Torsten Schenkel | 25 Nov 18:17 2005

Kde Backport amd64

Good evening,

just tried to update my amd64 sarge workstations to kde3.4.2.

Unfortunately the packages.gz is not completely correct. apt-get stops 
updating right in the middle of the process because some files have a size or 
md5sum mismatch. Is there something awry with the server or is the package.gz 

sources.list entries are:

# KDE 3.4.2
deb ./
deb-src ./

# KDE Tools
deb staging main
deb-src staging main

Can you point me to another server or recreate the packages.gz file. I already 
mirrored the server and could do it by myself, but I have no way to check the 
integrity of the files and definitely don't want to install a bucnch of 
trojans and backdoors on my systems :-)



Dr.-Ing. Torsten Schenkel        Labor-/Softwarelaborleiter       
Institut fuer Stroemungslehre    TEL.: ++49 721 608-3031
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seorge | 18 Oct 21:31 2005

bug: kfilepicker crashes with OOO

I've installed your backports for Sarge and have the following problem with 
I'm using OpenOffice with package from stable. After 
installing the backports the kfilepicker in Openoffice crashes with the 
following output:

(no debugging symbols found)
Using host libthread_db library "/lib/tls/".
(no debugging symbols found)
`system-supplied DSO at 0xffffe000' has disappeared; keeping its symbols.
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
[New Thread 1098370528 (LWP 7007)]
[New Thread 1113553840 (LWP 7011)]
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
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Pedro Jurado Maqueda | 18 Jul 23:54 2005

Is kalyxo project alive?

From many time ago, kalyxo repository is not avaliable, and the maillist are 
almost dead.

If someone out there is reading this ;-), I can offer a server with a good 
bandwith and enough space for the repository, it's host web page too.

I can offer too some of my debian packages like cubetest or kgeography, 
Happily, kiosktool is now part of Debian thanks to Isaac Clerencia, my 

Sorry by not offer the server before, but until yesterday I was very busy 
studying for some competitive examinations.

Kalyxo mailing list
Kalyxo <at>
Peter Rockai (mornfall | 8 Apr 16:37 2005

intermittent server problems and workaround

I am sorry for the temporary problems with server reachability. We know about 
those and they are annoying for us same as for you. Until the problem is 
fixed and * is back in service, we set up a temporary addresses to 
reduce your inconvenience: - the kalyxo website - the kalyxo archive

Thank you for keeping with us through these hassles, i am really sorry :(. We 
are working on a solution, so hopefully we are back to normal soon.



Peter Rockai | mornfall()kalyxo!org | prockai()redhat!com | +421907533216

"In My Egotistical Opinion, most people's C programs should be
 indented six feet downward and covered with dirt."
     -- Blair P. Houghton on the subject of C program indentation
huron | 22 Mar 09:30 2005

Kalyxo amarok 1.2.2 debian package : problem with repeat

Hi everyone,

 I'm having trouble with the last amarok 1.2.2 kalyxo package, in fact, it's 
not *that* bad : just the repeat button does not work.
 Downgrading to 1.2.1 (from debian sid) solves the problem, so I really think 
that the problem lies in the sources used for the kalyxo 1.2.2 packaging.

 For details : see

 So my question is : am I the only one to have this problem ?

Kevin Krammer | 6 Mar 20:53 2005

Which base distribution

Hi Kalyxo folks!

I am planning to do a clean reinstall (getting rid of stone age Windows 
partitions in the process :) ) somewhen in the next few weeks.

If I understood correctly the packages from Kalyxo staging are currently 
compatible to sarge/testing, so installing from a Sarge installer CD should 
be a good start.

My question is: should I put "testing" in my apt sources afterwards so I stay 
on testing when Sarge becomes stable, or will Kalyxo have packages compatible 
with Sarge as well?

The website says packages are built against unstable, so maybe "testing" won't 
work either.

What do you recommend?



Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer <at>>
Qt/KDE Developer, Debian User - German Unix/Linux programming forum - Qt programming forum
Juan Luis Baptiste | 22 Feb 05:00 2005

KNetworkConf 0.6.1 release

We are pleased to announce the release of KNetworkConf 0.6.1!

KNetworkConf is a KDE Control Center Module to configure the Network
settings in a simple and intuitive way. It has the following features:

* Configure installed network devices (you can't add new ones for now) in
basic and advanced mode (ie. don't auto configure broadcast and netmask
* Autodetection of wireless interfaces.
* Configure the default gateway and gateway device.
* Configure host and domain names.
* Add/remove DNS servers (/etc/resolv.conf).
* Add/Remove static Hosts (/etc/hosts).  

KNetworkConf works now in 15 different platforms:

* BlackPanther OS
* Conectiva Linux
* Debian Linux
* Fedora Linux
* FreeBSD
* Gentoo Linux
* Mandrake Linux
* OpenNA Linux
* Polish Linux Distribution
* Red Hat Linux
* Slackware Linux
* Specifix Linux
* TurboLinux
* Vine Linux
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Otto Kekäläinen | 13 Feb 18:31 2005

kalyxo status?


This year seems to be a very exciting year for Linux. It seems to me that very 
many are at least planning to adopt Linux in their busines.

What is really interesting, is to see which distro will become the most 

Personally I'd like to see a Debian based one (and Debian compatible, so that 
one can benefit from Debian's repositories with 15000 packages).

Since we don't have a installable livecd yet, we could maybe make some 
meta-package that when installed in some other distro (like UserLinux or 
Ubuntu) would easily convert it into a well integrated KDE desktop.


| Otto Kekäläinen
| Osuuskunta Sange
| http:/
Juan Luis Baptiste | 18 Jan 05:12 2005

Kalyxo 2005 plans?


First of all, happy new year for all !!

It has been a quiet new year (and I forgot that I had to subscribe to the new 
list until today:P ), I wanted to know wich are the plans for Kalyxo
this year, to know how can I help to it's development additionally to my 
KNetworkConf development. How's the LiveCD going? we have a very big linux
event here in Colombia for a whole week in the beginnings of April and I would
like to put a KDE/Kalyxo booth to show to the assistants the "koolness" of KDE 
and the efforts we have been doing until now.


Juan Luis Baptiste
Mario Fux | 7 Nov 14:26 2004

YaST2 for Debian (aka nYaST)

Good morning

I search a person (or more than one) who is interested to port Yast2 from 
Novell/SuSE to Debian. I'd like to spend some money and/or hardware for this 
task (I can't spend that much because I'm a student who lives from grants) 
and perhaps some organizational help.

Longer version:
I like or better love Debian but Debian still lacks some features to become a 
good desktop distribution. One thing is an admin tool. There are other tools 
in development for this task (KaST [1], DControl [2], etc.) which I don't 
want to substitute with YaST for Debian but to complete.
Because Yast2's source code become free for some time now I see a chance to 
port a well-known (by new users) tool to my preferred distribution.
But my programming skills are too poor and so the only thing I can offer to 
bring YaST2 to Debian is some money or hardware and organizational help.

This (or a similar) email goes to the following mailinglists (I'm subscribed 
to all of them):
- debian-desktop [3]
- debian-devel [4] 
- kalyxo and kalyxo-devel [5] & [6]
- debian-cdd [7]

If you think there are other lists which could be valuable please forward this 
mail to these lists.

So if you're interested and have the skills to port YaST2 to Debian, contact 
me. But please, first read the following tasks or levels.
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