| 24 Oct 12:44 2014


Hi All,

I use BLOB TO USERS command for upgrade the users created from 
The my question is: With BLOB TO USERS i can upgrade even the password 
for the user ADMINISTRATOR?
or the command regarding only the users that are created from ADMINISTRATOR?

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Kirk Brooks | 24 Oct 07:59 2014

How to use Progress SET BUTTON ENABLED

I haven't used this before. To include a Stop button on a progress
indicator you have to first enable the button and then set a method to run
when the button is clicked. Like so:

$progress_id:=Progress New
Progress SET BUTTON ENABLED ($progress_id;True)
Progress SET ON STOP METHOD ($progress_id;"stop_prog")

The method 'stop_prog' runs in a separate process from whatever process is
running the progress indicator and doesn't pass the process number on to
the stop method.

So, what are the options for allowing the method 'stop_prog' to communicate
with the running process?

Seriously - what is anyone doing?

I don't see how the stop_prog method can know what process it was invoked

Another question this brings up is what about a situation, which I use a
lot, where a potentially long query (which is a prime candidate for a stop
button) is running and the method doing the grunt work is set the Execute
On Server?

I know the 'stop_prog' process can set a process var in the process running
on the client. But will setting the var on the client also set the value of
that variable on the twinned process on the server IF that variable is
passed to the EOS method as a pointer?

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ezmac | 24 Oct 07:19 2014

Re: Set of icons


take a look at Medialoot  they have a lot of resources: icons, icon web fonts and GUI interface design. 

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> It's always hard to find great sets of icons.  

I like the noun-project for that purpose: SVG-icons!  

okay, most of them have to be reformatted as PNG, to be used in 4D-buttons  

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Chip Scheide | 23 Oct 21:45 2014

Virtual environments and 4D performance

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)
Virtual environments can make HUGE HUGE differences in performance.

background (sorry for the length)
As you have recently seen I have been asking a number of questions 
regarding v2004.
This is because I "volunteered" to help with decommissioning an 
existing 4D v2004 database.

I have seen the live system in operation (without my copy of the server 
running) everything is painfully slow.
I chalk it up to poor coding, old version of 4D, heavy (large) user 
base, slow laptop, and crappy wifi.

The database is running, compiled, in a virtual environment, only a few 
of the specifics I know.
12g RAM, 2 cores (of what type I do not know), 3 disks (virtual 
too(?)), and an MS Server OS, do not know which one.

I have been working inside an interpreted copy of the system to export 
data in a manner that the replacement system can import it. To do this, 
(central) IT here has setup a second 4D server instance on the same 
virtual machine as the live system is running, with a copy of 
everything. So I am working in an interpreted v2004 C/S database, with 
1 user - me.

Since v2004 is NOT a 64 bit application it can only access about 4gig 
of the 12g of RAM so I am not restricting the live server's memory 
availability, it has the same restriction. I am working on a disk that 
is not directly used by the live system, so again no direct impact on 
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Brian Young | 23 Oct 20:58 2014

[ANN] SSL3 Poodle Vulnerability

Once the Poodle SSL3 vulnerability was been revealed, 4D immediately started to work on it.
After a few days of testing in our main development branch, we have modified the encryption protocol of the
v13, v14 and v14 R4 versions.

We have hard coded both SSL3 and SSL2 protocol deactivation:
• for 4D Web Server/Web services
• for 4D Client HTTP (HTTP Get)
• for secured client/server connections
Note: SSL2 disabling has been highly recommended for 4 years, it is now totally disabled (hard coded).

We are now running major tests to validate the fix for all 3 versions: v13, v14 and v14 R4.
The fix is already in v13 and v14 nightly builds and v14 R4 beta builds for 4D Partners.
The implementation done into the Nightly Builds will also be incorporated into the next coming 4D releases.

Important: 4D customers/users need to be aware that :
• Browsers or HTTP Clients, not supporting TLS, such as IE6 or older, cannot contact 4D Web
Server/Service anymore using secured connection (port 443).
• HTTP Get cannot contact anymore Servers on encrypted communication which are not supporting TLS,
which is mandatory now, not optional.


Brian Young
Technical Marketing Manger | 4D

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Jeffrey Kain | 23 Oct 20:23 2014

Online docs site super-slow, maybe down?

Can anyone confirm?

