Matt Fowles | 1 Feb 02:57 2005

Perl 6 Summary for 2005-01-18 through 2005-01-31

Perl 6 Summary for 2005-01-18 through 2005-01-31

    Welcome to another double feature summary. Sadly, this one was delayed
    because of an argument that I was/am having with my connection.
    Fortunately, a generous neighbor has allowed me to use his connection
    for the time being. So, with that random act of kindness in mind, I
    bring you

  Perl 6 Language
   Perl 6 on E
    Rich Morin wondered if features of the language E would be supported on
    Perl 6. Larry told him that many would, and "As a limiting case, you can
    always back out the entire Perl grammar and install the E grammar in its
    place". This was left as an exercise for the reader.

    <> -- the thread

    <> -- E's homepage

   challenge the Palmer...
    Luke Palmer produced answers to Austin Hastings's "How do I" questions.
    Anyone else with such questions should send them to the list lest Luke's
    learnedness loses luster.


   refactoring Perl automatically
    Matisse Enzer re-re-raised the thread on refactoring Perl. This time he
    posted a link to EPIC an Eclipse plugin that uses Devel::Refactor.
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Matt Fowles | 9 Feb 02:46 2005

Perl 6 Summary for 2005-01-31 through 2004-02-8

Perl 6 Summary for 2005-01-31 through 2004-02-8

    Welcome to yet another summary in which I will undoubtedly confuse to
    homophones. Probably more than a few this week as I am a little tired.
    But perhaps the alien on my window or the vampire on my monitor will
    help straighten it all out.

  Perl 6 Language
   autothreading generalization
    Luke Palmer's thread about auto-threading seems to have wound down
    without much resolution, or at the very least without a syntax that I


   Featherweight Perl6
    Autrijus Tang introduced Featherweight Perl6, a side-effect-free subset
    of Perl6. FP6 is the first step on a journey for Pugs to conquer the


   Value Types vs Implementation Types
    Autrijus Tang in his work on FP6 became confused by types. He asked some
    questions about Types on perl 6 language and was apparently told to go
    to perl 6 compilers. From perl 6 compilers, he was told he should really
    be on perl 6 language. Sorry for the run around, the proper place for
    questions about language semantics is perl 6 language as he originally
    posted. Eventually all of that was settled and he even got his question
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Matt Fowles | 23 Feb 02:56 2005

Perl 6 Summary for 2005-02-08 through 2005-02-22

Perl 6 Summary for 2005-02-08 through 2005-02-22

    Welcome to yet another fortnight summary. Lately p6l has been out
    stripping p6i in volume. While this used to be the norm, lately it has
    become a rare occurrence. Strange... Anyway, this summary would be
    brought to you buy cookies, but I ate them all. So instead this summary
    is brought to you by the remaining chocolate chips. In other news,
    Autrijus Tang has just officially been promoted to first name only
    status in the summaries based on both his stellar work with Pugs and his
    highly identifiable name. He now joins the ranks of Larry, Dan, Madonna,
    and Leo.

  Perl 6 Language
   do { } while?
    David Storrs wanted to know what the best way to say " do { }
    while($foo); " was. Larry told him that " s/do/loop/ " would suffice.


   nest as a primitive looping operation
    Timothy Nelson gets credit for resurrecting the oldest thread I have
    seen brought back recently. Over two years ago, he mentioned a powerful
    looping structure that allowed for recursion. Now he has found a use for


   Loop Entry
    Joe Gottman wanted to execute a closure every time a loop was entered,
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