David Sanguinetti | 4 Aug 15:10 2006

Planification time

Hi there,

I'm a new fond of TaskJuggler, and almost fully dependent on it's capabilities to make any project running.

For my final graduate project I'm using it with ~35 tasks, being most of them sub-tasks.

I'm running Novel SuSE 10.0, with a Celeron 2.8 and 1GB of memory, and it takes 4-5 minutes to make the schedule.

What I want to know from the comunity is if is it normal to take so many time to make the planning.

Thanks in advance,
David Sanguinetti

Marco Lohse | 6 Aug 16:49 2006

How to allocate 2 out of 5 equal resources

This is my first posting. Therefore, first, a big Thank you for this wonderful software.

Now, here is my question:

I would like taskjuggler to allocate 2 arbitrary resources out of 5 equal resources to work exclusively on a
single task.

For example, 2 software developers out of a pool of 5 developers should be assigned by taskjuggler to work
together on a task and should continue to work on this task.

Is this possible at all using taskjuggler? If yes, how to specify such an assignment? If no, are there
possible work-arounds that achieve similar assignments? For example, by creating all different teams
(cross-product) of 2 developers as separate resources and then using the alternative keyword together
with the persistent keyword?

Thank you very much!

Chris Schlaeger | 7 Aug 13:05 2006

Problem with mailing lists


we currently have a problem with the mailing lists. Post from the forum users are sent to the mailing list
agent, but rejected for obscure reasons. I try to get this resolved ASAP, but it might take a few days as I
don't have direct access to the list manager.

Please read postings in the forum or move your subscription to the forum (see
for a quick HOWTO).

TaskJuggler Developer

Chris Schlaeger | 7 Aug 20:39 2006

Re: Planification time

Either you don't have the KDE header files installed or you have a really old version of KDE (3.3.x and higher
should work ok).


TaskJuggler Developer

David Sanguinetti | 7 Aug 19:24 2006

Re: Planification time


I've followed your suggestion, but received the following error as I was trying to compile the development snapshot:

.libs/ICalReport.o: In function `ICalReport::generateTODO(Task*, ResourceList&)':
ICalReport.cpp:(.text+0x47d): undefined reference to `KCal::Incidence::setFloats(bool)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [libtaskjuggler.la] Error 1

What could it be?
David Sanguinetti

Nicolas | 24 Aug 17:03 2006

Project tracking

Hi all,

I'm relatively new to TJ, but as it is a really nice software, I decided to use it in a real-world project.

What I'm looking for (and I didn't find any solution for it so far) is a report, that compares the original
planning (the effort of scenario plan) with the real effort (so bookings for completed tasks and effort
for ongoing tasks) of scenario real.

Can that be done with TJ?

Any hint is appreciated.


Chris Schlaeger | 24 Aug 17:18 2006

Re: Project tracking

Most of the HTML reports can show the values for multiple scenarios right next to each other. You can specify
'scenarios plan, real' for the report. One of the reports of the accounting software example use it.


TaskJuggler Developer

Will Kemp | 25 Aug 10:06 2006

Problem building TaskJuggler on FC5


I'm trying to build TaskJuggler on a Fedora Core 5 system. ./configure works ok with no errors or warnings -
apart from "Postscript manual will not be generated" and this one:

checking if Qt needs -ljpeg... no
rm: missing operand
Try `rm --help' for more information.
checking if C++ programs can be compiled... yes
But make fails like this:

ICalReport.h: At global scope:
ICalReport.h:37: error: 'KCal' has not been declared
ICalReport.h:37: error: expected ';' before '*' token
make[2]: *** [ProjectFile.lo] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/taskjuggler-2.2.0/taskjuggler'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/taskjuggler-2.2.0'
make: *** [all] Error 2
Can anyone suggest a solution?

Emanuele Cannizzaro | 26 Aug 11:28 2006

timezone inside shift section

Having defined the project timezone I would like to have the option to define the timezones for the shifts.

Let us say that I have some resource in India/Bangalore that work in the normal daily shift and some in
Singapore. I would like to define the same working hours but different timezone for the shifts.

Is it sensible? Is it possible to do this at present?

I understand that I could convert the daily shift in India to the global project timezone but it is not a very
elegant approach and flexible to change.

Thank you,

Julien | 25 Aug 15:52 2006

Re: Problem building TaskJuggler on FC5

On my Gentoo, a library called 'libkcal' is a dependency of taskjuggler and has to be installed first. You
should try to install the same library on your Fedora (but I don't know if its name is the same on your distribution).