ananth33 | 27 Sep 07:17 2002

Small query

HI there,
  I have a master detail report.For one master record the detail 
record report will come into 10 the detailed record 
information has to be printed in 10 different pages.
  I need to print one mater record, the corresponding detailed info 
into 1st page, 2nd page, 3rd page and so on... into 10 pages. The 
next master record has to be printed on a fresh page and the 
corresponding child info in the subsequent pages.
  How can i design to achieve this? do i need to use composite report?
  Any suggestions pls.


Cavit Aladag | 16 Sep 08:35 2002

Tear off problem


I have a problem with the quickreport component that comes with Delphi 6. I have designed an invoice form
which the client get a printed form. We are using Epson LX 300 printer on Windows 2000 Server. The size of the
paper is a custom one. It is created in Print Server Properties and set to the paper source setting of the
printer. Now the problem: 
After printing the invoice the printer is not on the correct tear off position. It is functioning properly
when you print a test page or any other document but not with the invoice from my program. I have checked the
paper source on the preview screen of the report but that does not help. Is this a bug of QuickReports or am I
missing something? Can anyone please help?

Cavit Aladag

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gigabyteinc | 13 Sep 21:57 2002

row number in QR3

How can I include the row number in QR3 when the data from a dataset 
is meant to be displayed.



Damon New | 10 Sep 23:08 2002

QuickReports with ADO

Has anyone had any luck with using QuickReports with a database via 
ADO? Right now my app uses BDE TDatabase and TQuery objects to 
populate the report with data. The underlying database is a MS Access 
97 DB accessed via DAO. When I create a new TDatabase the following 
values are set from my existing Access DAO connection: AliasName, 
DatabaseName, Params.Values[`System DB'], Params.Values[`Read Only'], 
and Params.Values[`Exclusive']. When setting AliasName, all of the 
connection information to the Access DB is set for me behind the 
covers. This won't work when connecting to an ADO database. Does 
anyone know what the TDatabase values and Params should be set to in 
order to use ADO or are these values provider specific? Thanks in 

ananth33 | 10 Sep 14:57 2002

How to display page 1 of 100

HI there,
   How can i achieve like that in quick reports.
i am using master/detail report


Cleiber Lima | 10 Sep 05:14 2002

En: Master detail problem

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<Can it be possible to group the detail records based on the master id.If
So, how can it be achieved with quick report?>

Look at the demos provided by QR on their website, there's a
master/detail example in there.



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ananth33 | 5 Sep 19:36 2002

Grouping problem

Hi There,
  This is Master detail quick report.
 I have header band, QrHeader, Qrdetail and QrGroup footer bands.
And i am using single query where it will contains the master detail 
I am able to print master detail records.But the problem is 
If a master record has got 10 child records.It is printing titles of 
detail band for every child record.
  How to supress this titles fo the detail band? I want to print a 
master record and then all the details of that master record then 
next master record in next page.I had given expression in QRGroup 
  I am using oracle database(V8.1.7)
  Any idea pls. 

Thx for your cooperation.

ananth33 | 5 Sep 15:54 2002

Quick report Master/detail problem

HI There,
I have master detail report using a single query.Here for every 
child record it is displaying titles of child record.
How do i supress these titles till it ptints all the child records.


ananth33 | 4 Sep 12:51 2002

Master detail problem

Hi There,
   I have a data in a single view which contains both master and 
detail records.Can i display the data in master detail fashion in 
quick report.I have a masterId in the view.
   Can it be possible to group the detail records based on the master 
id.If So, how can it be achieved with quick report?
   Any ideas pls.
   I am using oracle database(8.1.7).


Monir-SCS | 4 Sep 11:21 2002

Total Pages count

I want to print the total number of pages in the title of Quick Report, the
QRSysData print current page number only, any idea how?


Howard Norcross | 30 Aug 11:01 2002

Convert QuickReports to Rave reports?

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any routines which will allow me to change my Delphi 6
QuickReport reports over to Delphi 7 Rave reports?



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