kunal ghosh | 31 Jan 05:00 2011

Is there any registration for this list ?

Hi all,
The techbase article http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Social-Desktop
interested me, and i wanted to join the mailing list.
Not being able to find any registration page, i just thought i'll send
an email to this list :)


Kunal Ghosh
Dept of Computer Sc. & Engineering.

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Ben Cooksley | 19 Jul 08:06 2010

Open Collaboration Services version 1.6 draft 1 - Forum component problem

Hi all,

It appears that my previous suggestion for version 1.6, the addition
of a "categories" call to the KnowledgeBase component has not been
performed, and the creation of a seperate "Forum" module has been done
instead. It appears that this module is mostly able to meet the
requirements of providing information about a tree of forums

Unfortunately, it appears that absolutely no method exists in the
specification as it is currently published on freedesktop.org to allow
the listing of topics for specific forum(s) only. Nor does any
recommendation exist in the documentation for which modules should be
used to create an implementation for a forum in the Forum module
documentation, if the KnowledgeBase module is not supposed to be used.

I suggest one of the two following solutions to this issue:

1) Add a type argument to knowledgebase/list and knowledgebase/add to
allow for choosing between either the "content" or "forum" components.
This would also modify the get call to knowledgebase/get call to
become /v1/knowledgebase/data/≤typeid>/<contentid>/

2) Add appropriate calls to the Forums component to replicate
knowledgebase/list, knowledgebase/add and knowledgebase/get for the
purpose of a forum.

As a type id already exists in the Comments module for the Forums
component, option 2 would be the most consistent option for the
specification, and assuming the xml output and url arguments of
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Ben Cooksley | 21 May 11:36 2010

Re: Proposed extension to the OCS API - Adding KnowledgeBase items

On Sat, May 15, 2010 at 4:06 PM, Ben Cooksley <sourtooth@...> wrote:
> On Sat, May 15, 2010 at 4:05 PM, Ben Cooksley <sourtooth@...> wrote:
>> Hi all,


>> the following is a proposed extension to the OCS API, it adds support
>> for adding items to the knowledgebase component.
>> It adds a "add" call to the knowledge base component which will
>> add an item to the category / content item specified.
>> Arguments:
>> subject - Subject of the new knowledgebase item
>> content - Content of the new knowledgebase item
> This is supposed to be "message"
>> content - Id of the content entry to be added to if available
>> category - Id of the category to be added to if available.
>> Either content or category must be present for the request to be
>> valid. Both content and subject must both be present also.
> Same here.
>> Example XML:
>> <?xml version="1.0"?>
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Ben Cooksley | 16 May 11:50 2010

Clarification of OCS specification - Comments & Person components

Hi all,

Just checking that my interpretation of the OCS Comments component is
correct, as what "contentid" and "contentid2" are is not defined....

In my implementation for the forums ( using type 4 - forum ) I used
"contentid" as the category id and "contentid2" as the knowledgebase
With no prior examples to base this off, is this correct & compliant

Also, for the Person component, is the "personid" what is going to be
displayed by applications ( user in both Comments and Knowledgebase )?