Thomas Beale | 1 Jan 18:53 2009

Re: Re: Hiding implementation from heirs

Emmanuel Stapf [ES] wrote:
 > > if that is true, then you don't even want the current class to be able
 > > to do it, so it is not a question of inheritance semantics, but simply
 > > some kind of protected status of a private attribute to be only 
 > > by a single 'set' routine (which probably ensures some other work is
 > > done properly, not just the assignment). This capability doesn't exist
 > > in Eiffel, but I have often thought it would be useful.
 > Even if you do not have this facility in the language, EiffelStudio 
can tell you
 > all the assigner of an attribute. So when you want this pattern, 
simply make sure
 > there is only one assigner.

yes, that's true of course, I should have mentioned that - I often use 
that facility to check what the assigners are.

- thomas


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