Mark Alford | 27 Jul 21:28 2015

how does digikam determine the date of an image?

When you select an image or movie in digikam, properties like Title,
Captions, and Date are shown in the panels on the right side of the

How is the Date determined?
Is it the image file's modification time, or some EXIF data field from
the file, or what?

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Sjoerd | 26 Jul 08:45 2015

Deleting duplicate photo's still show up?

I deleted a lot of duplicate photo's (outside DigiKam with dupeguru) and let DigiKam rescan/regenerate all of my thumbnails and fingerprints. Finaly I let DigiKam search for duplicates again. DigiKam still shows all the duplicates that are defenitely gone from disk.


I tried a "cleanup_digikamdb -t" but that doesn't make any difference.


Any idea how to clean up my databases so it matches my filesystem again (without starting over from scratch)?


I am using Kubuntu 14.10 and Digikam 4.11.0 from philips ppa





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Mick Sulley | 23 Jul 23:35 2015

Video Thumbnails

I noticed that some of my videos displayed the wrong thumbnail, I have 
not noticed any wrong on the pictures.  I took a copy of 
thumbnails-digikam.db and deleted the original.  When I restarted 
DigiKam it recreated the thumbnails for all of the pictures but not for 
the videos.

2 questions -

1) Is there a way to recreate thumbnails for videos
2) The original thumbnails-digikam.db was 1.5 GB, the new one is 4.6 
MB.  There are only 38 videos with about 18,000 pictures, so this 
difference seem massive, why is that?


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jdd | 23 Jul 17:16 2015

video meta data

Hello :-)

I, of course, use Digikam for tagging photos. It's nearly the only use I 
have of DigiKam, if you don't see showphoto as the same software, 
because of course I do most of my editing with showfoto.

I do *not* manage videos with digiKam. The video workflow have little to 
do with the photo one.

That said, I would like to have some software to tag videos as I do for 

I know digikam can display some videos (but seemingly not flv), but may 
be digiKam is not the right tool for this :-).

do you know some graphical software that manage video meta data?

I edit my videos with kdenlive and I may be able to edit meta data 
there, but it's far from friendly for this

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KDE Bugs | 23 Jul 00:49 2015

Settings -> Configure Notifications -> Log to a File


I have "Log to a file" checked and a file selected for each of the notifications available under "Settings -> Configure Notifications".    However,  the file does not get updated at all.    I've got the file (DigiKamLog.txt) in the same directory as the DikiKam database files.

Is this feature currently working?


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Kent Tenney | 21 Jul 21:18 2015

moving from Shotwell to Digikam


I have about 70k photos managed by Shotwell, lots of tagging.

What about moving to Digikam without losing the work invested in Shotwell?
Google doesn't have much to say about doing this ...

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samkv | 21 Jul 14:43 2015

camera ICC

Hi all.

Can anybody help me profiling my camera?

I in doubt how to create ICC for DigiKam (4.11).

I've followed this instructions: but
got strange results. 

In short:
1)I've take a shoot of IT8.7/2 target
2)using DigiKam converted RAW to TIFF using 16bit color depth. All the rest
is disabled or set to default values.
3)using  ArgyllCM  i've created icc profile. 

Then if I apply this icc for converting RAW images the results looks like
"losing contrast". 

best regards,


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Marie-Noëlle Augendre | 20 Jul 02:18 2015

Unwanted rating with the mouse

Is there a way to deactivate the rating with simple clic in thumbnail view?
Quite often, I click on one of the star when I only want to select a picture, and I unvolontarily modify the rating. Problem is there is no 'undo' function, and I have no way to remember what the rating was before the click. Moreover, if there was a filter on the rating, the picture has disappeared from my selection...

I have the same kind of problem with the click 'in' the thumbnail that opens the full view instead of selecting the picture, but at least this doesn't change any picture information.

Unfortunately, when I'm tagging hundreds of pictures, my clicks are not very accurate...

Thanks for your answer.
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Mick Sulley | 11 Jul 23:28 2015

Rename not working on Dual Format

I have set up Import to auto rename my pictures (the Customise button is 
on) and to use extension based sub-albums.

On my Canon SX200 taking jpeg rename on import all works fine.

On my other camera a Canon EOS 550D taking raw and jpeg they do not get 

If I change the settings on the 550D to just take jpeg they do get renamed.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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Wolfgang Mader | 9 Jul 22:32 2015

Put Digikam in read-only mode

Dear all,

ultimately, I would like to be able to put Digikam in a read-only mode, such 
that it is guaranteed, that my original files remain untouched. To single 
exception would be deleting files.

I assume that raws (and jpgs, if no raws are taken in the first place) are 
only touched to write metadata to them, if configured so. I have configured to 
metadata to be read and written to XML sidecar only. Does this setting lead to 
untouched originals already?

From a more general point of view, I would like to know if Digikam opens files 
r/w per se, or are files opened r/o and r/w is only used for operation which 
need these permission.

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digikam | 9 Jul 22:23 2015

Docs for newbies


I'm looking for some docs for digikam. I have found: getting started:

But it's for DK 2.6. Anything more current?



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