Hubert.Keller | 3 Jul 12:23 2007

"Use Static Analysis" - zur Info

*SofCheck, Inc. Announces*
*Free Software and Eclipse Integration



*Burlington, Mass. - June 25, 2007 -* With the Department of Homeland 
Security and the Department of Defense discussing a mandate for static 
analysis, and security experts recommending it, more and more people are 
turning to tools like SofCheck Inspector to develop more robust and less 
vulnerable Java code.

To support this trend SofCheck is providing a free evaluation version of 
its enterprise tool, SofCheck Inspector for Java.  To download 
a version, visit

click on the Download Free Trial link.

SofCheck is releasing an Eclipse plugin

beta that provides integration with SofCheck Inspector for Java. This 
allows Java developers using Eclipse as their Integrated Development 
Environment to view, analyze and remediate faults and errors identified 
by Inspector, while working with the Java source code in the Eclipse 
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Ralf Hagen | 11 Jul 10:44 2007

Freigabe GNATbench eclipse plugin

nach einer Anfrage an AdaCore habe ich erfahren, daß sie planen, eine 
freie Version ihres GNATbench eclipse-Plugins freizugeben; als Zeitraum 
ist "pretty soon" angegeben, möglicherweise mit dem nächsten 

Vielleicht findet sich irgendwann auch eine Professur, die jGNAT 

Ralf Hagen