The Perl 6 Summarizer | 7 Apr 13:37 2004

This week's Summary

The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2004-04-04
    Wednesday? Why did I leave it 'til Wednesday to write the summary? I
    must have *some* reason. Or maybe not. I'll give fair warning that I
    won't be doing a summary for next week though, what with Easter and
    everything, but you'll get a fortnight's summary the week after, because
    I'm good to you like that.

    We'll start this week's summary with perl6-internals.

  MMD vtable functions in bytecode
    Dan had announced that he was working on adding parrot bytecode support
    for multimethod dispatch, and outlined how they'd be used and got

    The discussion got going this week, Leo Tötsch was unsure about some of
    Dan's implementation choices. In particular, he wondered if MMD subs
    should use PMCs rather than the simple function pointer that Dan had
    used. Dan thought not.

  Behaviour of PMCs on assignment
    The discussion of what to do when assigning to PMCs continued. The issue
    is complicated because we are trying to be friendly to multiple
    languages (though, as far as I can tell, the really problematic issue is
    Perl Scalars; most of the other languages that spring to mind have
    variables that are 'simple' pointers to objects; Perl Scalars can hold
    (seemingly) a million and one different things, potentially all at
    once). TOGoS argued that, as things stand there's a disjunction between
    the way (say) integer registers work and the way PMC registers work.
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The Perl 6 Summarizer | 20 Apr 19:44 2004

This fortnight's summary

The Perl 6 Summary for the fortnight ending 2004-04-18
    The only problem with summarizing two week's worth of Perl 6 happenings
    is that there's twice as much stuff to summarize. Still, there's no way
    I could have made the time to write a summary last week so I'll take my
    lumps. I am exceedingly grateful that Apocalypse 12 (Objects) wasn't
    released the Thursday *before* Easter though, as it is I can clear the
    decks for the expected perl6-language explosion next week.

    We'll start with perl6-internals as usual.

  Initializers, finalizers and fallbacks
    There was some discussion of the various functions that get called by
    object initialization/destruction etc. Dan wondered what he'd been
    thinking when he declared that there would be distinct "FINALIZE",
    "DELETE" and "CLEANUP" properties (instead of declaring that a function
    must be called (say) "FINALIZE", you can mark any function with a
    "FINALIZE" property, and Parrot will recognise that as the function to
    call at finalization time). Andy Wardley quibbled about American/British
    spelling, but Tim Bunce pointed out that the 'ize' form is preferred by
    the Oxford English Dictionary (and your humble summarizer).

    Leo meanwhile made a (Warnocked) proposal for a new init scheme.

  New SDL Parrot bindings
    Taking advantage of Parrot's new, improved object system, chromatic
    updated us all on his efforts to provide a shiny OO interface to the SDL
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The Perl 6 Summarizer | 28 Apr 19:02 2004

This week's Summary

  The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 2004-04-25
    And we're back on a weekly schedule again (unless the Mayday bank
    holiday knocks me for six next week). As I expected, the Apocalypse has
    brought out a rash of prophets and prognosticators in perl6-language,
    but perl6-internals is still ahead on number of messages per week.

  Constant Strings
    I confess I'm not sure I quite understand the constant strings patches
    that Leo Tötsch and Jeff Clites were discussing. I understand the bottom
    line though -- they make parrot a lot quicker when comparing constant
    strings. Huzzah!

    Then it turned into a discussion of Unicode (or at least, Parrot string
    handling which is almost, but not quite, the same thing).

  Parrot m4 0.0.4
    Bernhard Schmalhofer posted a patch to bring his parrot implementation
    of m4 up to what he's calling version 0.0.4

  SDL Parrot status
    Portland Parrot stalwart, chromatic, posted a link to a SDL Parrot site
    he's set up with current status, downloadable snapshots and other good
    SDL Parrot related things.

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