Vishesh Handa | 14 Apr 11:25 2014

Minor fixes for Baloo

Hey guys

If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to get 2 patches into Baloo.

One of them is this -
It's a minor cosmetic change in the KCM. Considering the amount some users 
have complained about only having the folder name in the Desktop Search KCM, 
it might make sense to change it.

The second is a minor crash fix which affects krunner. 

commit 798fbc52bbc5f5b8d1635eac90340e6f3aa6c374
vlap:~/kde/src/baloo $ gl -p .
commit 3fbb3df42f619f57d390327cf56da4120d9e4ed2
Author: Vishesh Handa <me <at>>
Date:   Sat Apr 12 19:17:09 2014 +0200

    EmailSearchStore: Catch more exceptions

    BUG: 333351

diff --git a/src/pim/search/email/emailsearchstore.cpp 
index 626cefc..6b0f267 100644
--- a/src/pim/search/email/emailsearchstore.cpp
+++ b/src/pim/search/email/emailsearchstore.cpp
 <at>  <at>  -105,7 +105,7  <at>  <at>  QString EmailSearchStore::text(int queryId)
     try {
         data = doc.get_data();
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Andreas K. Huettel | 11 Apr 09:26 2014

Re: KDE SC 4.13 tars are available

Am Donnerstag, 10. April 2014, 12:00:58 schrieb Jonathan Riddell:
> Albert has kindly tarred up candidate tars for KDE SC 4.13, available now
> to packagers on
> Jonathan

Marble python bindings don't build.

In file included from
fatal error: MarbleRunnerMana
ger.h: No such file or directory
 #include <MarbleRunnerManager.h>
compilation terminated.
make[2]: *** 
Error 1



Andreas K. Huettel
Gentoo Linux developer 
dilfridge <at>

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Albert Astals Cid | 10 Apr 20:17 2014

Re: KDE SC 4.13 tars are available

El Dijous, 10 d'abril de 2014, a les 11:00:58, Jonathan Riddell va escriure:
> Albert has kindly tarred up candidate tars for KDE SC 4.13, available now to
> packagers on



> Jonathan
> _______________________________________________
> Kde-packager mailing list
> Kde-packager <at>
amor KDE/4.13
50277a1c5b557872301d5ab2518632d2b71a4232e100db42882ddb8b7f18940a  sources/amor-4.13.0.tar.xz
analitza KDE/4.13
37bb37190922d57f414b6ac4be3c5d752966f01d7ae4eeec38fcfc04f3832da5  sources/analitza-4.13.0.tar.xz
ark KDE/4.13
df520d450db0eaecf2e53f7449945d51b52db623273bfe70594e12ae74fa299a  sources/ark-4.13.0.tar.xz
artikulate KDE/4.13
800d85d8b204613c3f5aa3e54369f0f449217e4d982a6817bfda8120186b3b0f  sources/artikulate-4.13.0.tar.xz
audiocd-kio KDE/4.13
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Shawn W Dunn | 5 Apr 19:15 2014

Re: [Kde-pim] PIM is not good. Would adding an extra RC help?

For my part, I'm running whichever version is in openSUSE KDE:Unstable:SC and IMAP performance is slow. 
My biggest issue is client side filtering.  Most of my filters won't run automatically for some reason,
and if I select a group of 100 or so emails and apply filters manually, its taking kmail2 about ten minutes to
slog through them.  My biggest issue is client-side spam filtering though.  Whether I use
spamassassin or spambayes, they start deleting the bodies of my emails when filtering, both client and
server side.  Which means I'm running without spam filtering, which is annoying, to say the least.

