Roger Mårtensson | 3 Sep 21:58 2015

Better explanation of face recognition buttons?


Maybe you could explain something for me. Couldn't find it in the Help 
and my Google-fu seem to have deserted me this evening.

I have scanned my collection after faces and ran a recognition run.
It seems a lot more stable and and better in finding and recognizing 
faces. Thank you for your hard work devs. This is a function I'm really 
enjoy having.

Now.. To my question. When walking through all my pictures to tag them 
with names I see some buttons and a textbox.
One of these buttons is labeled (the only one labeled) and that is the 
"Not a face" button on the upper right on the face picture. When pressed 
is the found face stored as a "not a face" or just removed from picture?

The textbox is self explanatory.

Under the textbox we have two buttons. One is a "v" and one is a "-". 
The "v" I guess is the Accept button. I.e. Tag picture with supplied name.
And the "-" means no.. It is a face but not for the guessed name.

What more happens when I press any of these buttons?
I guess that with "v"-button the picture is tagged with the namd and 
recognized face is stored somewhere?
And what happens when I press "-"-button? Do it store the found face but 
tag it as a unknown and will once again be checked against my faces on 
the next scan (until a recognized face is found)?
That is what I'm guessing but am I right?
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Jens Benecke | 3 Sep 12:22 2015

Writing XMP: contradictory mwg-rs vs. MP region information


I am writing a script to convert iPhoto 9.4+ metadata (in SQLite3 
format) to XMP files which can then be imported by Digikam and hopefully 
other applications. So far the script can successfully export titles, 
descriptions, ratings, hidden and starred attributes, date info, 
keywords/tags, GPS coordinates with named locations and named faces.

I just looked at a face rectangle information that was exported by 
Digikam and it seems Digikam puts two different value sets in the XMP 
sidecar export, but the positions differ (width and height are 
identical) Example below.

Why do the values for "x" and "y" differ for "mwg-rs" and "MP" tag 
structures? Is this a bug in Digikam or a difference in specification? 
  (Why) do I need to write both?

Thank you!


    <mwg-rs:Regions rdf:parseType="Resource">
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Agustin Lobo | 2 Sep 22:03 2015

Album (collection?) in external drive

I have used Preferences/Collections/Collections on Removable media/Add
to add a folder FOTOS within a usb external drive (/Volumes/LaCie/FOTOS)
Surprisingly, FOTOS gets listed under Local collections. Why? It is an
external drive and I used Removable media/Add Collection. Does the
fact of FOTOS being listed under "Local collections" and not under
"Removable media"  have any practical consequences?

After closing and restarting digikam with the external drive connected
I get FOTOS listed
under tab Albums. Was it not a Collection? I used Add Collection.

If I restart digikam with the external drive not connected, FOTOS is
not listed under Albums albeit it is listed under Local collections.
Am I not supposed to be able of checking the database, which is on the
hard drive, even if the external drive is not mounted?

Was FOTOS removed from the database because the disk was not mounted
when I started digikam?

Thanks for your clarifications and/or for pointing me to the appropriate doc.

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J Albrecht | 31 Aug 13:07 2015
Even after having deleted the thumbnail and digikam4 databases, and performed thumbnail rebuild
maintenance a frustratingly many number of times, the photo thumbnail previews still do not generate!
It’s driving me nuts. Can somebody hold my hand and walk me though this? Many thanks in advance.

I’m running 4.12 on Yosemite.
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cl | 30 Aug 11:15 2015

Link to "Images Gallery manual" is broken, where can I find the docs?

The link in the main Dokuwiki documentation that points to the "Images
Gallery manual" is broken, what one gets is the generic KDE
documentationn because it can't find 'kipi'.

It's OK, I have found the docs by going to the Kipi documentation.


Chris Green

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Jens Benecke | 28 Aug 23:15 2015

Find geotagged images by country or city?


assume I have a wealth of images organized in Digikam, all of which have 
GPS tags set.
Now I want to find all images within a specific city or country.

Or better yet, browse images in a hierarchical tree very similar to the 
tags, but using country / region / city / postcode / street.

Can digikam do this? I realize this would require a geolocating service 
(possibly online, OSM?) and storing this info for every picture (since 
requesting it again would be far too slow for search).

If not, can it be implemented?

Thank you!

