Stefan O'Rear | 31 Jan 01:24 2012

Announce: Niecza Perl 6 v14

    Announce: Niecza Perl 6 v14

This is the fourteenth release of Niecza Perl 6, as usual scheduled on
the last Monday of the month.  I'm on winter break now, which means lots
of time for improvements.  Muahahaha.  This month hasn't seen much of a

With this release, Niecza now passes a similar number of spectests as
Rakudo.  (Note that they are not the same tests, and as such the test counts
are not completely comparable.)  Solomon Foster has begun efforts to port
panda to niecza, with the goal of designing a multi-implementation ecosystem.

You can obtain a build of Niecza from [1].  This build contains a
working compiler as a set of .exe and .dll files suitable for use with
Mono or Microsoft .NET.  If you wish to follow latest developments,
you can obtain the source from [2]; however, you will still need a
binary for bootstrapping, so you gain nothing from a "source is
better" perspective.

Niecza is a Perl 6 compiler project studying questions about the
efficient implementability of Perl 6 features.  It currently targets
the Common Language Runtime; both Mono and Microsoft .NET are known to
work.  On Windows, Cygwin is required for source builds only; see the
README for details.

    List of changes

[Breaking changes]

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