On Apr 5, 2014 9:58 AM, Martin Steigerwald <Martin <at>> wrote:
> Hi Albert,
> I am mostly a user of KDEPIM, but since I experienced quite some performance 
> issues and did some analysis and reports every now and then, I thought I share 
> my findings.
> Am Samstag, 5. April 2014, 16:40:24 schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> > ** Please CC me and r-t list, i'm not subscribed to pim list. **
> > 
> > Hello guys, as I hope you all know this Wednesday we are supposed to tag the
> > final release for 4.13.
> > 
> > I am sending this email to ask for opinions on the value of adding an extra
> > RC and delaying the 4.13.0 release for at least a week.
> > 
> > I'm going to explain why I'd like this to happen.
> > 
> > Since the update to 4.13 Beta I've been having lots of CPU and I/O problems
> > in pim related stuff, most notably akonadi_baloo_indexer,
> > akonadi_maildir_resource & friends.
> > 
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Jos Poortvliet | 31 Mar 19:41 2014

Re: [kde-packager] Re: KF5 Beta 1

On Monday 31 March 2014 17:23:56 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 12:55:55PM +0200, šumski wrote:
> > > Good question, I never know how much time I should leave for packagers
> > > and
> > > dot editors.
> > > Tuesday OK? Or too short? Tell me :)
> > 
> > Sounds good. 3, 4 days should be enough. (i just need to push the publish
> > button so it could be today even  ;-)
> > WRT Tuesday - i know last time there where some concerns about two
> > releases on the same day - this time it would overlap with 4.12.4
> It needs to be released before Plasma Alpha gets released, and Plasma
> Alpha is due tomorrow to be on schedule, although I don't mind
> delaying it a day if necessary.

Ideally, we'd delay Plasma Alpha one day to put it on Wednesday. April 1st is 
awkward :D

We do have a dot rule of only one release per day and I'm only aware of these 
two things atm, if there is more, let me know...

Oh, we're talking KF5 Beta1 here. Hmmm. Though one... Pff, can we try that 
today, or should we just move it all another day, or?

After thinking (for some seconds, I'm on adrenaline today) I suggest we put 
KF5B1 and PlasmaAlpha in one article on the dot and two announcements on

The alternative is to do KF5B1 on Wednesday and PlasmaAlpha on Thursday.
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Sebastian Kügler | 31 Mar 18:09 2014

wiki page with Plasma Next Alpha1 packages

Hi packagers,

If you're preparing packages for the upcoming Plasma Next Alpha 1, please add 
a pointer to this page:


sebas | | GPG Key ID: 9119 0EF9
Albert Astals Cid | 31 Mar 01:42 2014

Tests still failing in 4.13

Hello people, at the moment we have various 4.13 projects failing.

Since we promised a while ago to not release without failing tests we have
10 days until tagging to fix the tests or we'll have to delay the release.

If you need some environment to be running, it'd be good if your test could
bring it up automagically, if not please talk with Ben I'm sure he'll
be more than happy to try to help you in providing you that environment.

I am also open to be convinced that the test is right and that it's unfixable
to run correctly on jenkins, but make sure you are really convincing if you
resort to that ;-)

Gwenview (2 failing tests)

kde-runtime (3 failing tests)

Marble (1 failing test)

nepomuk-core (1 failing test)

David Faure | 29 Mar 10:45 2014

kf5 beta1

KF5 beta 1 (4.98.0) is up.

threadweaver will be updated to fix a severe bug later on.

David Faure, faure <at>,
Working on KDE, in particular KDE Frameworks 5
attica master
b6452adcadec1276f2bec15c4f5518d38af513ed8d924ae50ff481a45eaa039b  sources/attica-4.98.0.tar.xz
extra-cmake-modules master
11ef5f3b580bc4033802ce11ef40d7f9b190c893cb9b697881591382c38ba2b9  sources/extra-cmake-modules-0.0.12.tar.xz
frameworkintegration master
f6f28c0f23d59c7322d5886452c14fc6a1695dee8f74823b12e0044b98485d3c  sources/frameworkintegration-4.98.0.tar.xz
kactivities master
6de0c349fa6796b087315adf7f61b9dd0f632661b3bee44fd93c0b142a0333b6  sources/kactivities-4.98.0.tar.xz
kapidox master
ee430c0e4abe3c405dd2a29a4957cee3e5cb15abcc81937d71ddcd42e376e24e  sources/kapidox-4.98.0.tar.xz
karchive master
274d739338eef10e42444f4d471b01421b5ec1d4c72d9b9d4cb5d34e03426f50  sources/karchive-4.98.0.tar.xz
kauth master
36c4ce79adcbd193181e15f973166fca16b456bb6d83d5f8bcdbf0e8167bd404  sources/kauth-4.98.0.tar.xz
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David Faure | 29 Mar 10:33 2014

KF5 beta1 (Re: threadweaver breakage?)

