James | 16 Sep 19:30 2014

Viewing PDF's in Adobe reader VS Embedded Web Browser.


     When I use Firefox and view a PDF file. The file displays correctly 
from within the browser. With Internet Explorer 11 I get a spinning 
circle from within the browser.  Can I force Roundcube to display the 
file outside the browser with Adobe Reader? My work around is to choose 
download then open to view. Thanks.


CentOS 6.5 Kolab 3.3
James | 16 Sep 17:10 2014

Issue with Accepting Task


     When I add a start and due date to a task. I receive the following 
error message upon acceptance.

104:   todo.start().isDateOnly() != todo.due().isDateOnly()

Located message in the httpd 'error_log'  file. If I omit the dates 
everything works fine. Any ideas? Thanks.


CentOS 6.5 Kolab 3.3

Working sample for API call please


I am trying to call system.authenticate to get the session token without 
good result.

I always get error 500 or 403 because documentation is not helping 
without a sample and I tried many things.

I tried to work with this without success:


Do you have a working sample of php or other language that calls the api 
succesfully ?

Thanks in advance.

ray h | 16 Sep 07:20 2014



centos 7 kolab 3.3 headless

where is the 389 admin server? do i do a separate install? can't find it in
yum though?

i was trying to access the server remotely and it says server is not running.

i don't see it in the services list, only the 389 directory server.

Nathanael D. Noblet | 15 Sep 19:15 2014

HTTP fails to reload


  So I run a handful of servers using Apache httpd. None of them seem to
have issues except for the one where kolab is installed. The servers are
all CentOS 6. Running either service httpd reload|graceful results in a
dead httpd. restart works fine. 

  I'm starting to try to figure out what's going on but thought I would
post and see if anyone here using CentOS 6 and experienced the same.


Martial Paupe | 15 Sep 11:20 2014

upgrade from 3.2 to 3.3 problem

Hello list,

I've got this following error after upgrading kolob 3.2 to 3.3.

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method Attendee::email() in 
/usr/share/roundcubemail/plugins/libkolab/lib/kolab_format_xcal.php on 
line 243,

Did I do something wrong ?


Meilleures salutions

Martial Paupe
Enrico Tagliavini | 15 Sep 09:59 2014

Roundcube performance

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anybody has some suggestion on how to make roundcube in kolab 3.2 (and 3.3 as well since I plan to upgrade before Christmas I hope) a little bit faster.

Prologue: in kolab 3.0 and 3.1 roundcube was not very fast.... but still acceptable. Updated to kolab 3.2 and, while roundcube interface is better, prettier than before it is also slower (no idea if updat of cyrus imap can be blamed as well but I don't think so). Slower to the point of being annoying.

My config: this is a 3 users system, nothing big. spool/imap is about 118 MB with about 12000 files. I first installed this with kolab 3.0 a couple of years ago and updated it as new releases where coming out. The system runs on a VM, with 2 vcores and 3 GB of ram. The host is under my direct control and fr the reference it is a SYS from OVH. Host processor is a Xeon E3-1225 with 32 GB of ram, with an average use of cpu time under 5% according to munin. The 2 hard drives are in software raid one on the host, and the disk image for the kolab VM is an LVM logical volume passed directly to the VM. The hypervisor is KVM, OS is CentOS 6.5 both on host and guest. The file system for the imap folders is the same has /, with stock ext4 options. For such a small spool I don't think separating it would make much difference, but feel free to correct me and suggest better settings.

To quantify slow in roundcube I would say that opening an uncached message takes an average time of 2-4 seconds (according to firefox network console / firebug), refresh can take even more sometimes. Switching folder is the same. In some rare cases some operation can reach 10 seconds, but this is quite rare. This is not network latency since it happens also from work networks. From work I have access to two networks, one is a 100 mbit eth, the second is 1gbit eth. Average latency to my server is about 13ms ± 0.2, measured with both ping (average in 50 samplings) and mtr.

I have no clue what could be the bottleneck, the only symptom I can see, other than the slow speed, is a lot of I/O wait in the kolab VM, likely from imapd. Munin confirms that from kolab 3.1 to kolab 3.2 the cpu I/O wait time increased quite a bit. I would roughly say it is doubled, from ~2% to 3-4%. But it is hard to say since the values are small. Anyway I can see the I/O wait clearly with htop while refreshing or opening uncached messages. I can't be sure if this I/O is from disk or from network. For both I use virtio. For the disk I switched to virtio SCSI just to see if it was making any difference.

