Jared Updike | 22 Feb 01:53 2009

Trouble building yhc on Mac OS X Leopard / x86

I did


It crashed about some .h x86/ffi/darwin. So I did

scons fullclean
scons depends

and it got much further (I presume...) but now it says

libgmp must be install and gmp.h made accessible before you can compile Yhc

which is odd since I installed them with MacPorts, in /opt/local/lib
and /opt/local/include; they are there, and Sconstruct has those paths
in the lines:

env.Append(CPPPATH=["/usr/local/include", "/opt/local/include",
        env.Append(LIBPATH=["/usr/local/lib", "/opt/local/lib",

so I was puzzled where to go next...

Just wanting to play with Yhc on my Mac...

Any help wouyld be appreciated. Thanks,

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