I have packed up and am uploading beta1, I'm just waiting for this 
threadweaver fix to update threadweaver.

I have to go for most of the day, back around 7pm CET.

On Saturday 29 March 2014 03:08:00 Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> Hi Mirko,
> One of the commits you pushed this week is causing me a crasher. It happens
> when I open Kickoff and start typing. This triggers querying krunner, which
> uses threadweaver -- as you know.
> The relevant portion of the backtrace is:
> #11 0x00007f9e18157c26 in ThreadWeaver::Job::assignQueuePolicy
> (this=0xb931d00, policy=0x7f9db85a3820
> <Plasma::DefaultRunnerPolicy::instance()::policy>) at
> /home/sebas/kf5/src/frameworks/threadweaver/src/job.cpp:167
> #12 0x00007f9db8385510 in Plasma::FindMatchesJob::FindMatchesJob
> (this=0xb931d00, runner=0xb428300, context=0xc1b14e0, parent=0xc17b110) at
> /home/sebas/kf5/src/frameworks/krunner/src/private/runnerjobs.cpp:134
> #13 0x00007f9db8392a39 in Plasma::RunnerManagerPrivate::startJob
> (this=0xc1b14d0, runner=0xb428300) at
> /home/sebas/kf5/src/frameworks/krunner/src/runnermanager.cpp:404
> I've backed out d983947255a and it appears to fix the crasher. (I don't get
> results, but that seems to be a problem, independent of this one.)
> I see two solutions:
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Harald Sitter | 27 Mar 10:23 2014

kde-l10n-* pre-releases rolled from wrong l10n branch


It was brought to my attention that both czech and slovenian language
tars apparently do not result in a fully translated plasmas for
4.12.95 (e.g. [1]).

Looking at the cs tar I see no launcher po but a kickoff po:
~/tmp/kde-l10n-cs-4.12.95/messages/kde-workspace  ls *kickoff*

~/tmp/kde-l10n-cs-4.12.95/messages/kde-workspace  ls *launcher*
zsh: no matches found: *launcher*

Looking at kde-workspace KDE/4.11 I see launcher as expected:
~/src/git/k/kde-workspace/plasma   KDE/4.11  grep -r insertCata

Looking at SVN I see launcher in stable and kickoff in trunk:

So, it appears to me that kde-l10n-cs-4.12.95 (and supposedly all
other languages) have the kde-workspace directory from trunk rather
than stable resulting in incomplete localization.

Would be lovely if someone could clarify/fix things.
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Jos Poortvliet | 25 Mar 14:20 2014

kdelibs frozen but... baloo...


Reviewing the text as it should be for the announcement of 4.13, I notice 
that it is quite hard to claim that KDELibs hasn't changed as it is frozen 
but 'by the way' we've made major changes to it ;-)

Is "KDE Semantic Search" part of KDE Libs? If so, I'll say something like 
"KDELibs is frozen but an exception is...". If not, I'll talk it up as part 
of KDE Applications.

You're the experts, I just tell the story... So tell me what to say :D


Reviewing the text as it should be for the announcement of 4.13, I notice 
that it is quite hard to claim that KDELibs hasn't changed as it is frozen 
but 'by the way' we've made major changes to it ;-)

Is "KDE Semantic Search" part of KDE Libs? If so, I'll say something like 
"KDELibs is frozen but an exception is...". If not, I'll talk it up as part 
of KDE Applications.

You're the experts, I just tell the story... So tell me what to say :D