Louis A. Turk | 2 May 04:18 2016

Import XMP doesn't work


Import XMP doesn't work on Digikam 14.4. It seems to go through the
motions, but doesn't actually write the imported data to the target files.

I'm working on raw files.

Perhaps I don't know how to use it, or is this a known bug? Is there a

[~]% uname -a
Linux l 3.16.0-38-generic #52~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 8 09:43:57 UTC
2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

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Hans-Peter Huth | 1 May 16:48 2016

Downgrade from 4.14 to 4.12 seems to not recognize database from 4.14 ??

Hi all,

i did an upgrade from Ubuntu 14.4 to 16.4. Previously i did use digikam
4.14, the newer Linux however only has Digikam 4.12 in its repositories.
This older version seems to not recognize the database from 4.14, it
starts with an empty album list. Path to database is still valid. Did the
format change so that using older digikam versions does not work? Should i
simply import everything anew?

Is Digikam 4.14 or the new 5.x available for Ubuntu 16.04?



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Arnaud Croes | 19 Apr 09:48 2016

AcquireImages - Scan area size?

Hi Gilles and others,

I am a new member of this list (using Digikam already several years), 
and would like to start to say; Thanks you !!
Since a few weeks I am using a different scanner (HP Scanjet 8250), and 
am having problems with the AcquireImages plugin - the scanned area is 
roughly only A5 size.
Where can I change this setting? With my old scanner, I could scan the 
full A4 area.
A4 scanning in XSane or gscan2pdf works fine.


My environment:
Ubuntu 15.10
Digikam 4.14.0
Photo collection on Synology NFS mounted drive
(turned  <at> eadir folder and thumbnail creation off)
Database: MySQL (MariaDB on Synology)

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Daniel Bauer | 24 Apr 09:29 2016

database problem with folders on external disk


I have digikam installed on a laptop. The main album is on 
/home/daniel/digikam. I use SQlite datebase.

Now I have two external harddisks of each nearly 2TB with copys of my 
digikam albums from the main computer. I have those external disks with 
me on longer travels because from time to time I need access to some of 
those images.

Now I plugged the first one and added it in settings as external album, 
but as I see, digikam now adds all this information to the main database 
on disk. This, of course, is useless, as those external drives usually 
are not connected. When I disconnect, the database will have entries of 
non-existing images and get inconsistent, I guess. Even worse, when I 
change something on the external disk from another computer...


Is there a way to have the database for the local files on the local 
disk and the one for external files on the external disks? So that I can 
have them in digikam when I need them and not have them when I don't 
need them?


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Kenneth Ingham | 17 Apr 16:00 2016

Re: Digikam-users Digest, Vol 131, Issue 12

Anders Stedtlund said:
> So, do you mean that there is no difference between selecting single
> click and double click in the system settings? I'm on openSUSE Leap
> 42.1 and by changing this setting it changes the behaviour in digikam.
> I.e. by selecting double click in system settings I have to double
> click an image to preview while single click selects the image.

Yes, you are correct.  Stuart T Rogers's suggestion of clicking in the
area around the thumbnail that is not the image is a reasonable

I'd still like to see "click to select (double click to open)" vs "click
to open" as a setting in digikam.

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Kenneth Ingham | 17 Apr 04:58 2016

Click to select vs click to open

Digikam recently (in the last month or few on OpenSuse tumbleweed)
changed from click to select to click to open the image in the preview
pane.  This is really a pain for me, because I use digikam to set tags,
organize images, etc.  When a click opens an image instead of selects
it, I then have to go back to thumbnail view to do whatever I am trying
to do (e.g., select a range).

I looked through the DigiKam settings, but I do not see any options to
change this to the prior behavior.  I see "Thumbnail click action", but
it does not offer a "select" option.  I would rather double click to
open and single to select.

In the global KDE settings (System settings -> Input devices -> Mouse)
there is an option "Double click to open files and folders (select icons
on first click)".  This is what I want in Digikam (or for it to use this
option).  How can I get this behavior?


Kenneth Ingham

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Alberto Garcia Quesada | 14 Apr 11:57 2016

Geolocation tags

I have some trailcams and I would like to associate a tags on digikam with a geo coordinates. At this way I could assign the tags "Trailcam-22" to my 300 pictures and take a fast view WHERE was taken a pictur
Is posible link a digikam tags with a geo-coordinates?
I can to see in digikam database the table "imagetagsproperties" with a fields property-value what It seems ideal for this purpose.

Thank you very much.
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Andreas T. Ege | 10 Apr 17:28 2016

OT: darktable

Hi there,

I'm on my umpteenth attempt to wrap my mind around darktable for raw development. Good thing it's not a physical object. Otherwise I probably would have taken a hammer to it to solve my problems in a final way. :(

I got 2 questions:
1. Is there any way to get darktable to sort images in lightroom by file extension? I find it a major pain, that when I import a film roll (yeah, hang on to the old names, after all, it makes perfect sense to call it a film roll if it's images stored on a sd-card or internal memory. I can't even remember when the last time was I used a film roll), it just throws every image at me it can find in the folder, err, film roll.
2. how can I stop darktable from applying "sharpen" automagically to every bloody picture? I don't want and I don't need this "feature" for every image but I simply can not find a way to stop this thing. Under preferences the preset for sharpen is presented with a lock. According to the manual that means I can not change the settings.
If that's indeed the case I personally would file this as a killer bug to me in conjunction with all the rest I don't like about darktable and will free some disk space at least.

So far I have 2 main observations: 1. usage is a royal pain in the ass, to me it appears as if the developers try very hard to be as different as possible from other programs for the sake of being different. A feature that has made me reconsider my choice in favour of ufraw each and every time I tried darktable over the last few years.

2. it's unfortunately powerful enough to persevere, at least for some images.

Sorry for the rant, but darktable makes my blood pressure rise each and every time I work with it. The only image manipulation programs I have worked with, that are even less user friendly, are the 2 types of digital xray processing software I so far had the joy to play with.
If it weren't as powerful as it is, I would have stopped bothering long ago.

Andreas T. Ege
Dr. med. vet., MRCVS
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Sveinn í Felli | 8 Apr 23:33 2016

Strange phrase in digikam.po

In digikam.po (kde-f5 branch), ~line #11409:

#: libs/iojobs/iojob.cpp:131
#, fuzzy, kde-format
#| msgid "Could not move folder %1 to album %2"
msgid ""
"Could not move folder %1 to album %2 The folder %1 was copied to album %2"

This looks like two appended sentences. Either it lacks punctuation or 
there's an extraction error. Right?


Sveinn í Felli
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Pedro Neves | 8 Apr 00:09 2016

Geolocalization - Digikam 5 beta


Is it me, or geolocalization an image by dragging it to the correct location on a Google map is not working? It works if using Marble as the map source, but not Google.

I'm using Digikam 5.0.0 beta 5 on Arch (built with KDE Frameworks 5.20.0 and QT 5.6.0).


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Hamnes Aaberge | 7 Apr 13:04 2016

Preserve album dates when moving collections to new computer

I am using Digikam 4.14 on KDE 5.
Lots of the albums had wrong album dates, so I have used a lot of time 
correcting the album dates to get them in order.
I want to have a copy on my laptop, so I copied all the pictures, the 
digikam4.db and thumbnails-digikam.db to a removable hard disk.
When I open Digikam on my laptop (telling that all the pictures and the 
databases are on the removable hard disk) all the albumes come back with the 
dates they had before I changed them (they are still correct on the computer 
from which I copied). This make me believe that the albume dates are stored 
somewhere else. Do anyone know to solve this.
Thank you, Svein
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