Jeff | 5 Jun 05:05 2002

[RELEASE] Parrot 0.0.6 Leaves The Village

"Where am I?" "In the CPAN."
"What do you want?" "Keyed acess."
"Whose side are you on?" "That...would be telling. We want...keyed
"You won't get it." "By hack or by crack... We will."
"Who are you?" "The new pumpking."
"Who is number 2?"
"You are Version Six."
"I am not a version, I am the final release!"
<Mocking laughter>

[apologies to Patrick McGoohan]

Welcome to version 0.0.6 of Parrot.

Major changes in this release include a new assembler supporting the
keyed access syntax, new macro syntax, new Configure scripts, a Parrot
assembler written in Parrot, the C#-like language 'cola' with limited
OOP support, and lots of new documentation. Some contributions include
tetris.pasm and an implementation of LZW compression.

As per usual, if you want to join in on the fun, start by downloading a
copy of parrot-0.0.5 at CPAN at one of the following URLs (or a mirror):

To get the latest CVS version:

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Ask Bjoern Hansen | 13 Jun 13:18 2002

[Oscon] Lightning Talks

If you are going to attend the Open Source Convention; please
consider putting in a lightning talk.

From: Nathan Torkington
Subject: [Oscon] Lightning Talks

Please pass the word around that we need more lightning talk

Lightning talks are for works-in-progress, ideas you think others
could implement, explanations of neat things you've discovered,
philosophical arguments, success stories, or anything else you can fit
in five minutes.  They're fun for the audience (it's like
channel-surfing at a conference!) and fun for the speakers.




If you don't know how they work, then there is also a page written
by Mark-Jason Dominus here: (mjd
coordinated most of the previous lightning talk sessions).


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Piers Cawley | 24 Jun 10:56 2002

Perl 6 summary for the week ending 23rd June 2002

=head1 This week on Perl 6 (17-23 June 2002)

by Piers Cawley, 020020624

=head2 Notes

It's been a while since the last Perl 6 digest and summarizing
everything that's happened since then would take, ooh, a while. So
I've punted on that, and just pretended that the last one was
published this time last week. (Well sort of, sometimes I'll refer
back to earlier posts in threads that continued this week.)

=head2 More 6PAN musings: local namespaces

John Siracusa
L<asked| <at>>
a bunch of questions about the naming of local modules in Perl6,
pointing us at java's style of, which makes
sure that one organizations templating system won't clash with that of
another. Various schema were proposed, then Larry L<popped
up| <at>>
and told us that there'd be more than one way to do it, along with
a way of aliasing names to avoid RSI. Aaron Sherman warned us away
from reinventing X.whatever it was addressing.

After some discussion about the merits of long, guaranteed
unique module names versus a standardized module naming schema, Webb
L<suggested| <at>>
a CPAN "Curation Project" be formed. The idea being that there'd be
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