Aurelio Bignoli | 13 May 16:41 2015

Weather plugin always shows "N/A" for LIMN station

Recently I upgraded from 0.16 to 0.23.1 and now the weather plugin 
always displays "N/A" for LIMN station.

  Novara / Cameri, Italy (LIMN) 45-31N 008-40E 169M
  May 13, 2015 - 04:55 AM EDT / 2015.05.13 0855 UTC
  Visibility: greater than 7 mile(s):0
  Temperature: 68 F (20 C)
  Dew Point: 59 F (15 C)
  Relative Humidity: 72%
  Pressure (altimeter): 30.12 in. Hg (1020 hPa)
  ob: LIMN 130855Z /////KT CAVOK 20/15 Q1020 RMK OVC FEW100 BKN200 VIS MIN 9999 BLK BLU
  cycle: 9

I noticed that there is no wind information: maybe the plugin is
unable to handle this?


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Obszczymucha | 4 Mar 01:06 2015

Xmobar ignores dbus-send?


I've installed Xmobar with "with_dbus" flag and I'm trying to hide it using:
dbus-send --session --dest=org.Xmobar.Control --type=method_call --print-reply '/org/Xmobar/Control' org.Xmobar.Control.SendSignal "string:Toggle"

I receive the following response:
method return sender=:1.106 -> dest=:1.111 reply_serial=2

However, nothing happens to Xmobar. Is there anything else I need to do to make Xmobar respond to my dbus commands?

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Jose A. Ortega Ruiz | 11 Oct 03:00 2014

xmobar 0.22 released!

As usual, see for
what's new.

Happy monitoring!

Don't be yourself. Be someone a little nicer.
  -Mignon McLaughlin, journalist and author (1913-1983)
Jose A. Ortega Ruiz | 1 Jul 19:05 2014

[ANN] xmobar 0.21 released

Change log at the usual place:

Magnus R | 12 Mar 12:13 2014

Problem with Xinerama since 0.20


I have an xmonad setup on my laptop using Xinerama when using an external screen. Now, xmobar used to (before 0.20) always end up on my laptop screen using the attached configuration file. But since 0.20 it ends up on my external screen. Is there anything I could change in my configuration to achieve this for 0.20?


Attachment (.xmobarrc): application/octet-stream, 1021 bytes
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Jose A. Ortega Ruiz | 10 Mar 00:58 2014

version 0.20 is out!

I've just uploaded to hackage a new release of xmobar, with all the
latest fixes and features in the git version. Release notes:

Many thanks to all you guys and gals that made it possible with your

Let me know if i broke something :)

Happy monitoring!
Jorden M | 31 Jan 23:47 2014

Not getting quality with Wireless


Xmobar gets the essid, but the quality is always zero. I use a broadcom card with the wl driver.

Dmitriy Matrosov | 12 Jan 10:38 2014

Place xmobar along left or right edge of screen


Is it possible to place xmobar along left or right edge of screen? If it is,
could you please tell me how?

    Dmitriy Matrosov
Jose A. Ortega Ruiz | 27 Oct 22:27 2013

version 0.19 released!

As of this release, the old bug tracker at Google code is deprecated.
Please use [Github's tracker] for new bugs.

_New features_

  - New monitor `BatteryN`, a variant of `BatteryP` that lets you
    specify the name of the monitor in the template.
  - Support for configuration file living in `XDG_CONFIG_HOME` (see
    [github #99]).
  - `Com` uses safer `runInteractiveProcess` instead of spawning a
    shell (David McLean).  If you're using shell expansion in your
    `Com` (e.g. "~/bin/script") here's a workaround: `Run Com
    "/bin/bash" ["-c", "~/bin/script"]` (cf. [github #127]).
  - New plugin `UnsafeStdinReader` that allows actions from stdin.
    Now it's possible to have clickable workspaces!
    (Thiago Negri, see [github #125]).
  - New monitor configuration option (`-x` or `--nastring`) that allows
    specifying what string to display when a monitor is not available
    (defaulting to "N/A"). Cf. [github #119].

_Bug fixes_

  - Using the width options `-w`, `-m` and `-M` in battery monitors
    watts display ([github #118]).
  - Using the `-d` option in `CoreTemp` ([github #115])
  - Fix for systems not supporting PCRE regular expressions: we use
    now BCEs, so regex-compat should be enough everywhere (see
    [github #117]).
  - Weather monitor: support for stations without name (Sergei
    Trofimovich, [issue #65]).

[Github's tracker]:
[github #99]:
[github #115]:
[github #117]:
[github #125]:
[issue #65]:
[github #118]:
[github #119]:
[github #127]:

Sacha Sokoloski | 31 Jul 20:35 2013

Re: Xmobar Digest, Vol 12, Issue 7

On 31/07/13 01:00 PM, xmobar-request@... wrote:
> Yes, it's feasible: we "just" have to adapt an existing
> implementation...
Would that still involve patching the xft library, or would it be 
possible to do it purely through the xmobar library? If the latter, then 
it would seem worth pursuing, and I would be happy to help.

  - Sacha
Sacha Sokoloski | 30 Jul 23:00 2013

Re: Xmobar Digest, Vol 12, Issue 6

So that is actually more or less what I would like, actually. I'm not 
sure if that makes it any more feasible though. I'd definitely be 
interested in testing something like that.

In any case, I opened a few tickets about some of the other issues.

Thanks for the help,

  - Sacha

On 18/07/13 01:00 PM, xmobar-request@... wrote:
> There's some old patches that let you specify alternate fontsets, as one
> does, for instance, in urxvt... but they dependended on modifications to
> the XFT haskell library, which is not under my control.  I was thinking
> of incorporating them on xmobar's side: it's work in progress.
> That's however not exactly what you're asking for, i think.