The Perl 6 Summarizer | 1 Dec 01:12 2005

This week's summary

The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2005-11-27
    Another week passes. Another summary is written. Another sentence
    remains steadfastly in the passive voice.

This week in perl6-compiler
  Perl 5 tests for PGE::P5Regexp
    Jerry Gay announced that he'd checked in a subset of perl 5.9.2's regexp
    tests to give PGE something to work on. Right now only 130 of 960 tests
    are running, in part because the test harness he's using can't quite
    cope with the test file syntax used for the original tests. I'm sure it
    won't stay that way or long.

    A couple of days later he announced that more tests were being converted
    and that there were now 360 passing tests and a further 155 or so TODO

    Well done Jerry.


  PDD 20 and :outer
    Leo had some questions about the workings of lexical pads and ":outer".
    He showed a couple of examples in high level language and wondered if
    his parrot conversions were right. Chip thought that Leo shouldn't worry
    about implementing the Perl 5 semantics of a named inner subroutine
    because the way Perl 5 does it is a bug not a feature. Dave Mitchell
    wasn't so sure.


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Leopold Toetsch | 4 Dec 17:29 2005

Parrot 0.4.0 "Luthor" Released!

On behalf of the Parrot team I'm proud to announce another
major release of Parrot. More than 530 svn checkins and 1000
added tests by numerous folks bump up the version to 0.4.0.
I'd like to thank all involved people as well as our
sponsors for supporting us.

What is Parrot?

Parrot is a virtual machine aimed at running Perl6 and other dynamic
languages, see <> for more information.

Parrot 0.4.0 changes and news

- New lexical handling and closure support including better
   introspection for caller and outer
- PGE (Parrot Grammar Engine) provides now compilers for P6Rule,
   P6Grammar, P5Regexp, and Glob
- ca. 1000 new tests including 800 for Perl5 regexp
- Improved unicode charset and encoding support
- Calling conventions for exception handlers
- Punie (Perl 1) uses TGE (Tree Grammar Engine) to convert from
   PGE match objects to AST via two steps of tree transformation grammars
- New languages: amber and lua
- The usual code fixes, cleanup, and improvements, including an overhaul
   of the config and test framework

After some pause you can grab it from

As parrot is still in steady development we recommend that you
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The Perl 6 Summarizer | 8 Dec 21:32 2005

This week's summary

The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2005-12-04
    I heard a rumour on the mailing list week. Apparently the Perl
    6 Summaries are no longer being published. As I'm sure you can imagine,
    it came as something of a surprise to me.

    This week has been all about Parrot, Leo's got the new lexical scheme,
    calling conventions and exception handlers working and made Parrot
    stricter about arguments. The end of the week saw the release of
    'Luthor', version 0.4.0 of Parrot. Read on for more details...

This week in perl6-compiler
    Um... one post in perl6-compiler this week. And that was crossposted to
    perl6-language. And because it got posted at the end of the week, none
    of the actual discussion occurred this week.

    Moving swiftly on...

This week in perl6-internals
    Much more going on here as everyone rushed towards the release of Parrot
    0.4.0 "Luthor" at the end of the week.

  Exception handlers and calling conventions
    As I predicted last week, Leo's brain dump about exception handling got
    discussed this week. It was well liked, and after a small bit of sugar
    was sprinkled on to make ParTCL's life a little easier (and possibly
    unsprinkled later) all manner of things were well.


  Subs may not contain dynamic call info, ever
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Matt Fowles | 13 Dec 04:07 2005

Perl 6 Summary for 2005-12-05 through 2005-12-12

Perl 6 Summary for 2005-12-05 through 2005-12-12

    Welcome to another Perl 6 summary. This week, like last, Parrot has
    produced the highest volume of emails. Fine by me, Parrot tends to be
    easiest to summarize. This summary is brought to you by Snow (the latest
    soft toy in the house). I would say you should get one, but apparently
    Borders stores everywhere are sold out of them. He is quite soft and a
    little mischievous. Maybe he belonged to a samurai once...

  Perl 6 Compiler
   Context Confusion
    Mike Li wondered how to make his sample code work in Perl 6. Jonathan
    Scott Duff pointed out that the part he was curious about, was correct
    already. Score one for Perl 6.


   Unbracketed Text from Text::bracketed
    Allison Randal wanted to be able to access the text within
    PGE::Text::bracketed's match object. Patrick made it work, and Allison
    happily used it.


   Security Model
    Bryan Burgers wondered how Parrot would support security. Luke Palmer
    pointed him to the p6i list and explained that Dan did have a plan for
    this that he couldn't recall. I recall something about VMS and having
    active and allowable capabilities. It sounded really cool when I read
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The Perl 6 Summarizer | 19 Dec 17:04 2005

This week's summary

The Perl 6 summary for the week ending 2005-12-18
    Welcome to another Perl 6 summary. This has been a week of shootouts,
    cleanups, relationships and cunning translations. Read on for the
    details (or, this being a summary, pointers to the details).

This week in perl6-compiler
    2 messages? Sometimes I wonder why I even bother summarizing this list;
    I could just paste its contents in their entirety. However:

  Call for a Pumpking: Do you want a Ponie?
    Jesse announced that Nicholas Clark was retiring as Ponie's Pumpking
    following his departure from Fotango. So we're looking for another
    volunteer to take Ponie from its current state to a working Perl 5
    runtime fully integrated with Parrot. If you're a C programmer with a
    good grasp of the Perl 5 internals and you're interested in taking on
    the job, ponie-pumpking <at> is eager to hear from you.


  Pugs, Javascript and Perl 5
    Continuing Pugs' tradition of linguistic mashup, Chia-liang Kao
    announced that Pugs Javascript backend can now support Perl5.


Meanwhile, in perl6-internals
  Parrot Shootout
    Work continued on implementing and optimizing Parrot's entry for the
    Language Shootout.

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