Steven Segers | 21 Aug 08:17 2006

RE: How to read a XML file



I just saw this mail. FourJs does not have any built-in functionality for this. The easiest way to handle this is to transform the xml into a flat-file using some external tool (an xslt-processor for instance) and then load or read the flat file.

Alternatively you can either use an xml processor written in c or write your own parser. We have written a small 4gl module to read xml in a sax-like way; but I cannot publish the code for this module here.

If you would be interested in this module you can always mail me in private; then I could discuss this with the management team.







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From: Ahmed Ouzzine [mailto:ahmed_ouzzine <at>]
Sent: maandag 7 augustus 2006 18:45
To: fourjs-users <at>
Subject: [fourjs-users] How to read a XML file


Hello ;


I have to read some data stored in a XML file. I didn’t find any built in function like in genero “XmlReader”.

I’m using BDL Version 3.54


Can somebody help me with this?


Thanks in advance,




Sweet, Otis | 18 Aug 00:10 2006


Schlykow | 16 Aug 13:24 2006

F17 = Shift + F5



perhaps anybody has a solution or a hint for the following problem:


Some of my users hate mouses and prefer to press ‘Shif+F5’, instead

clicking on the Button ‘F17’.

(This is a general Problem, F17 is only an example !)


Since changing the client it does not work any more, only

the mouseclick works.


The default.4ad is the same as before, and before it went good

without mouse.


I tried to put the following entry in the actual default.4ad, but is had no effect.

  <ActionDefault name="f17"     text="F17"             comment=""         acceleratorName="Shift-F5" />                                                        


In the software is written the old style ‘ ON KEY (F17) call do_something()’



$ fglrun -V                    

fglrun 620.222                                               

Built Dec 21 2004 17:02:50                                   

(c) 1989-2004 Four J's Development Tools                      

Database interface: INFORMIX-ESQL VERSION 9.xx (Standard)   



Client: 1.20.1c



Client: 1.32.1b


Has anybody experience with this kind of problems and perhaps

a solution. (without changing the 4gl if possible) ?

Or is this a bug in the client ?


thanks a lot





thomas.neukom | 10 Aug 11:23 2006

XML-File, wrong character encoding with UTF-8


We are working with Genero on a Windows-Server with Windows 2000-Clients.

Reading a XML-File stored with UTF-8 (with the SaxDocumentHandler) results in wrong character representation for äöüé...
Reading the same XML-File stored with ASNI  results in a correct representation.

Is there a way to define explicit UTF-8 for the SaxDocumentHandler?

Thomas Neukom
AWA Arbeitsbedingungen
8090 Zürich

Tel.: +41(0)43 259 91 13
Olivier ECKERT | 9 Aug 17:17 2006

French Bank Holiday - August 14th and 15th 2006

Greetings Everyone!

The French Support of Four J's Development Tools
will be closed on August 14th and 15th 2006 for a bank holiday.

Our After-Hours Support Procedure will be in place in emergency cases.

Open hours : 09h00 -> 12h30 (FRANCE :GMT + 1)
               14h00 -> 18h00 (FRANCE :GMT + 1)

Call the following number: +33 (0)3 88 18 61 24

Normal support will resume on the August 16th 2006 at 09h00 am (FRANCE :
GMT + 1).

Please keep in mind that off-hours support is only
provided for production systems that must continue
to be functional.  Issues concerning development
and other how-to-do topics will be dealt with during
the next normal working day.

We would like to thank you for your understanding.

Four J's Strasbourg Support Team

Connie Cocanougher | 7 Aug 22:47 2006

newby question

Any idea why I would get an error with this when trying to compile using

   select max(date_prepared) into h_last_ship
| A grammatical error has been found at 'select' expecting: $ FUNCTION
| See error number -6609.
      from sncordm
      where custnum = p_accust.cust_code

Ahmed Ouzzine | 7 Aug 18:45 2006

How to read a XML file

Hello ;


I have to read some data stored in a XML file. I didn’t find any built in function like in genero “XmlReader”.

I’m using BDL Version 3.54


Can somebody help me with this?


Thanks in advance,




Moreschi Lucio | 3 Aug 16:31 2006

Position window "Action buttons" on Genero 1.33

Good morning to everybody, 

With Genero 1.3 is it possible to position  lower  the window “Action Buttons” or resize it for insert  image or logo on programs as shown in attached file?

Thanks in advance


  Lucio Moreschi


Attachment (ActionButton.doc): application/msword, 94 KiB
Schlykow | 4 Aug 14:19 2006

Hidden or not Hidden for dynamic Label in Form

Hello genero freaks,


perhaps somebody has a solution for the following problem:


In a form there are some edit fields and some dynamic labels.


I wish to hide a special edit field depending from the user.

That’s no problem:


CALL f.setElementHidden("customer.custid",1)


It works, but the corresponding label does not hide!

It is a label similar like this:

label mx33 = txx_Preis


After the opening of the form a function displays ‘Price’ to txx_Preis.



If I do the statement: CALL f.setElementHidden("FORMONLY.txx_Preis",1)


the Word ‘Price’ is visible, not unvisible!

The only solution for me is DISPLAY “      “ TO txx_Preis.


This works, but is not very smart, because the runtime systems

can not regognize, that the form is less large then before and

ornaments the form with a scrollbar which is actually unnecessary.


2. Question:

How can I make invisible some formfields outside(!) of the

INPUT BY NAME statement, and not changing the form with ‘HIDDEN’

in the Attributes of the field?

is this possible ?


any hints welcome




Jean Gidcumb | 2 Aug 13:59 2006

ToolBar Text Fontsize



I am creating a Toolbar in a 4GL menu program. I am populating the Text attribute with the menu description from a table. Does any one know how I can change the font-size of only the ToolBar text?



Jean Gidcumb


Almost Family, Inc

owner-fourjs-users | 28 Jul 16:29 2006

FW: Window Group Size



I have compressed the file. Let me know if you can get them now.



Ms. Jean Gidcumb


Almost Family, Inc


From: Jean Gidcumb
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 1:29 PM
To: fourjs-users <at>
Subject: Window Group Size




I have created a form with buttons to create a menu for our applications the form has two groups. The upper group is just information on the server and the user. I am having a problem with the size of the groups when the window is displayed. The first group box has only two lines and it starts our correctly but when I start navigating thru menu and then exit back the upper group has increased in size.


I have attached the form and some screen shots.


I hope someone can help me with this.



Jean Gidcumb


Almost Family, Inc

Attachment (Button Menu application/x-zip-compressed, 71 KiB
Attachment ( application/x-zip-compressed, 1342 bytes