Jens Benecke | 5 Feb 23:46 2016

XMP sidecar tags to group images


My iPhoto export project (at is 
making progress nicely.
Since iPhoto always saves modifications as "versions" (mostly only a 
single version) I would like to keep this grouping in Digikam.

What tags do I need to write into an XMP sidecar file to preserve the 
grouping of images in Digikam?
Does Digikam support e.g. XMP derivedFrom and if so, what is the right 

Alternatively, what SQL command(s) group(s) images when applied to the 
Digikam database?
This would be a hack but it would be better than nothing.

Thank you!

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Mateusz Konieczny | 4 Feb 16:50 2016

Exporting/importing tagged face database

Is there an existing tool/setting to export/import data created during
face tagging?

I am also willing to create software to do this do documentation where
and how this data is stored also would be useful (though obviously I
prefer to discover that needed software already exists).

I want to create backup of this data. I really would like to
tag faces on my photos and Digikam seems to be currently the best
available tool but I want to avoid lock-in (especially as face tagging
will consume hundreds of hours for my photo collection).

Note that I am not looking for folder with sqlite database file - I
want to export this data to some format that will be easily processed.

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Robert Zeller | 2 Feb 21:56 2016

DK/KF5 vs. DK4.14 : editor --> transform --> resize


I am using DK/KF5 beta 3 and DK 4.14 in parallel. There is one
difference I noticed that in my opinion is a drawback.
When using the image editor in DK/KF5 ---> transform ---> resize there
is only a slider to adjust the size of the image; in DK 4.14 it is
possible to directly key in the size, e.g. 30% . This is much easier
than using the slider to achieve the wanted size. Could the old feature
- to key in directly the percentage - be restored in DK/KF5 ?

Best regards,

Robert Zeller
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Edward Roche | 26 Jan 17:10 2016

Training Faces

Digikam users
I have a large album of photos which I wish to face tag with names. I 
cant seem to get it to work no matter what I try.

Is there any userguide or tutorial where this is shown step by step? I 
can get the faces identified but not recognized automatically.

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Ahmad Samir | 25 Jan 08:16 2016

[DigiKam-users] [digikam] compilation error

Hello guys,

I'm trying to compile DigiKam for the first time but when I type "./bootstrap.linux" in the source code file I get the following error:- 

" ~/dk2$ ./bootstrap.linux
./bootstrap.linux: 14: [: unexpected operator
./bootstrap.linux: 18: [: unexpected operator
Syntax: ./bootstrap.linux [--eclipse]
Run without arguments to create a Unix Makefile project in a build subdir.
Run with '--eclipse' to create an Eclipse IDE project and build source in a parallel directory."

any help? 

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Laurent Hugé | 9 Jan 17:40 2016

How to work on mobility on a copy of database

Hi everybody,

Please be gentle for my English...
I've tried and found an solution for my problem, but I'm beginning to 
wonder if Digikam is able to work in my way (and that could be my end 
with that wonderful tool, sadly)...

At my work, I use to work on Digikam on a powerful computer, enough to 
work fast on pictures.
But for professional reasons, I'm obliged to travel a lot, and I want to 
work on a copy of the Digikam directory (in case my laptop is stolen, of 
course, but also because I use an internal drive at work, which can't be 
To synchronise the two directories, I use Unison, but I think it doesn't 

But I can't propagate the modifications of my database on my computer at 
work : event if the database is copied, it keep displaying the older 
flags and notations...
Googling a while, I've understood that the UUID of the drive is recorded 
in database, but in my case the UUID doesn't change.

Is there's a way to copy the database from one drive to another so that 
Digikam use it correctly ?

Thanks in advance,
Laurent Hugé
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jdd | 30 Jan 18:43 2016

kde comments


Kde applications like Dolphin can write comments on images, but these 
comments are stored in a special location, not in exifs, not in the 
image itself.

but it looks like digikam is not able to read (neither write) these 

could it be possible to have some import module to keep these comments 
in digikam?

may be it's already here and I don't find it?

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Guido von Thun | 27 Jan 12:53 2016

Using MySQL database with different digikam versions

Hi to all,

Does somebody know whether the same MySQL database can be used by 
different digikam versions e. g. version 3.50 and 4.60?
Is there any change in the database structure?

Thanks to all

Guido von Thun

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Jens Benecke | 25 Jan 21:38 2016

Dimensions of processed RAW (Panasonic RW2) incorrect


I am using Digikam 4.14 on Ubunt 14.04 LTS. (I plan on upgrading to 5.0 
as soon as it is available on a LTS Ubuntu version.)
I have many RW2 files taken on my Panasonic Lumix LX3, exported from 
iPhoto (but the images are unmodified).
There is also an exported processed (edited) JPG from iPhoto which shows 
the same image.

exiftool reports both RW2 and JPG dimensions as "3776x2520" (Image Size).
But when I import both into Digikam the dimensions of the RW2 file are 
shown as "3792x2538".

Any idea why?
This is important since my iPhoto exporter also writes XMP sidecars with 
face rectangle data which are shifted when Digikam applies them to the 
RW2 file.


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Sveinn í Felli | 25 Jan 06:42 2016

Digikam UI localization - ambigous string

I want to get your opinion on this string before declaring a bug:

#2099: "Could not move folder %1 only copied to album %2"

What does this mean ?
That the folder %1 could not be moved [but] was [instead] only copied to 
album %2 ?
Wasi it the folder or its contents that were only copied to album %2 ?

Best regards,

Sveinn í Felli
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Joshua Gentry | 24 Jan 03:08 2016

No preview in the File Already Exists dialog

In previous versions of Digikam when the "File Already Exists" dialog would come up, I would see 2 preview images of both the source an destination image.  

At some point this stopped happening.  Was that feature removed?  

I first saw this on Linux Mint with Digikam 4.0.0 and just assumed it was because my desktop was XFCE and there was some sort of conflict with KDE. Recently I installed a clean Arch Linux with a full blown KDE plasma desktop and Digikam 4.14.0 and I'm still not seeing the previews.

So was the feature removed?  Or is there some bug?
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