Trogdor Wasaman | 24 Apr 13:30 2015

WebAdmin Access

If you don't setup LDAP (using another, pre-existing LDAP system), how does one setup the WebAdmin portion? There is no access for the cn=Directory Manager user for the first login. Where can I grant admin access for a different user?
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Christian Gonthier | 23 Apr 15:08 2015

SMTP Relay problem


I have installed kolab 3.4 on debian.


I have a domain( and I wish relay mail on my ISP(

I have put :587 but I cannot found how to set user, pass, encryption.

Can you help me please.



Christian Gonthier
Rue du Jura 2
CH - 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
+41 78 686 47 53


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Shaw, Brian | 23 Apr 23:36 2015

Issues upgrading from 3.1 -> 3.4

Hello all,

  I'm currently running 3.1 but, I need to upgrade so, I am building a new 3.4 machine running on CentOS 6.6.

  I copied over /var/spool/imap to the new machine and ran reconstruct as the Cyrus user so I can now see my inbox.

  Unfortunately, I cannot see any of my other folders, my address books, or my calendars.

  Does anybody know what I might have screwed up?

  Thank you for any guidance.




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Ed Huott | 23 Apr 21:38 2015

Birthdays Calendar iCal Feed Strangeness in Kolab 3.4


The iCal feed for the built-in Birthdays calendar is behaving strangely 
for me. When I download the iCal file from the  URL obtained in 
Roundcube Calendar, it contains birthday events of all my contacts for 
the current month, but the event start (DTSTART) year is set to 2025 in 
virtually all cases*. This means that no events show up when I import 
this information into my (Thunderbird/Lightning) calendar! (* I have 
only found one case so far where the DTSTART year is 2014 and I can't 
explain why.)

Could this be an unreported bug? Is there some explanation for this 
behavior that I am missing? (I can assure you, there are no contacts in 
my Personal Contacts address book with birth dates in the future!)

Would it be possible to program this feed so that the event start date 
was the actual birth date of the person with an annual repetition set? 
It seems to me this might be a better approach, no?

I am a newbie to Kolab. I'm working on my first installation of the 
Kolab 3.4 community edition on a Debian 8 (jessie) system. So far, it's 
working pretty well apart from a few minor hiccups getting used to the 
way things work.

Any help or suggestions you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Ed Huott
Stelios A. | 21 Apr 15:01 2015

Move spam to junk folder?

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out how to move all emails that marked as spam/junk under Roundcube junk folder.
At the moment none is getting there, they are just bounced.

Example from logs:

2015 Apr 21 05:25:08 kolab1 amavis[31950]: (31950-08) Blocked SPAM {BouncedInbound,Quarantined}, []:1041 [] <email1 <at>> -> <stelios <at>>, quarantine: a/spam-asuWOF6L9qka.gz, Queue-ID: 4A2A739A6001, Message-ID: <001801d07c15$04a40580$0dec1080$ <at>>, mail_id: asuWOF6L9qka, Hits: 7.205, size: 214699, 5701 ms  
The email email1 <at> was not a spam at all and never received it.
If it was in junk folder at least I would have a check.

Any help is much appreciated.

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hede | 21 Apr 11:37 2015

Kolab on Arm


I'm using Kolab 3 on my little ARM Embedded Board since some time now. Debian armhf userland on Wandboard.
Kolab compiled from Sources available at [1]. First I had to stay with Cyrus 2.4 because Cyrus 2.5 was
faulty on arm, but now I'm using Cyrus 2.5 for some weeks and everything seems to be fine so far (simple bug
fix, reported upstream). 

Thanks to all.


Torsten Grote | 21 Apr 05:18 2015

Kolab Summit 2015 - May 2-3 in The Hague

Dear Kolab Community,

I would like to invite you to the upcoming Kolab Summit in The Hague. Join us 
for two days packed with talks, code sprints and social events!

