Jan Kowalsky | 3 Jul 23:53 2015

wallace only on submission

Hi all,

I'm a little bit confused about the mail flow with amavis and wallace.
As described in https://docs.kolab.org/upgrade-guide/kolab-3.3.html the
mail flow is:

  postfix recieves mail on 25/578 -> amavis -> wallace -> postfix

configured with     inet        n       -       n       -       100
    -o cleanup_service_name=cleanup_internal
    -o content_filter=smtp-wallace:[]:10026
    -o local_recipient_maps=

and activated the footer module in wallace results for me in an footer
on each _incoming_ mail - which is not what I want ;-).

In my understanding wallace is meant to be an content filter for
internal and outgoing email. In which case we need it for incoming mails?

I use amavis as a proxy_filter which means to enable amavis and wallace
for submission i need a additional configuration:

submission          inet        n       -       n       -       -
    -o cleanup_service_name=cleanup_submission
    -o syslog_name=postfix/submission
    -o smtpd_tls_security_level=encrypt
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Jan Kowalsky | 3 Jul 22:48 2015

wallace and multidomain

Hi all,

I'm searching around for multi-domain (isolated domains) support of the
wallace module but can not find much information.

While it should be possible to configure the domain-specific invitation
policy for events (I haven't tried successfully), I found no information
e.g. about domain specific footers.

Any of you know's if it's possible to configure?

It would be nice to use different wallace modules only with specific
domains. I'm playing around with the gnupg-encryption module of wallace
and looking for a possibility to enable this only for some domains.

Thanks and Kind Regards
Gustav Spellauge | 3 Jul 14:39 2015

calendar permissions


is it possible to change calendar permissions according to the privacy
state (public,private,confidential) of an event?

are there any predefined visibility rules/permissions?

tia, gustav
Gustav Spellauge | 3 Jul 13:42 2015

permissions and groups


how is it possible for a user to grant permissens on one of his objects
(mails, addressbooks, .., tasks) to a group of users.

- created a group 'testers' containing 3 users using kolab-webadmin

one of our users tries to grant access to his addressbook:
- he clicks the +-sign, ticks the user-option and enters testers into
the imput field, testers is displayed prefixed by the group symbol in
the selection box
- he selects testers and the content of user input field chages to
- when he clicks the save-button an errorbox with the string 'Unable to
add access rights' is displayed. changing group:testers,to group:testers
(without the ,) does not help.

is there anthing i cold do to fix this.

tia, gustav
Alvin | 1 Jul 14:33 2015

Can't find setting for trusted networks or hosts

Hello list,

I'm looking for the setting to allow hosts in certain networks to submit mails 
without authentication. This used to be possible with the admin web interface 
in Kolab 2, but I can't find it in 3.4.

There's a 'mynetworks' setting in /etc/postfix/main.cf, but adding networks to 
that line does not seem to be enough.
Alvin | 1 Jul 13:07 2015

mails to local root user

Kolab 3.4 on CentOS 7.1
All components on the same server

There is a shared folder 'root', and it is possible to send mails to that 
shared folder. However, how do I make sure that mails to the local root user 
also arrive in that shared folder?

By default, these mails arrive in /var/mail/root
Sven Gehr | 30 Jun 11:34 2015

ubuntu-touch, contact photos via carddav

Hi <at> all,

I have bind my ubuntu-touch (15.04r2 on nexus 5) to my kolab (3.4 / 
debian 8) server. For Mails I use IMAP and calendar / addressbook work 
with card/cad - dav.

I have no long-time-experience with this solution but it seems to be 
work. The only thing I miss are my contact-photos. I have store it in my 
roundcubemail and my android-clients (activesync) sync the photos.

On my ubuntu-touch no photos wre synced. Is carddav general capable to 
sync photos and this is a problem on ubuntu-touch?


Viele Grüße

users mailing list
users <at> lists.kolab.org
Bruno | 29 Jun 14:50 2015

What are the differences between the different groups?

Hi everybody,

What are the differences between the groups:
- (Pure) POSIX Group
- Kolab Distribution Group (Dynamic)
- Kolab Distribution Group (Static)
- Mail-enabled POSIX Group
- Simple Group (Static)

Thanks in advance,
Gustav Spellauge | 29 Jun 13:24 2015

kolab-3.4: how to configure a multiple bookable resource?


i am looking for a way to configure a resource in a way that it can be
booked multiple times and grant automatically. (e.g. vacation, so that
everybody can see who is on vacation).

my config:
modules = resources, invitationpolicy, footer
footer_text = /etc/kolab/footer.text
footer_html = /etc/kolab/footer.html
kolab_invitation_policy = ALL_MANUAL:domain.tld, ALL_UPADTE:domain.tld
invitationpolicy_autoupdate_other_attendees_on_reply = true
resource_calendar_expire_days = 100

and the recource vacation has the ldap-attribute kolabInvitationPolicy =

this configuration does not work: the first booking request is granted
and all subsequent requests for the same time intervall are declined.

what did i miss?

gustav (still evaluating kolab)
McDade, Andy | 29 Jun 13:10 2015

FIles not working


Hi, I have installed Kolab from the Centos repository on a Centos 7 vm. I've been through the standard setup and mail is working OK. Calendars sem to be working OK.

If I choose "Files" from the taskmenu, there is no content, and the upload etc. buttons are greyed out. If I go to http://myurl/chwala, I can see files and upload/download as usual. There is nothing in /var/log/chwala.

In /var/log/iRony I see this error over and over, but not sure if it related as iRony is for CalDav, but I grepped everywhere for "chwala" and this was about the only place it was mentioned. I have removed my email and URL from the log snippet.


[29-Jun-2015 12:02:27,000000 +0100]: DB Error: [1146] Table 'roundcube.chwala_locks' doesn't exist (SQL Query: SELECT * FROM `chwala_locks` WHERE (`uri` = 'imap://x.x%40url.url <at> localhost/calendars/x.x <at> url.url/5f8f3d93-7692-41b5-ae31-f9390a0c3b60/97c840a3-c2f6-41f2-aa24-d080262ad46c.ics' OR `uri` LIKE 'imap://x.x%40url.url <at> localhost/calendars/x.x <at> url.url/5f8f3d93-7692-41b5-ae31-f9390a0c3b60/97c840a3-c2f6-41f2-aa24-d080262ad46c.ics/%' OR (`uri` IN ('imap://x.x%40url.url <at> localhost/calendars','imap://x.x%40url.url <at> localhost/calendars/x.x <at> url.url','imap://x.x%40url.url <at> localhost/calendars/x.x <at> url.url/5f8f3d93-7692-41b5-ae31-f9390a0c3b60') AND `depth` <> 0)) AND `expires` > now()) in /usr/share/roundcubemail/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_db.php on line 543 (DELETE /iRony/calendars/x.x%40url.url/5f8f3d93-7692-41b5-ae31-f9390a0c3b60/97c840a3-c2f6-41f2-aa24-d080262ad46c.ics)

from kolab


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g.spellauge | 28 Jun 20:41 2015

kolab-3.4 - ../kolab-webadmin -> settings


whenever i save (submit) an existing resource type (eg car, conference 
room)  it will no longer be possible to create an object of this type 
because the name field will not be editable.

when i change the attribute cn value from 'generated (read-only' to 
'normal', it is possible to create a resource of this type - the field 
'name' is editable but the field 'TargetFolder' will not be updated 
according to the entere resource name (it stays 
shared/Resources/ <at> name.tld) while the field 'mail-address' is updated 

is there anything i missed?

thanks in advance for any answer.