Stephen J. Orth | 20 Oct 22:47 2014

Web Area & Enterable Fields

I have a form with enterable fields that are being populated by a user
scanning barcodes.

I also have a web area (set to use the system browser) that is made visible
and displays a PDF after the user scans a value into the first enterable

My problem is that there are more enterable fields that need values scanned
into, however as soon as the web area is made visible and loads the PDF, it
keeps focus until I physically click on the next field.

I can't have this action as the user won't be near the screen, and I don't
want them having to walk back and using the mouse after every scan, kind of
pointless to be scanning.

How do I get the web area to give up focus and allow me to get back into the
next enterable field?



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truegold | 20 Oct 21:44 2014

Re: Walt L. Nelson (Manila) | Passed Away

Hi All,

I have collected all the tributes and remembrances and passed them on to his family.

They were overwhelmed and understand better the enormity of the man we've know as Walt (from Manilla).

His daughters said:

"Please tell everyone my sister and I really appreciate their condolences and stories."

"His and his mother's funeral will take place on Saturday, October 25 at N.J. Ford Funeral Home in Memphis, TN."

I found out that his mother passed away, without "knowing" at least from a telephone call, the next day. His
daughter's aunt said Walt's mother started feeling pain right around the time that he passed away. So
maybe she did know! I remember Walt telling me that he had an experience when his father died. He knew it as it
happened. A mysterious family connection.

I know Walt would be beaming ear to ear listening to the kind words from his other family the 4D community. I
know he always tried to give when opportunity presented itself.

Also, his daughters have asked me to see if anyone has any pictures of Walt, at any 4D events? If so, would you
be kind enough to mail them to my private email and I will forward them to his daughters. I think most know my
email address "truegold" at ""



John Foster 
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Piotr | 20 Oct 20:55 2014

OSX Yosemite and 4D for OCI


Anybody using 4D v13.5 on OSX with 4D for OCI?

We have an OSX machine with Yosemite installed on it.

After this installation the commands

$err:=OCIGetEnv ("TNS_ADMIN";$tnsadmin)


$err:=OCIGetEnv ("ORACLE_HOME";$oraclehome)

stopped working.

The first command gives me $err=2 (Don't know what it means)

Has anybody experienced the same problem?

Thanks in advance,

Piotr Chabot Stadhouders


The Netherlands

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Mitchell Shiller | 20 Oct 20:47 2014

Re: sslv3 POODLE vulnerability


Would you be also able to distinguish what needs to be done on vanilla OSX.
I intend to run Apache on the same computer as 4D Client (functioning as 4D Web Server)

There is the TechNote 09-38 mod_proxy.pdf in the Knowledgebase



On Mon, 20 Oct 2014 11:19:15 -0600, Kevin Abraham wrote:
> On a side note, I would be willing to post sample conf files with 
> complete instructions on how to use them to configure Apache on 
> OSXServer if people are interested.
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Tony Ringsmuth | 20 Oct 17:08 2014

Looking for an occasional web designer

I'm looking for a good web designer contractor for piecemeal work.  If
someone could send me any recommendations off-line, please do.

Please send to my preferred email address: TonyRing (at)


Tony Ringsmuth
Business Brothers Inc.

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Sujit Shah | 20 Oct 03:57 2014

Highlight buttons again or alternative

I am designing a new form and the highlight buttons look like this

in the normal state


Like this in the clicked state

If I can relay on this behaviour the highlight buttons look OK - gives the
user the feedback that he has clicked on something.

I read somewhere they will be deprecated. For me this will mean I will have
to create hundreds of such text pictures for mac and windows a very tedious

Is there an alternative? Can I rely on this behaviour?

I am reluctant to go down the web area / javascript as I just dont feel
that the web areas are reliable enough to work consistently.



"There must be ingenuity as well as intention, strategy as well as
strength. "
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Denis Mikheev | 20 Oct 00:59 2014

Reject New Connections 4D v13.5

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to Reject New Connections programmatically? One way to achieve it is to Use the database
method On Server Open Connection to set a non-zero value to $0. Are there any other ways?

