Chris Schlaeger | 11 Nov 13:38 2006

taskjuggler@... mailing list will be turned off next week

*** Important announcement for readers that still use the SUSE hosted mailing lists ***

We have too many problems with SPAM and bouncing mails that we have decided to turn the mailing lists off next
week. If you are still reading this via the mailing list, please go to our forum site at

Log in or create an account first. Then go to the topic list in the User Forum and click the "Subscribe" link at
the left corner just above the first topic. You will then receive the new topics by email just like from the
old mailing list.

If you are using the forum already, you need not do anything.


TaskJuggler Developer

Chris Schlaeger | 10 Nov 18:34 2006

Re: Account credit

rbotafogo wrote on Thu, 09 November 2006 17:52
> 1) How do I generate a report that shows all the credits to an account (should be by day, month, quartely, etc.)?

See "".

> 2) I see that I can credit an account in a task with the keywords endcredit and startcredit, but I need more
fine account control.  I would like to use the credit keywork to credit amounts to a task.  Is it possible?  I
managed to have finer control of account by using the credit keywork inside the account, but this is not
very good, since I have credit information inside a task (with endcredit and startcredit) and also in the
account definition.

You are probably looking for "".

> 3) It would be nice to use the extend keyword also for accounts, is that possible?

Not, right now. But that's pretty trivial to do. I'll add it to the TODO list.


TaskJuggler Developer

David Mansfield | 10 Nov 18:16 2006

override inherited allocation

if a parent task has an allocation, it's inherited by all child tasks.  is it possible to override this
allocation and replace it entirely with new allocation rules?

Chris Schlaeger | 10 Nov 12:53 2006

Re: Multi-project portfolio discussion

Now you can filter out the tasks/resources of a specific project with a filter expression.

For task reports use

For resource reports use
isAllocatedToProject(project1, SCENARIOID, START_DATE, END_DATE)

TaskJuggler Developer

Joerg Felder | 9 Nov 09:57 2006

Task projection with "complete"?

Hi everybody,

I am currently responsible for scheduling research projects. The nature of theses projects is, that I can
estimate the effort required (like 1 man year) and I also have some milestones, e. g. a decision wheter the
project will be continued or scraped. Once the task is nerely completed, I also get dates for first
customer deliveries... 

The ideas is to work in "projection" mode - which I like a lot and see wether the remaining work can be
accomplished befor the next milestone date. This works quite nice, but it is rather tedious to describe
the work completed with the booking mechnism... It means havin to wirte booking lines for all team memeber
and tasks. A nice way would be to simply use the complete statement, but this does not work in projection
mode (or?). 

I'd also be interesting in color coding the criticalness in my reports. Let's say that the project has a
green bar in the Gantt diagramm if the projected end date is a month before delivery, it turns yellow when
there are only two weeks inbetween and red once there is less than a week ... Is there some way to change the
taskreport in this way? 

Thanks for all help,

Chris Schlaeger | 8 Nov 14:41 2006

Re: Shift and multiple workinghours directives

You are working with template files. The  <at>  <at>  signs mark tokens that are replaced by the TaskJugglerUI when
you create a new project or new include file. Don't use these files directly or you have to fix them
manually. They are usually write protected, so you can't edit them directly, only copies.

TaskJuggler Developer

G.Lichtenberg | 7 Nov 10:11 2006

Undefined symbol _ZN7Project5pass2EbRbRiS1_

Hi -
    first thanks for the great product! But I had some problem when running the svn version (which I needed
because of some bugfix). When running I get the message

9:45-nosferatu:project_planning>/usr/local/bin/taskjuggler xxx.tjp
/usr/local/bin/taskjuggler: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/bin/taskjuggler: undefined symbol: _ZN7Project5pass2EbRbRiS1_

I have all the kdepim packages in version 3.5.5-5.1 (running SuSE 10.1) and compilation was fine including
all the tests. Last revision I tried was 1351. Even more strange: At home I am running 64bit SuSE 10.1 with - I
thought - a more or less similar system configuration and I have no problems at all.

I guess it is a missing depndency somewhere, but I could not find a list of packages needed in the doc. Does
anyone now where the missing symbol is defined, so I could check it?

Thanks a lot

labreche | 6 Nov 07:20 2006

Re: Does TaskJuggler support networked usage?

Hi, you can put the tjp's file under versionnning control, subversion, and put the html report and gantt
diagramm on a web dir. I'm trying to do something like this, with merginct project fonctionnality.

Marco Lohse | 1 Nov 16:01 2006

Resource report and hasAssignment(s)

I am trying to create an HTML report that shows the total hours worked for a specific resource, such as a
developer, for a certain time period.

What would be the recommended way of doing so?

First, I tried following:

htmlresourcereport "Resource_Report_October2006.html" {
  headline "Resource Report October 2006"
  columns name, note, start, end, effort { title "effort (hours)" }
  hidetask startsBefore(plan, 2006-10-01) | endsAfter(plan, 2006-11-01)
  hideresource ~isResource(some_developer)
  scenarios plan
  loadunit hours

This report is not correct, since it does not include running tasks, e.g. tasks that started in October but
are not finished by the end of October.

Then, I tried hasAssignment(s), but without success:

I think that there might be a difference between the documentation saying

hasAssignment(ID, DATE, DATE)

    true if the task or resource has actual allocations during the specified time interval in the scenario with
the specified ID.  

and the implementation in TaskJuggler 2.3.0, which only accepts
(Continue reading)

Bill | 31 Oct 15:23 2006

Windows Install of TaskJuggler

Can someone please tell me if I can install TaskJuggler under Windows and if so, what the procedure is.  Thanks.

Scott Moore | 27 Oct 23:15 2006

Multi-project portfolio discussion

Hello all,

We have started running multiple projects through taskjuggler v2.3.0.

I am interested in hearing any comments regarding the best way to work within the taskjuggler context to
represent as accurately as possible work effort accros the resource pool, such that the numbers that are
reported are an accurate representation of the work assigned.

I have adopted the big project scenario, working with a master .tjp file which includes both common
resource and common report files, and, includes numerous project files.

I am curious if anyone can speak to how multi-project data will affect what appears to be project specific
reports ???