It’s been almost a minute so far waiting for the above link to open. **********************************************************************
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Paul Chernoff | 23 Oct 20:06 2014

4D 13.5 List Box and related records

I noticed an oddity today and after around an hour of playing with it I think it is a 4D bug.

4D 13.5, Mac OS X 10.8.5

The List box is for a table that has automatic relations with a second table with contact information. The
primary table has a number of checkboxes on it. If there is a single record in the table and I click on a
checkbox the related information disappears, but it isn't really gone. If there are two records in the
list box, clicking in checkboxes on the 2nd row does not cause any problems, checking on boxes in the 1st row
will cause related information for the first row to disappear. It gets more interesting in that if I change
something in the second row and then change something in the 1st row, the data reappears.

So I added a new button to the form. Click on it and the list box redraws. Whenever the related data disappears
I click on the redraw button and it reappears.

My solution is to redraw the listbox any time data in it is edited.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Paul Chernoff
Director of Information Technology
Washingtonian Magazine

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Jason Hect | 23 Oct 17:48 2014

NGINX Config

I figured I would put this in a new thread to make easier for others to find in the future.  Below are the changes
I made to the default NGINX config.

First you have to define your "upstream" servers.  You can list as many as you need.  You're essentially tying
a user friendly name to an IP and port.  For this example I will define two servers.  The IP used would be the
internal IP of the 4D server or remote hosting the 4D website.  In this case I'm sending the requests as plain
http, but I believe you can just change the port to 443 to make this internal connection secure.

## 4D_Server backend for [ ]( ) or ##
        upstream 4D_Server1 {
            server 111.222.333.001:80;
## 4D_Server backend for ##
        upstream 4D_Server2 {
            server 111.222.333.002:80;

Next I added a few lines to rewrite requests without the correct "www" part on the domain.  You could do
similar to enforce other domain name rules you wanted to use.  The IP listed here is your public IP.  You're
telling NGINX (server) to listen to anything on that IP, that comes over using a specified domain name, and
then do a rewrite.  You can add multiple IP's or multiple domain names by adding additional entries before
the semicolon.

server {
        listen            111.222.333.100:80;
        rewrite ^(.*)$1 permanent;
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Perkins, Bradley D | 23 Oct 01:03 2014

Re: Maintenance "Upgrade" Question

Actually we're not changing platforms. The server is and will stay on
Windows. The network it is on doesn't allow outbound http(s), therefore
could not do automatic activation or access from there.

I was asking if interacting with from a Mac to do a web-based
Windows registration was risky? Back when the current licensing scheme was
new I somehow managed to register and license a server for the wrong
platform. It took a few days to get that straightened out.

I got access to a user's Windows box and did the web-based registration
from there. I got my licenses.

Also, it was possible to install and verify the licenses on v14 while v11
was serving on the same box. Of course I won't serve from both v11 and v14
at the same time.



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Bill Desjardin | 23 Oct 00:31 2014

Records in Table


Are there circumstances where Records in Table can return zero, even when there is a record in the table?  The
data base is Client/Server version 12.5.  There is a single record in a table to store configuration data. 
There is startup code that checks for Records in Table equal to zero, and adds a record if there is not
already one present.  The code has been stable for years.  Over the last year or so there have been three cases
of a second record being added.  The latest thinking is that a second record may be added if the original
record is being updated in a transaction.  Can Records in Table return erroneous results if there is a
record modification going on inside of a transaction?

Bill Desjardin**********************************************************************
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Perkins, Bradley D | 22 Oct 22:29 2014

Re: Maintenance "Upgrade" Question

>The new server will launch and tell it it can not publish. please speak
>to your sales rep to find out best way of doing this as prod machine can
>not get to 4D to license
>On Oct 22, 2014, at 2:20 PM, Perkins, Bradley D wrote:
>>Once I get new license. Is it possible for me to launch v14 to install
>>them, while the V11 is still running? The V11 server would be running on
>>the same ports.

I had sent a message to our partner rep earlier and asked here when I
didn't hear back.  She responded and says I can do deferred activation.
Then there is a process where I sneaker some files from the no-http server
to another machine and submit to 4D and receive my licenses.

What I was actually asking about earlier was how to get the V14 product
keys from our existing under-maintenance V11 server licenses.
I still haven't heard back if I can do this from a Mac for a Windows
Server (I vaguely recall that doing something similar was what caused
problems in the past).



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