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Noeck | 26 Aug 21:19 2015

Renaming versioned images


I would like to rename my images like this (example):

DSC_0053.JPG    -> Birthday_01.jpg
DSC_0054.JPG    -> Birthday_02.jpg
DSC_0054_v1.JPG -> Birthday_02_v1.jpg   (not _03.jpg)
DSC_0055.JPG    -> Birthday_03.jpg      (not _04.jpg)

Birthday_##.[ext]{lower}{removedoubles} is close to what I want.
However, I edited the second image (0054) and now I have a new version
_v1. The original is hidden and stays unrenamed (can not be selected?).
And the version number is dropped/ignored in the renaming. Can this new
version be renamed in the same way as the original (as in the example

I am working with
Ubuntu 14.04
DigiKam 4.12.0
KDE 4.13.3

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Fabian Frank | 26 Aug 14:18 2015

Questions to renaming during import

since version 12 the import works now - great!
(On Win 8.1).

I miss one thing very much. Is there a chance to put a jobcode (like 
"vacation GB") in the filename/foldername?

I would like to have my pictures like this:

Folder: 	05-2015_vacation GB
File: 			2015_05_13_09-43-23_vacation GB_GH3.JPG

With this naming, I get same names if I take more pictures in one 
minute. The {unique} modifier works for this. But sadly the first 
picture gets no extra number. I would like to have the names consistent. 
like this:
2015_05_13_09-43-23_00_vacation GB_GH3.JPG
2015_05_13_09-43-23_01_vacation GB_GH3.JPG
2015_05_13_09-43-23_02_vacation GB_GH3.JPG
Now the first picture gets no number...

Sadly there is no chance to put the cameraname in the filename. It is 
possible in the renamedialog - strange. Or do I miss something?

All this is possible with downloader pro - i use it now. But it would be 
nice to do all in digikam.

Thanks for your help.

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Luca Ferrari | 25 Aug 12:57 2015

questions about on-disk layout

Hi all,
so far I've managed around 120 GB of images with Digikam, and I'm
pretty happy with it (thanks to all the developers).
Since my collection is growing, I'm thinking about the better on-disk
layout. For instance I've an album that is divided with folders, one
per year. Now, should I try to keep albums as little as possible (for
example for batch processing?), and therefore use a separate album per
Moreover, since my albums are on a removable media, what will happen
if the mount point or the directory layout changes? I mean, is digikam
smart enough to recognize a moved picture if the database is unchanged
or should I use some internal tool to nest and move folders?
Last but not least, where is better to place the database (and
thumbnails): on every computer or on the removable media? Is there a
way to get both of them having the removable one synchronizing with
the on-computer one?

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Eru Steiner | 24 Aug 21:45 2015

Rename does not work

Hi all

Renaming an image (JPG) does not work, it shows an error dialog: "File 
or folder does not exist"

I have 2 rootAlbums (Collections) but this happens only in any subfolder 
of the 2nd collection. The name of the collection is "Bilder-2" and on 
the filesystem it is under /mnt/bilder/Bilder-2 (NFS mount). The error 
dialog appears always but only sometimes I can also see an error on 
stdout and sometimes there is see a path something like 
/mnt/bilder/Bilder-2-2/......, so the "-2" is twice in the name! Is it 
possible that digikam has a problem with dashes in the folder-name or 
rootAlbum name?

I'm using digikam 4.12.0 and KDE 4.19.9 (Fedora 21 with latest packages).

Can there maybe some debugging be switched on?

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Thiele, Nic (PIRSA | 24 Aug 02:37 2015

ShowFoto vs Photo Editor in digiKam

Hi All,

The overview on the website says ShowFoto is "A stand-alone image editor version named ShowFoto is also
available. It runs without digiKam images database support, but provides all Image Editor functions". I
just upgraded digiKam and despite an extensive search can't find a way to activate the image editing
(rotate, export etc.) functions in ShowFoto. Previously I launched ShowFoto as a standalone image
editing application (since I don't require the collection management tools) but now it appears these
functions are only available by launching digiKam and using the "Image Editor". Have these editing tools
been removed from ShowFoto since version 3.4 or is there a way to enable them? Otherwise, can I launch the
"Image Editor" outside digiKam somehow? I'm using digiKam 4.11 on Windows.

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