. You're more than welcome to set up
> the system you're talking about. Until then it is simply pie-in-the-sky.
> Btw, LOVED YOU in Strange Brew!
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