Pete | 11 Feb 12:47 2010

(no subject)

I am looking for Harbour manual/documentation.
I am aware about a quite old (x)Harbour help file being distributed along with "minigui extended", but that
document seems to not updated for a long time and does not cover many new functions introduced with Harbour
v.2.00 and later. I am a frequent reader of  the harbour-developers mailing list and there I see  many new and
very interesting hb_* functions, mentioned by core-developers in their responses,  for which functions
i cannot find any documentation. 
Does anybody know of such kind of documentation -in any format (even .txt)?

thanks in advance,


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smu johnson | 8 Feb 19:58 2010

Clipper 5.2 GETSYS.PRG questions and mysteries


After going through our old .PRG code, I came across this strange file.
GETSYS.PRG says "Standard Clipper 5.2 GET/READ Subsystem" on line 6.

The odd behaviour I am having is the variables "postBlock" and "preBlock".
I am wondering if these are special vars declared by Harbour.  When I grep
for them in our code:

F:\VER10\PRGS-mb>grep -risn postblock *.prg
GETSYS.PRG:412:   IF !( oGet:postBlock == NIL )
GETSYS.PRG:419:      lValid := EVAL( oGet:postBlock, oGet )

I only get two instances.  When I print the VALTYPE of lValid on the 2nd
line above, I get a L in one place, than an U in another.  So obviously it
is a codeblock with some code in it.  But I can't figure out where the code
block is even defined.  It is very mysterious.

I thought I would ask here, in case I am missing something obvious.  Thank
you for reading.


smu johnson <smujohnson@...>
CarozoDeQuilmes | 8 Feb 16:46 2010


Hi, there is in Harbour any function to get the DOS short filename (8.3) ?

I'm using an API function but I like use and standard Harbour function.

Thanks in advance
smu johnson | 4 Feb 21:38 2010

Compiling SVN Harbour tips needed

Hi guys,

I won't ask "how do I compile Harbour", as I can figure it out myself.
However, I know that Harbour's HB20\bin folder has gcc.exe in there.  And I
also remember Harbour having problems if you compiled Harbour .PRG -> .c
code if you used a different version of GCC... so I'm wondering... if I want
to compile harbour, should I download a standard release of MingW (for

Thank you


smu johnson <smujohnson@...>
smu johnson | 4 Feb 00:44 2010

Warning about IIF statement question

Hi, is there anyway to avoid the warning when I use an IFF without bothering
to pass it an ELSE statement?  This is probably not a problem or anything,
but just curious.


Warning --> hello.PRG(4) Warning W0027  Meaningless use of expression

---- code ---


  LOCAL xSDate
  Eval({|| iif(Empty(xSDate),xSDate:=date(),.t.),.t.})

  ? xSDate



smu johnson <smujohnson@...>
smu johnson | 31 Jan 11:21 2010

Anyone know of a Clipper BARCODE funcs?


I've been Googling around for a solution to implement CODE128 (a b or c)
barcodes... and haven't really found much.  Most of the stuff is
undocumented, and the only free Clipper one I found doesn't say what Barcode
standard it is.  Added to this futility, is the fact that the Internet does
not seem to contain a simple .PDF or document that actually details the
CODE128 standard!

Then I thought, maybe I should just ask here.  Maybe this is a sign / omen
that someone here already knows of a free solution for this.

PS:  I'm just trying to output barcodes to a DoxMatrix type string.

Thanks in advance

smu johnson <smujohnson@...>
smu johnson | 30 Jan 07:25 2010

Any Harbour CLOCK functions?


We used the FUNCKy CLOCK12 function back in the day, as it made putting a
little clock that ticks up quite easily.  I think the Clipper Tools did
something similar with SHOWTIME(), but it doesn't seem to be implemented in
Harbour.  There is no HB_FUNC to it when grepping the sourcecode.

>From Przemek's help with HB_IdleAdd, it seems you can manually build a clock
using hb_dispoutat( 0, 72, time() ).  But maybe there is an easier little
HB_CLOCK type thing hanging around that would take all the work out for me.

Any hints greatly appreciated.


smu johnson <smujohnson@...>
Zvonimir Gruncic | 29 Jan 22:54 2010

curos shape

Hi all ,

how can I change cursor shape in harbour 1.xx in  GET  (READ ) command.

I try with setcursor(sc_special1)... but dont work.

best regards .
smu johnson | 28 Jan 11:29 2010

Q: Where can I find the harbour debugger?


I keep googling for Harbour Debugger, and get a bunch of results, yet no
hints as to how to use this thing.  From what I have read, I assume it
exists... but where?



smu johnson <smujohnson@...>
smu johnson | 28 Jan 10:36 2010

Telepathy TP_ONTIME / "function calling timer" alternate implementations?


Has anyone found a replacement for Telepathy TP_ONTIME?  (it just allows you
to execute any function you want during any millisecond intervals.
Unfortunately, the hbtpathy library has left this TP_ONTIME function out...
I e-mailed the author of the Harbour contrib lib, but perhaps he never
implemented this FUNC because it was not portable.

I wouldn't want to write my own if I didn't have to, as I decided to ask

I read some other threads on the mailing list and someone mentioned to check
out another thread on multithreading.  It was a bit too high-brow for me, as
well as not really answering this (and the original posters) question.  In a
nutshell, I'm looking to implement a simple feature that Telepathy provided
in the DOS days.

As always, any hints highly appreciated.  Thank you for reading


smu johnson <smujohnson@...>
Antonio Martinez | 26 Jan 09:01 2010

WVT_SetTitle(), buggy ?


. Window title doesn´t modify with call above:
Wvt_SetTitle("Ey title !")

It's necessary refreshing ? I do Wvt_processmessages() and not refresh !

Wvt_SetFont() and others are running ok !  I don't use graphics elements,
only Wvt_ on old clipper application + gtwvg.lib

BUT, I do use CLEAR all it's ok !

Example running:

CLEAR                        // <-- That's neccessary
Wvt_Set("Ey title !")

I use Harbour 2.0.0