Johannes Kapune | 27 Feb 11:54 2015

DigiKam with MySQL


I'm using DigiKam 4.7.0 on a opensuse 13.1

first I use the SQLite as back end for storing metadata but now I want 
to change to MySQL or MariaDB.

I started the database server but if I try to choose in DigiKam type of 
database I only can choose SQLite.

Do I miss something? I have to prepare something before choosing other 
database than SQLite?

How I can do further tests?

ps -A | grep my
  5533 ?        00:00:00 mysqld_safe
  5764 ?        00:00:01 mysqld
11764 ?        00:05:09 mysqld

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Kim | 25 Feb 16:54 2015

Problems upgrading DigiKam on Linux Mint

I'm running Linux Mint 17.1 (cinnamon), it has DigiKam 4.0.0 but I've 
found it to be very unstable on my laptop and I'm trying to upgrade to a 
newer version.  I have Philip's ppa installed both kubunto backports and 
extras, however it still wont let me install anything newer then version 
4.  Looking at the ppa version 4.7 should be available.
Has anyone had this problem with Mint?  When I'm in the synaptic it 
doesn't show that a DigiKam upgrade is available and if I uninstall the 
current version and refresh it still only gives me version 4.0 as an 
Any ideas how to get an upgraded version?

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Anders Lund | 21 Feb 18:57 2015

Browsing trouble


In recent versions of digikam, I can not browse previews. This is how I use to 
look through my photos, using arrow keys, assigning ratings/flags on the way. 
Not being able to do so is highly inconvenient.

What happens is that after 3-4 images, digikam stops to move the image. The 
file name in the status changes, but the image does not.

Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

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Boudewijn | 21 Feb 15:42 2015

maintenance / rebuilt thumbnails on DK 2.6.0

Hi List,

I could not get rid of thumbnails that were generated for images that my user 
does not have access to anymore. The lack of access is on purpose: they are 
duplicate images in lower resolutions, and I don't want to see them in the 
image list.

Since the thumbnails did not disappear, I started rebuilding the thumbnails 
(tools/maintenance/rebuild thumbnails, I'm not sure about the name of the 
action, since that menu is now grayed out).

The rebuild process has been running for about 20 hours and is now at 50%. Is 
it safe to cancel the remaining 50%, or will it revert to the old state?

Best regards,


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jeff | 16 Feb 10:49 2015

compile instructions unclear

I've been using Digikam for over 10 years and It's been fantastic. Lately, for the past year, it's been unstable, crashing once every 5-8 times I've used it, even with a fresh install of the os and digikam. The latest version under Kbuntu is 4.13. So, I decided to download and compile the latest version rather than relying on Canonical to get up to date. However, on the Digikam website I found this under "Installing a tarball":

Extract the tarball via tar -xvjf filename.bz2, enter the extracted directory and then you need to issue a set of commands. You need to specify an installation prefix. This will be the base path of the installation. To determine the correct path to your KDE installation, use `kde4-config --prefix` and provide it as a parameter for cmake, as shown in the example commands below:

cd build
make install

I'm not sure what to do because it says to use the correct path to the kde4 installation and provide it as a parameter for cmake as shown below. I don't see any use of either cmake or the kde4 path. I also don't understand what 'bootstrap.linux' means.

Could someone please clarify this for me and maybe make it a little clearer on the website.
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cl | 15 Feb 13:55 2015

Re: Is there an XMP/EXIF place to put film type for scanned images?

I know this isn't strictly Digikam but I'm sure there are people here
who have pondered the same question.  Whereabouts in the Digikam
metadata might one store film type, make and speed for scanned images?


Chris Green

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Sjoerd | 13 Feb 21:27 2015

Duplicate photos?

When I do a search on duplicate photo's it returns a list with them in the 
left fuzzy search bar with the amount of duplicates. So far so good, but when 
I delete the duplicates I don't want to keep, the duplicate findings stays the 
same and don't dissapear from the list when just one photo remains?
Is that normal behaviour and so I have to do a find duplicates again to clear 
them (I assume it will then be cleared)?

cl | 11 Feb 18:57 2015

Questions about metadata and databases

I want to be absolutely sure my metadata is always updated in the
image files.  

So, if I go to:-

    Settings->Configure Digikam->Metadata

... and tick all the boxes at the top ('Image Tags', 'Caption and
Title', etc.) does this mean that Digikam always writes these to the
image file?

What are the odd looking graphics next to the text "Write this
Information to the Metadata"? On my systems there's a tiny blue circle
with a very thin box next to it and, underneath that an even tinier
blue spot and a line next to it.

Are the 'Read from Sidecar Files' and 'Write to Sidecar Files' in
addition to writing to the image files or instead?  I.e. do I have to
leave both of these boxes unticked if I want the data in the image

Finally, what format(s) does Digikam use to write the Metadata?  At
the bottom of the Metadata settings it has links which describe EXIF,
IPTC and XMP but it doesn't say which ones it uses.


Chris Green

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Guido von Thun | 6 Feb 10:51 2015

MySQL DB with digikam 4.4 and newer


I had digikam 3.x work (mostly) perfect with MySQL database.

When updateing to digikam 4.4 I found out that some of the albums are 
not shown in the tree allthough the thumbnails are shown correctly.

Hoping this would be corrected in digikam 4.6 I found out that there is 
no more possibility to attach to MySQL! The only option was SQLight.

So I would rather prefer to use a digikam 3.5 with MySQL than a later 
version with SQLight.
Now my question is: Will there be a MySQL Version for 4.x and if not 
where can I download a RPM for Version 3.5 if there will be no MySQL 

My OS are OpenSUSE 13.1 and 13.2.

Thanks for Infos.

Guido von Thun

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Michael Gerdau | 9 Feb 14:20 2015

Crash when exporting Slideshow to Video

Hi list !

I've just tried to export an existing slideshow to video. Unfortunately
digikam just vanishes reliably without saying anything whatsoever when
I click OK in the slideshow export dialog.

What can or should I do to create a more useful bug report ?

I'm on ArchLinux using digiKam Version 4.6.0 Using KDE Development
Platform 4.14.5.

The desktop is plasma.

Best wishes,

 Michael Gerdau       email: mgd@...
 GPG-keys available on request or at public keyserver
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cl | 9 Feb 13:46 2015

How long should digikam take to start first time with ~ 25k images?

I have a picture collection of somewhere around 25000 images (JPEGs

I'm running digikam 4.2 on xubuntu version 14.10.  My system is a
quad-core Intel I5 based system with a fast SATA-III hard disk.

Digikam is taking *ages* to start up.  How long would one expect the
first start-up to take?


Chris Green

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