The Perl 6 Summarizer | 5 Jul 15:27 2004

This week's summary

  The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2004-07-04
    Another week, another Perl 6 Summary. This is becoming a habit.

    Let's do perl6-internals first shall we?

  Japhy's Perl 6 rules parser
    Last week Jeff 'japhy' Pinyan announced that he'd be working on a Perl 6
    rules parser once he'd finished his Perl 5 regex parser. This week saw a
    deal of discussion on how his parser worked. The answer seemed to be "It
    works the Right Way." Which is good. With any luck Steve Fink will be
    able to get this parser and the current (sketchy) Perl 6 compiler
    playing well together.

    Last week Leo had pointed out that we'd need support for complex numbers
    in order to get the Piethon stuff running properly. This week there was
    some discussion of what was actually needed.

    Later in the week Ion Alexandru Morega posted a patch implementing them.
    I think Leo spoke for us all when he said "Whee, great, thanks -

  New mailing lists
    There was some discussion of how perl6-internals should be broken up. It
    looks like we'll see new lists called parrot-internals, parrot-compilers
    and parrot-library (for internals hackers, compiler implementers and
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The Perl 6 Summarizer | 12 Jul 15:05 2004

This week's summary

The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2004-07-10
    Another week down, another summer summary. On a Monday no less. Last
    week I even managed to get the summary to the mailing lists before the
    Perl 5 Porters summary. I may have been even more surprised that Rafael
    by that. Let's see if I can do it again.

    We'll kick off with perl6-internals as usual (though it was actually the
    quieter list this week).

  The Pie-thon charge
    A good deal of this week's work was Pie-thon related, what with the
    looming deadline and all. The effort hasn't been exactly helped by Dan's
    problems with unreliable laptops. However, it's apparent that the effort
    is helping to flush all sorts of issues out. -- Dan thinks about generic new PMCs -- Dan on parrot/python opcodes -- Getting Python::Bytecode to work -- Leo's summary of Pie-thon activities -- a new Python::Bytecode

  Changing the Perl 6 Guard
    The Perl Foundation is looking for a good person to take on the
    responsibility of getting the Perl 6 compiler working. Parrot's reached
    the point where it can probably support all of Perl 6 (or can be made to
    support it), and the Perl 6 design is (while not complete) good enough
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The Perl 6 Summarizer | 20 Jul 15:46 2004

This week's summary

The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2004-07-18
    Following last week's bizarrely dated summary (I misplaced a day) we're
    back with the correct week ending date, but I'm ashamed to admit that
    I've slipped to writing on a Tuesday again. My head hangs in shame and I
    am filled with the direst remorse.

    It will probably happen again though; life's like that.

    Anyone would think that the possibility of not even being able to run
    the Piethon benchmark (let alone getting a pie in the face for running
    it too slowly) weighs heavily on Dan.

    The bulk of the week's traffic related to getting to the point where we
    can at least run all the tests.

    Python::Bytecode, the module that parses, well, python bytecode, shot up
    in version numbers; I think it reached 2.7 by the end of the week.

    Dan released a Piethon translator, a tool that uses Python::Bytecode
    translate python to parrot. So has Leo. Dan's is on his website (see the
    link below, you'll find Leo's in languages/python/ -- Parrot runs a python lambda -- Notes on -- Namespaces for builtins -- Dan's translator
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The Perl 6 Summarizer | 26 Jul 13:06 2004

This week's summary

The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2004-07-25
    Monday morning, all's well, and Piers sits down at his desk to bash out
    another in his ongoing series of Perl 6 Summaries.

    I've just realised that I missed noting the second anniversary of my
    writing these summaries. It came up a month ago. On my last anniversary
    I hoped I wouldn't be celebrating many more of them before we have a
    real, running Perl 6; I'm still hoping. It looks like we may well have a
    real, running Python interpreter on Parrot before Perl 6.

    But we won't have it this week. Read on.

    First, the bad news. Dan's conceded.

    Now, the good news. Dan and Leo still got an awful lot done in a
    surprisingly short time; who knows where we'd be if Dan hadn't been
    stuck without a working laptop for most of June. In 5 weeks, we went
    from nothing at all running to having four out of seven running, and 3
    of those running faster than Python. Leo estimated that, once everything
    was done, Parrot should be averaging about twice the speed of Python.
    Next week (or possibly the week after) should see some post mortem
    documentation from Dan and Leo discussing what they've learnt from the
    exercise, and what needs to be done to get a 'proper' python
    implementation up on Parrot.

    So yes, Dan's going to get a pie in the face and be out a round of
    drinks. If you're at OSCON, you might like to drop in on the Python
    lightning talks and watch.

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