Philippe Clérié | 28 Nov 02:45 2014

in-painting tutorial

Is there something like an In-painting tutorial for Digikam? Google has 
not been friendly today.

I've been trying to remove some faint dirt spots. So first, I select a 
square area just small enough to contain the spot; start in-painting and 
use the default settings (I don't know what I'm doing). Either the spot 
stays the same but I could see a working progress bar (3 times: small, 
medium, large) or the program just stops responding (2 times).




The trouble with common sense it that it is so uncommon.
seb.vallet | 27 Nov 22:46 2014

CR2 to JPG


I tried something with digikam without success
I thought it is simple but I failed to find the solution
So I am here to ask you some advice...

I use Digikam 2.5 with a Canon 100D.
Unfortunately I took some pictures in CR2 format.
It was a mistake
And now I want to get the images in JPG.
But I am not interested by a sophisticated method for RAW processing.
As the CR2 images look like a charm directly in Digikam album viewer, so I think it should be a simple way to convert them in JPEG.
Do you know how can i do it ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Seb astien
Digikam-users mailing list
Anders Lund | 26 Nov 19:54 2014

Import of many photos

Hi list,

I'm trying to import several thousands of photos into digikam, a collection 
recovered fro a harddisk that was damaged.

I tried to just import the cr2 folder, which contains several folders of 1000 
images each, but the dialog to select a target album never becomes usable, it 
is just a square.  My process window in KDE just shows digikam using 25% CPU 
constantly, probably it just fully takes up a core of the 4 in the quadcore 
system. Maybe it is retrieving thumbnails...

Anyone have an idea for how to import images in one go? My next attempt is to 
import them folder by folder, but that will require a lot of work, 

Monroe, Will | 26 Nov 18:06 2014

digiKam 4.0.0 hanging after checking "ICC repository" in OSX 10.10


I'm new to digiKam and the listserv.  After doing a fair amount of 
research to find the best open source photo management tool to use on a 
few machines running Xubuntu 14.04 and OSX 10.10, I've settled on 
digiKam.  The excellent tutorials from 
describing how to use digiKam for digital asset management were a big 
part of my decision.

Installing digiKam on Xubuntu 14.04 has been very simple.  No troubles 
at all.  But installing digiKam on OSX 10.10 has been a little 
difficulty.  Here's what I've done:

1.  Installed macports
2.  Ran 'sudo port install digikam' to successfully install digiKam (see 
install log
3.  Ran 'launchctl load -w 
4.  Started digiKam which, during first run, allowed me to choose 
various options for photo import, etc. However, digiKam hangs when the 
splash image displays "checking ICC repository" (see log

I've tried logging out, restarting, deleting all preferences, and I've 
completely uninstalled macports and removed all associated files using 
this method  Although re-installation seems to be 
successful, I still have run into the same problem each time.

I've searched a bit for similar errors and most the advice seems to 
suggest running:

'launchctl load -w 


'sudo chown -R $USER ~/Library/Preferences/KDE'

I've also found a recommendation here suggesting that 

'launchctl load  -w 

with 'sudo' is preferable to running as a normal user.  I'm not quite 
sure what to make of that discrepancy but my '~/Library/Preferences/KDE' 
all belong to my user account or to 'staff' so I can't see what the 
problem might be.

I'm also not sure how to proceed with my troubleshooting at this point. 
  If anyone has advice on how to proceed, I would greatly appreciate it.

All the best,

Yagyank Chadha | 26 Nov 15:07 2014

Bug fixing

I am trying to fix this bug. How do i go about fixing this bug?
And how do I know what are the relevant cpp files for this bug?

Kind Regards,
Yagyank chadha

Undergraduate student
Computer Science Engineering
Thapar University, Patiala

Digikam-users mailing list
Florian Lorenzen | 26 Nov 09:58 2014

SugarJ Development Umgebung

Hallo Sebastian,

kannst Du mir kurz sagen, welche Eclipse und Spoofax Version ich zur
Zeit am besten nutze, um an SugarJ zu arbieten? Ich habe 4.4 Standard
und das letzte Spoofax Release auf dem aktuellen Code von Github
probiert und das gibt mir eine Menge Fehlermeldungen, auch aus dem

Danke und herzliche Gruesse,



Florian Lorenzen

Technische Universität Berlin
Fakultät IV - Elektrotechnik und Informatik
Übersetzerbau und Programmiersprachen

Sekr. TEL12-2, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, D-10587 Berlin

Tel.:   +49 (30) 314-24618
E-Mail: florian.lorenzen <at>

Digikam-users mailing list
Digikam-users <at>
Piter Dias | 26 Nov 02:48 2014

Is there a tag tree uploader?


I just uploaded a huge tags tree to digiKam 4.5 by running several MySQL scripts because I did not found a way to do it using digiKam. It seems that I can only create one by one using the tag manager.

Isn't digiKam able upload a tags tree (from a file, for example)?

Is it something you guys would like to see IF I manage to add to the Tag manager? 

Piter Dias

Digikam-users mailing list
Victor Engmark | 25 Nov 21:27 2014

Set size of thumbnails in Preview Image mode

On a big screen the thumbnails in Preview Image mode are huge (looks
like more than 300x300px). With the default interface, window
decorations etc. that means only about 1/2 of the screen height is
available for the actual preview. Since I mainly use this mode to
browse the photos to select the best of similar ones, and only use the
thumbnails for rough navigation, it would be great to be able to
resize the thumbnails down to maybe 30x30px.

(I am able to resize the thumbnail sub-window *bigger* than the
already huge default, but I'm at a loss as to why I would want to.
Seems opposite of what most similar programs do.)

Yagyank Chadha | 24 Nov 13:13 2014

Bug fixing in digikam

I am trying to fix but I dont know from where to start. I tried searching the keyword of bug(in this case metadata) on but got more than 100 results.Plz guide me on how to start

Kind Regards,
Yagyank chadha

Undergraduate student
Computer Science Engineering
Thapar University, Patiala

Digikam-users mailing list
Victor Engmark | 23 Nov 23:50 2014

Can't import from Canon EOS 7D

How to reproduce:

1. Start Digikam 4.5.0.
2. Plug in and turn on camera
3. Click Import -> Canon Inc. Canon Digital Camera (auto-detected)

After point 2, I get the following message twice from Digikam core:

Digikam::DigikamApp::checkSolidCamera: Solid returns unsupported
driver handle for gphoto2

After point 3, I get the following message and no import window appears:

Failed to detect camera with GPhoto2 from Solid information

Mounting the camera and copying the images manually works fine, but
I'd very much like to continue using the excellent automatic creation
of directories on import. As a corollary, would it be possible to
create another Import menu entry to import files from an arbitrary
directory as if it was from a camera? That would also be extremely
helpful for example to change the directory structure of an already
existing photo collection.

Running Arch Linux.

Mick Sulley | 23 Nov 22:09 2014

Face Tagging - Just People?

When tagging faces is there any way to restrict the drop down list to 
just people?  At the moment I see all tags which makes selection a bit 
more difficult and a lot more error prone, especially when I have loads 
of faces to tag.

Also, I am running 4.4.0 on Mint and it is so much more stable than 
previous versions, just spent a couple of hours detecting, tagging and 
editing and it has not crashed at all!  Seems faster as well. Well done 
development team :)