What we trying to achieve is to disable all connection to 4D Server while one client is executing methods,
then when all done we need to enable connections to 4D server again.

[StorMan - Self Storage Management Software]<>

Best regards,


Senior Development Team Member
StorMan Software Ltd


+64 9 2803393 (x604)


+64 9 280 3394


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Peter Jakobsson | 19 Oct 01:01 2014

"I never knew that" hidden feature alert Nº 3617


Couldn’t resist this. (Apologies to industry colleagues who read the manuals).

Just discovered by accident that if you hold the Alt key down while hovering the mouse over a local variable
it changes to a hyperlink which jumps you to that variable’s compiler declaration.

Nice ! :)  …not least cos you can audit a whole method systematically to check you declared everything
(thats if, like me, you do everything with ugly, messy inline declarations).

Feel free to post your favourite hidden features in the “I never knew that” thread !



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Allen Matlick | 17 Oct 23:21 2014

sslv3 POODLE vulnerability

I just queried 4D tech support re. how to deal with the sslv3 insecurity.  Basic answer was that there's no 4D
fix for v13 or v14 except putting Apache in front of the 4D web server  -- not an acceptable option for my clients.

Here's a portion of their response.  Case #63738


In summary of the case, you are having an issue with POODLE sslv3 vulnerability. There is a flaw in the sslv3
protocol.  An attempt to changing the Cipher List in v13 is not possible as that is a bug which is fixed in v14.
However, even in v14, I don't think changing the SSL Cipher List can workaround this vulnerability. 
Although 4D gives access to the SSL Cipher List; 4D does not provide access to set the SSLProtocol
directive.  Thus there is no work around in 4D as this is a protocol problem.  

The only current workaround i can think of is to use Apache as a frontend with MOD_PROXY and then configure
Apache to disable SSL completely, and to proxy the valid requests to 4D. Here is a tech note that discusses:

Posting a feature request to the forums for the ability to disable the SSL protocol may gain visibility
quickly. You may want to start there. 




Allen Matlick

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Martha L | 16 Oct 22:48 2014

[Off] 4D developer needed at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hi.  Just forwarding something I received yesterday that isn't of interest to me to pursue, but might be to
someone else subscribed to the list.  Reply to the fellow listed at the bottom, if you are interested.

Sweetwater is looking for this 4D developer to be onsite full time.  We currently have a team of two 4D
Developers and this individual we are looking to hire would join our already existing development team.  
We have a very large 4D system that is one of the larger systems in the nation and fuels our 350 million dollar
sales team, inventory management, and distribution center.  Considering the size of the system, we
prefer our 4D Developers to be onsite and interacting with end users and other employees.  

We are willing to look at beginner or entry level candidates with right technologies and potential to groom
them into a top notch 4D Developer, but we are also willing to look at a veteran 4D Developer.  

Below is the job posting.  Maybe that will give you a better feel for our expectations. 

We are America's fastest-growing retailer of professional music & recording equipment, and we are
looking for a programmer with a computer science degree and at least two years experience with Visual
Basic, C and SQL to join our Software Development team. This position will continue the development of our
custom business management package running on 4D and PostgreSQL with over 200 clients. Additional
experience in Cocoa would be ideal.

-Two years of programming experience
-High level of common sense and business judgment
-Willingness to keep up to date on all new technologies
-Sense of urgency and ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
-Experience in Visual Basic, C and SQL (4D knowledge is ideal)

As with all positions at Sweetwater, working from home is not an option for this position. We have an amazing
campus here in Fort Wayne and offer wide variety of employee amenities. Applicants must fill out an online
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Randy Engle | 17 Oct 20:48 2014

How to Test 4D Web Server security

Getting our customers to accept our web product is always a challenge.
These customers are typically city government agencies, so they are particularly sensitive to security issues.

If I wanted to run some tests to try to hack/break our webserver product, what would I do?

Any help here would be great.
I'm a newbie at this level of stuff, so any response is much appreciated.

Please feel free to reply privately if you are so inclined.

Randy Engle
XC2 Software LLC

See how easy it is to extend your 4D solutions to Web and mobile. New opportunities await you with 4D v14!

4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)
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