The Perl 6 Summarizer | 3 Jan 14:57 2006

This week's summary

The Perl 6 summary for the week ending 2006-01-01
    Another year, another summary. You might think I'm going to summarize
    the events of the whole year, but it turns out that chromatic's already
    done it. So in the spirit of laziness, I'll just point you at his year
    end summary.


    Sadly for us all, he doesn't go into enough detail on the events of the
    last week for me to go straight into the coda. I shall have to talk to
    him about next year.

    This week sees a big non-technical change in the Pugs camp, lots of
    roadmapping and implementation in the Parrot camp, and a more and more
    concrete feel of what the language is going to look like in the
    perl6-language camp.

    Pretty much business as usual really.

This week in perl6-compiler
  Runtime typecasting
    Autrijus Tang is now Audrey Tang. Read her explanation on her blog.
    Speaking personally I'm delighted that she's found the courage to make
    the change and wish her the best of luck and happiness in her new/true


  Pugs on Cygwin
    There was a fair amount of discussion on getting pugs and parrot running
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Leopold Toetsch | 8 Jan 16:37 2006

Parrot 0.4.1 "Foghorn Leghorn" Released!

Parrot 0.4.1 "Foghorn Leghorn" Released!

On behalf of the Parrot team I'm proud to announce another
monthly release of Parrot.
I'd like to thank all involved people as well as our
sponsors for supporting us.

What is Parrot?

Parrot is a virtual machine aimed at running Perl6 and other dynamic
languages, see <> for more information.

Parrot 0.4.1 changes and news

- Installation: 'make install' is using standard locations now
   (/usr/local is the default --prefix)
- Produce static and shared libraries on some systems
- Configure system rearragement
- OS pmc started (mkdir,cd,cwd,rm,umask,stat)
- Shootout examples
- Test files are now testable with 'prove'
- Smoke (and smokej) outputs progress
- PIR supports: I = A < B (>,<=,>=,==,!=)
- Add support for octal number constants
- partcl updates:
   - almost finish [string]; start [file]
   - add build tool for generating inline'd tcl builtins from templates.
- Jako updates: NCI, subroutines, global variables and constants all work.

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Matt Fowles | 11 Jan 05:00 2006

Late Summary


Fear not this weeks summary will come out... just a bit late.  I have
it half written, but my bed is calling oh so sweetly.

Night all,
"Computer Science is merely the post-Turing Decline of Formal Systems Theory."
-Stan Kelly-Bootle, The Devil's DP Dictionary

Matt Fowles | 12 Jan 02:36 2006

Perl 6 Summary for 2006-01-02 though 2006-01-09

Perl 6 Summary for 2006-01-02 though 2006-01-09

    Welcome to another Perl 6 Summary. On a complete tangent, if you are
    playing World of Warcraft and see a troll hunter named Krynna, she
    rocks. She royally saved me. Be nice to her.

  Perl 6 Compiler
   PIL Containers and Roles
    Audrey explained that she and Stevan have been putting in effort to
    allow Pugs and PIL to bootstrap Roles and eventually the entire object


   Reference and Assignment Semantics
    Audrey posted a brain dump focusing on the issues and implications of
    how containers, assignment, and auto dereferencing interact.


   Table of Perl 6 "Types"
    Stevan Little posted a summary of his understanding of Perl 6's core
    type hierarchy. Larry replied with a few comments and corrections.


   Configure and Symlinks
    Alberto Simoes wondered how the configuration system should handle
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The Perl 6 Summarizer | 18 Jan 21:12 2006

Um... this week's summary

Unless Matt takes pity on me, and writes a summary at disgustingly
high speed, there won't be a summary this week. Assorted things got in
the way on Monday or Tuesday, and I'm now at my consulting gig 'til
the end of the week with no time for summarizing.

I'm really, really sorry.

Piers Cawley <pdcawley <at>>

Matt Fowles | 24 Jan 02:17 2006

Summary Schedule Shift


It turns out that Mondays are now my paperwork day at work.  As you
can probably guess, paperwork leaves me in a somewhat foul mood.  As
such, I am moving the summarizing schedule from Mondays, back to
Tuesdays.  This has the happy coincidence of coinciding with World of
Warcraft's patch schedule.

If this change bothers any one horribly, I invite you to leave the
tuesday summaries unread for 6 days, thereby returning you to a monday
schedule. ;-)

Have fun,
"Computer Science is merely the post-Turing Decline of Formal Systems Theory."
-Stan Kelly-Bootle, The Devil's DP Dictionary

Matt Fowles | 25 Jan 03:50 2006

Perl 6 Summary for 2006-01-10 though 2006-01-24

Perl 6 Summary for 2006-01-10 though 2006-01-24

    Welcome to another fortnight's summary. This summary marks a return to a
    Tuesday schedule for summaries. Hopefully this will help me get
    summaries to you on time. Oddly appropriate that I just started reading
    Don Quixote...

  Perl 6 Compiler
    Either this list followed its typical pattern of doing most of its work
    off list, or google's indexing of it broke. I am guess the former and
    continuing on blindly.

  Perl 6 Internals
   Unescapable Single Quotes in Strings
    Matt Diephouse discovered that he could not escape single quotes within
    strings. This saddened him so much he open an RT ticket.


   " genfile() " Interpolation Syntax
    Joshua Hoblitt changed the interpolation syntax for "
    Parrot::Configure::Step::genfile() " from " ${foo} " to "  <at> foo <at>  ".


   getopt_obt.t Failures
    Joshua Hoblitt posted some failures in " t/library/getopt_obj.t " on

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