An amazing preliminary schedule is already available on the Summit homepage:

Some highlights from the schedule include:

  - Friedrich Kossebau from WebODF about *real-time document collaboration*

  - Bron Gondwana on *Cyrus IMAPd past, current & future* (Cyrus 3 sneak peak)

  - Patrick Ben on *Securing Security with DANE*

  - Michael Meeks from LibreOffice on *document editing within Kolab*

  - Julien Zentyal about *The rise of Exchange FLOSS server*

  - Michael Boelen about *Hardening your linux (groupware) server* 

  - Timotheus Pokorra on *nightly builds and tests with OBS & LBS*

  - Jeroen van Meeuwen about *Kolab Configuration Kung-Fu*

Lead Kolab developers and architects will be on-hand along with many others 
from the broader ecosystem of software projects that Kolab helped grow and 
participates in. Learn how to participate in the Kolab Community. Meet the 
architect behind the solution, and learn from best practices in how to deploy 
and support Kolab installations at size.

These two intense days focused on the future of free, secure and open 
Kolaboration will be co-located with the openSUSE Conference 2015 providing 
you with a unique opportunity to mix, mingle, and share.

If you don't want to miss this great opportunity, please register your 
participation here:

Kind Regards,


Torsten Grote Community Manager

e: torsten <at>

pgp: 0x2175A534A4F2EFA3 | 20 Apr 18:18 2015

Extract CSV from a shared contacts folder by command line

Hi! May ask you a thing? I have the need to create a CSV from a contact shared folder every n days, so I would like to cron-ize it, but I need a script to do this.

I've seen that the files are simple XML, it shouldn't be hard to create this script, but if there is some already made script it would be great. Thank you!

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Janszen, Josh | 20 Apr 16:06 2015

Kolab 3.4 CentOS 6 HTTPD Sig Fault


I am having an issue where every week my HTTPD service goes down and 
does not come back up. I am getting the following message in the error 

[notice] seg fault or similar nasty error detected in the parent 

I found this link, which looks to be similar to my issue but I do not 
have that location for the PHP file

I have also read it could be an issue with the log rotations, which 
sounds right because there are only two other lines in the log file 
aside from the one above when this issue occurs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Daniel Helgenberger | 20 Apr 07:28 2015

Setting up email access lists


I am trying to set up access restrictions form outside mail to certain distribution groups.
My problem: I do not seem
to be able to figure out what to set the group's "sender access list" and "recipient list" to. 

Can anyone point me to the docs? 
Can I just input some regex? What might be the delimiter?

Or, for instance, how to set a mail group in a way it is accessible from senders of internal domains only?

Daniel Helgenberger 
m box bewegtbild GmbH 

P: +49/30/2408781-22
F: +49/30/2408781-10
D-10115 BERLIN 
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Henning | 19 Apr 20:23 2015

roundcubemail update broke nginx setup


I just upgraded my kolab 3.3->3.4 server, which is now running 
roundcubemail 1:1.1.0-0~kolab7 with a nginx server. Unfortunately this 
broke my nginx setup. In the apache config (functional), there are some 
new rewrite and expire directives, which I tried to include in my setup 
(below). Please help me out with this.

After login, which is successful, I get a "not found" error message on

If I try to access manually, the error message is

Access to this service was denied due to failing security checks!

Click here to try again. <<--

The config section for roundcubemail and nginx is this:

     ## Kolab Webclient
     location /roundcubemail {
         index index.php;
         alias //usr/share/roundcubemail;

         client_max_body_size 30M; # set maximum upload size for mail 
         # NEW
         location /roundcubemail/public_html {
             if ($query_string ~ "^/(roundcubemail|webmail)"){
                 rewrite "^[a-f0-9]{16}/(.*)" /%/$1 break;

         location /roundcubemail/assets {
             expires 50h;
             gzip off;
         # END OF NEW

         # Deny all attempts to access hidden files such as .htaccess, 
.htpasswd, .DS_Store (Mac).
         location ~ 
             deny all;

         location ~ ^/roundcubemail/(bin|SQL|config|logs)/ {
             deny all;

         location ~ 
^/roundcubemail/program/(include|lib|localization|steps)/ {
             deny all;

         # enable php
         location ~ \.php$ {
                 fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.+)$;
                 fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock;
                 fastcgi_index index.php;
                 include fastcgi_params;
                 fastcgi_param PHP_ADMIN_VALUE "session.gc_probability=1";

Best regards,