So far I've tried to add imapproxy between roundcube and cyrus-imap. I had to do some odd config here since roundcube will refuse to connect to anything else that localhost:143, ignoring whatever I put into the config file (I tried to put imapproxy on 144 at the beginning, this bug has been reported in roundcube in the past already). So I moved cyrus-imap and bound it to the external IP only and got imapproxy on only.

With imapproxy the roundcube performance increase dramatically, but unfortunately the unread messages display is broken. The unread message cunt on the left is correct, but I have to force the view to unread messages only to actually be able to see them. Just opening a folder with uncached unread messages lists only the cached one (what you already read) :(. I've tried to disable caching in roudcube, both for messages and imap, the result seem the same oddly. I'll keep it disabled for a while and see if the behaviour changes. I saw an old bug report for roundcube describing this behaviour, but can't find it again right now... sorry.

So my question is what can I do to speed up roundcube a bit without breaking it.

Also, as a suggestion to Kolab developers: I think investigating the possibility of adding imap proxy caching to kolab would be very worth it, if you didn't already. Performance gain is massive. Provided it doesn't break roundcube itself like in my case of course. I'm not aware of any other imap proxy other than the squirrel mail one.... tried with nginx but it want to do fancy stuff for the authentication so I didn't even tried it.

Thank you.
Best regards

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users <at> lists.kolab.org
Daniel Hoffend | 15 Sep 00:33 2014

Updates for Kolab 3.3 on Ubuntu and Debian

Hello everyone

Just to let you know: I've updated the Kolab 3.3 Packages for Ubuntu 
14.04 (and Debian) users. After Ubuntu users had quite some trouble in 
the beginning, you should now be able to create a new kolab system 
fairly quickly without running into the often reported problems.

The most important packaging change (and that's why I address this to 
the Debian users as well) in Ubuntu 14.04 was that the apache2 sites 
configuration had to be renamed from "roundcubemail" to 
"roundcubemail.conf" (#2878). To not break existing (Debian) 
installations during an upgrade those configuration files will be 
renamed apache2 sites disabled/enabled.

Additionally the setup-kolab mysql.initial bug (#2811) has been fixed 
(at least in the package) and packaged.

My ubuntu 14.04 test installation and debian7 upgrade (no big 
modifications) went without problems.

P.S. if apache2 isn't running after the upgrade ... that's a known bug 
(#2050), just restart it or apply the workaround fix.

P.P.S. there's still one patch that we Debian/Ubuntu users are lacking 
behind the CentOS users. CentOS RPMs have the Cross-Site-Request-Forgery 
patch applied on the roundcubemail RPM. I could easily add this patch to 
the existing debian/ubuntu packages but this could break existing 3.3 
installations for those who have customized their configuration (due to 
url changes). I'm tempted to ignore the CSRF Patch until the next 
release and only push fixes. Any thoughts?

Daniel Hoffend
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administrator | 13 Sep 16:57 2014

Notes in Outlook 2013

Has anyone gotten notes to sync with outlook 2013 via eas and kolab 3.3?  Emails, contacts, tasks and
calendars all sync fine. Also notes sync fine on my iPhone so I know eas is capable of syncing notes on my



Sent from my iPhone
Henning | 13 Sep 16:03 2014

Packaging Kolab 3.3 for Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS

Hi Andreas,

I just read that you packaged Kolab 3.3 for the rpi (debian-version?).
May I ask you to do this for ubuntu server 14.04 as well? There are
still problems with dependencies, that have to be resolved. I think for
many people, this could be a reason not to use kolab at all.

And there are lots of server admins (including me) that choose Ubuntu
Server LTS over Debian, because of it's longer support cycle.

best regards,
Tobias Brunner | 13 Sep 11:03 2014

Replace setup-kolab with Puppet

Hi everyone,

In my opinion the tasks which are done by setup-kolab should be done by 
a configuration management tool like Puppet. Is someone working on such 
a replacement? Are there already any usable Puppet modules available for 
managing Kolab 3?