Torsten Bronger | 17 Apr 08:40 2014

Great offer: Order lens calibrations


digiKam uses Lensfun for lens correction (distortion, CA,
vignetting).  However, someone must have done calibration pictures
for your lenses so that this works. offered to take calibration pictures for
the open-source community.  I think the best approach is to ask you,
the community, which lenses are most wanted.  On
<>, I list all lenses that
they have in their repository and that are not yet in Lensfun.

If you wish lenses to be supported in digiKam, look them up in this
list and send an email with their names to me.  Please note that
nobody can *guarantee* that they will be included this way.
Alternatively, you are invited to take calibration pictures yourself
and upload them at <>.



Torsten Bronger    Jabber ID: torsten.bronger@...
Robert Zeller | 16 Apr 17:51 2014

Can "Sharpen" be parallelized?


the "sharpen" feature with the refocus option takes - even when using a
3.4 GHz CPU - very long on a 16 Mpix raw image (Nikon D800). I have a 6
cores CPU but only one core is being used on "sharpen". Wouldn't it be
possible to parallelize sharpen such that all 6 cores could work at the
same time on different domains of the image such that the turnaround
time would be sped up by a factor of 6 ?

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Bast! | 13 Apr 17:45 2014

Cannot find the JpegLossLess kipi plugin


I cannot find the Kipi plugin JpegLossLess in Digikam and therefore have
only the lossy rotation of any kind. The documentation refers to this
plugin but I cannot find it.

I am running kubuntu 12.04.04 LTS, Kubuntu 13.10 and Ubuntu 13.10 in a
VM, updated the kipi plugins and digikam to 3.5.0 on all three.
Setting up kipi-plugins-common (4:3.5.0-0ubuntu10) ...
Setting up kipi-plugins (4:3.5.0-0ubuntu10) ...

Even the jpeglossless plugin was installed, I think:

But it is not shown in the Configuration of Digikam under Kipi-Plugins.
How do I get the lossless JPEG rotation to work under digikam?

Thanks in Advance
Andrew Fritz | 12 Apr 22:33 2014

Editing Location, Subject Data Directly (not via templates)

I'm trying to understand if something is possible. The handbook doesn't
say it is, but it seems like a common use case.

I have a smallish subset of my library of photos (my "portfolio" for
public sharing). I want to individually edit the Location, Contact and
Subject data on the Information tab of the Caption/Tags panel to make it

There seems to be no way to do this. I can create templates and apply
them, but I will literally be creating one template per photo, which
seems very silly and wasteful. Is there some setting I'm missing to make
the meta-data in question editable?

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Agustin Lobo | 12 Apr 19:47 2014

trash on Mac

I have deleted some test Albums and they were supposed to go the the trash can,
but the mac trash can is empty. Where did they go? I recall reading
something about the KDE thrash can, but where is that on the mac? How
do I empty the KDE thrash can?

Neale Partington | 12 Apr 09:30 2014

zero length soundfiles in slideshow

I see that others have had this problem in the past; but don't see a solution that applies to me - I downloaded digiKam for the first time (Windows version) a few weeks back, but cannot add audio to my slideshow.  The final previous post on this topic suggested it was a version mismatch between the main program and the plugin(s).  That shouldn't be my issue as this is the first time I've used the program, and I downloaded all of the files at once.  Are there any other suggestions?  I am using 3.4.0 software collection for Windows.

-- Neale 306-586-4867 (home) 306-337-5676 (work) 306-737-2693 (cell)
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Torsten Crass | 11 Apr 00:55 2014

Color managed view too bright?

Hi there,

in spite of spending days and weeks on reading on various aspects of 
color management, I still don't quite get the meaning of the "color 
managed view" checkboxes in DigiKams CM settings. What puzzles me in 
particular is the following: I'm using a profiled (using a ColorHug 
device) and calibrated (using xcalib with the derived profile) monitor. 
When viewing a pure black image (generated with imagemagick) in DigiKam 
and activating color managed view, the image is displayed -- brighter! 
Well, admittedly as a *very* dark gray, but definitely brighter than 
with color managed view deactivated. So how can that possibly be? I 
would have thought that sRGB black should stay black, even when 
converted into the monitor's gamut! I mean, the monitor obviously is 
capable of displaying darker colors!

Any ideas?

Agustin Lobo | 12 Apr 18:59 2014

Collection in Removable drive

I'm using digikam Version 3.5.0 Using KDE Development Platform 4.11.5 on
Mac OSX 10.9.2

I'm trying to set up digikam so that I have the db on my local disk but the
actual picture files on external usb pendrives or disks.
I thought I would just set up collections following the manual:
"Later on you can add as many locations as you like - digiKam will add
them to the album library.
Settings → Configure digiKam → Collections
but get this message

I click OK and get the collection added, but I'm kind of confused.
What are the consequences of this message? Cannot be avoided by giving
a name to the usb media using system tools?


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Luca Benassi | 8 Apr 23:59 2014

Bleeding beta in ubuntu 12.04

Any hints? :)

brutal apt-get gives me a 3.5.0 but I'd like to test a 4-beta.

I'm not (too) worried about tarballing, but didn't find it :|

thx anyway!


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Tom Rice | 8 Apr 02:20 2014

3.4 on windows lost menu now useless

Running 3.4 on Windows XP, the menu bar disappeared after going to 
full-screen. I have even tried removing digikam using Revo Uninstaller 
and reinstalling it only to find the menu bar is still missing. Is there 
any way get it back. I need it for a lecture on using digikam for 
organizing genealogical record images. I would have thought removing it 
and reinstalling it would have done the trick. Where is the bad code stored?

Joachim Ullrich | 6 Apr 19:37 2014

Geolocation in Raw Imagefiles

Hello all,

I geolocalize all my photos. With raw files I configured digikam to write to 
sidecar files (xmp). This works fine for comments, tags and selection 
criteria. I expected to find the gps coordinates in the xmp file, but that is 
not the case.

I used "image->write meta data to image file" to enforce an update of the meta 
data in the xmp file. The timestamp of the xmp file changes, but gps positions 
are not written to.

With jpg files, digikam writes the gps position to the image file as I have 
checked with exiftool.

Anyhow digikam knows the gps position for the raw image and associates the gps 
positions to the jpg files, which are generated from the raw files. But these 
positions are not written to the image file. Even using the command from the 

I assume the the positions are stored in the database. Is there a easy way to 
read the position from the database by a script? Writing to the image file or 
the xmp file using exiftool is done easily.

Thanks for help