Eric Hodel | 10 Oct 19:13 2007

Re: rdoc has issues with multi-line constant defs

On Sep 15, 2007, at 21:59 , Brian Sammon wrote:
> I'm investigating why I can't get any useful rdoc output for the  
> HTTPClient  library. (
> I've created a test case that illustrates the problem I've found.   
> It appears that the rdoc program ignores documented methods when  
> there is multiple-line constant definitions in the source-file.
> With the attached test case, if I run rdoc on it as-is, I get no HTML
> documentation for the initialize() and get_content() functions.   
> However, if I remove the SSLEnabled and SSPIEnabled definitions,  
> then rdoc will generate HTML documentation for initialize() and  
> get_content().
> Can anyone confirm this behavior?
> Is this a bug in rdoc?  Or is there something wrong with the  
> HTTPClient code?

I believe this is a bug in RDoc.

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