Gilles Caulier | 16 Dec 08:47 2014

Future plan : next KDE4 release and future Qt5 port.

Hi all digiKam users,

Today, 4.6.0 source code have been tagged in git repository. Release
will be published in few days when tarball will be ready on KDE
download area...

The KDE4 releases will continue. As usual one month, one release,
including bugfixes only. No major new features will be add.

In parallel, Qt5/KF5 port will be started. The digiKam branch in git
repository will be created soon. Port of code will take a while,
certainly 5/6 months to check all regressions and possible
dysfunctions introduced by code conversion.

The Qt5 port will introduce some advantages, as a reduced KDE
dependency everywhere. The goal is too limit now all KDE API uses when
it's possible, in the way to have the most portable application. If
something as Clementine player can be done with digiKam, this will be
the best. It's possible to have an application adapted well to a
target, as Marble do (KDE, Qt, Android, etc...). The hardest way to
drop KDE dependency will be KIO-Slave, but it's another story for the
moment and not a priority.

Anyway, port to Qt5 is already started since one month, as you can see
at this wiki page :

All digiKam shared libs are ported, and few kipi-plugins tools too.
It's still a lots of work to do, and all patches introduced to KDE4
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Noeck | 14 Dec 23:07 2014

batch processing problems


I tried to apply a lense auto correction to a series of images using the batch
processing tool. However, I have two issues with that:

1) Some images are correctly auto-cropped after the transformation, but some now
show black borders around the picture. Can this be handled automatically?

2) The new image is called <original name>_1.jpg – which is ok. But it shows up
in addition to the original image. When I do the operation on one image only,
the original is somehow hidden as an old version of the same image. I would like
this behaviour also for batch processed images. How?

If I was not clear enough:
a) 1 image -> auto correct -> save -> shows up as 1 image with 2 versions
b) 2 images -> auto correct via batch processing -> show up as 4 images (two
originals and two modified versions named _1)
What I want: That batch processing (b) behaves like doing (a) multiple times.

Thanks for any help with this issue!

PS: Thanks for the instructions on this list about sqlite3 – the workaround
seems to work for me.
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Digikam-users <at>
cassow | 14 Dec 17:58 2014

no photos or thumbnails

Hi! Suddenly Digikam shows no thumbnails or photos. I'm on version 3.3.0 . I
tried reinstall digikam, remove my database, reinstall kipi-plugins but no
change. Digikam lists the photos correctly as numbers in each folder, but
does not make any thumbnails.

My problem is exactly the same as this:


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Tom Rank | 13 Dec 09:20 2014

Digikam 4.0 won't run on Linux Mint 17.1: vanishes after album scan


Version 3.5 of Digikam on Ubuntu 14.04 crashed too often for my liking, 
so I hoped that an upgrade to a newer version would help. Version 4.0 
runs fine on my Linux Mint laptop (with a small photo collection) so I 
reckoned that an upgrade on my desktop might be an improvement.

I've just completed a fresh install of Linux Mint 17.1, which runs fine, 
and installed Digikam Version: 4:4.0.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa2. I've 
put my large photo collection (about 300 GB) in Pictures.

First run routine says images will be in:

That's correct (but any attempt to browse elsewhere leads the setup 
window to vanish and Digikam stops)

Scanning collections was very quick (too quick, I thought) - but then 
nothing. Digikam didn't run, no crash report, nothing.

Run Digikam again: same quick scan of albums, then nothing.

I can easily upgrade to a more recent version - version 4.0.0 is the 
default for Mint 17.1, which is based on Ubuntu 14.04 (though 14.04 is 
stuck at 3.5). Should I try to add an additional PPA to install a later 

Please can anyone help? I've found Digikam a really useful program for 
managing a growing photo collection and now feel lost!

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Christian Becht | 10 Dec 15:12 2014

no way to modify medtadata


i'm using digikam 3.5 on linux mint 17 (mate) (installed from mint sources)
Unfortunately i can not modify metadata due to missing entries in the 
picture menu.

exiv2 packaages are installed.

Any ideas how to get the options in the menu?


Dr. Martin Senftleben | 11 Dec 16:56 2014

pseudo hdr images


I am trying this function in digikam 4.5 and it works fine, except for
one thing: whenever it wants to save, it complains that it can't save
the image (opens up multiple error message boxes, more than images in
the stack). I get the option to rename it, still the same problem. It
just won't save it. However, when I hit cancel, it actually saves the
image, and it appears in digikam. Any ideas?

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ceperman | 10 Dec 17:42 2014

Can I preserve the original file date on modification?

I want to do initial tweeking of photos (resize, auto-levels, sharpen) but
would really like retain the original file modification date shown in the
Linux (Mint) File manager. Is this possible?

I'm fairly new to digiKam and am finding it pretty amazing even though I'm
using a pretty old version  (2.5.0).

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Marie McClellan | 10 Dec 01:57 2014

digiKam 4.0.0 Flickr Uploader not working


I am using digiKam 4.0.0 that I installed using MacPorts. I am using OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks.

Unfortunately the Flickr Uploader is not working. 

When I launch it, it gives me an "unknown error" and states that it cannot proceed any further. 

Additionally launching the bug tracker wizard does not function from within my digiKam. The button does nothing - no error, it just does not respond when clicked.

Is there anything I can do to get the Flickr uploader working? Uploading to Flickr is fairly central to my workflow.

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Joe Janz | 9 Dec 00:17 2014

Syncing digikam collection with ownCloud

Is it possible to sync a digikam collection using a file sync service like ownCloud or Dropbox?

I was about to set this up on my collection so that I could view and add photos on both my desktop and laptop, but I noticed that the root album references a hard drive UUID in the SQLite databse.  I'm guessing that will be a problem.

Is there a way around this--has anyone done something like this?

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Dmitri Popov | 7 Dec 17:47 2014

Unstable digiKam 4.5.0


I'm running digiKam 4.5.0 from philip5 PPA on Kubuntu 14.04, and the
application crashes like crazy. I cannot give you any specific steps,
as crashes are pretty random: sometimes the application crashes during
editing other times it crashes for no apparent reason. I'd tried to
delete the digikam4.db and thumbnails-digikam.db databases and create
new ones from scratch, but that didn't help. digiKam has been that
unstable since version 4.4.0. I wonder whether anyone else have had
similar experiences?

Jan Wolter | 4 Dec 18:01 2014

Problem during compiling dk 4.6.0


I received the following error during compiling the actual digiKam 
version from git:

[ 91%] Building CXX object 
In file included from 
fatal error: libkface_export.h: No such file or directory
  #include "libkface_export.h"
compilation terminated.
make[2]: *** 
Error 1
make[1]: *** [core/app/CMakeFiles/digikam.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

Compiling the previous version 4.5.0 works fine.

Does anyone know, what to do?

Best regards,


  Jan Wolter, M.Sc.        | e-mail: jan.wolter@...
  Universitaet Paderborn   |
  Fakultaet EIM/Informatik | Office: F2.303
  Fuerstenallee 11         | Phone:  +49 5251 606683
  33102 Paderborn, Germany | Fax:    +49 5251 606697