Rex Dieter | 27 Aug 23:30 2004

kde-3.3.0 now in testing


kde-3.3.0 packages are now available in our kde-redhat/testing repository 
for all supported platforms.  Enjoy.

One important repository note: Starting with kde-3.3.0, the kde-redhat 
team is working on de-coupling the dependance upon our 'fedora' 
meta-repository.  What this means is that starting with kde-3.3.0, you 
should no longer need any lines of the form
in your apt/yum configurations.
So, testing of this would be highly appreciated.  Please direct feedback 
to the kde-redhat-users list.  This is a show-stopper for the kde-3.3.0 
packages to be moved to "stable" status.

-- Rex

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