Thomas Weyers | 23 Oct 09:49 2014


Hi all together,

I'm running a fresh Kolab install on a Debian 7.6 system. All seems to work fine, except Freebusy. Indeed, when I try to find free availabilities about participants of meetings all always green and I see following error in "normal" log :

imap.WARNING: Failed to connect to IMAP server: -1

with loglevel 100 I get the following :

[2014-10-23 09:22:41] imap.WARNING: Failed to connect to IMAP server: -1 {"scheme":"imap","host":"localhost","port":143,"user":"second.test <at>","pass":"xxxxx","path":"/","query":"proxy_auth=cyrus-admin","url":"imap:// <at> localhost:143/?proxy_auth=cyrus-admin","type":"ldap","bind_dn":"uid=kolab-service,ou=Special Users,dc=mnhn,dc=fr","bind_pw":"xxxxxxx","base_dn":"dc=mnhn,dc=fr","filter":"(&(objectClass=kolabInetOrgPerson)(|(mail=second.test <at> <at>","attributes[]":"mail","lc_attributes[]":"mail","fbsource":"imap:// <at> localhost:143/?proxy_auth=cyrus-admin","loglevel":"100","cacheto":"/var/cache/kolab-freebusy/second.test <at>","expires":"15m","lc_attributes":"mail","attributes":"mail","mail_attributes":"mail","proxy_auth":"cyrus-admin"} []
[2014-10-23 09:22:41] ldap.DEBUG: C: Connect [localhost:389] [] []
[2014-10-23 09:22:41] ldap.DEBUG: S: OK [] []
[2014-10-23 09:22:41] ldap.DEBUG: C: Bind [dn: uid=kolab-service,ou=Special Users,dc=mnhn,dc=fr] [] []
[2014-10-23 09:22:41] ldap.DEBUG: S: OK [] []
[2014-10-23 09:22:41] ldap.INFO: Connected to ldap://localhost:389 with 'uid=kolab-service,ou=Special Users,dc=mnhn,dc=fr' [] []
[2014-10-23 09:22:41] ldap.DEBUG: C: Search base dn: [ou=Resources,dc=mnhn,dc=fr] scope [sub] with filter [(&(objectClass=kolabsharedfolder)(kolabfoldertype=event)(mail=second.test <at>] [] []
[2014-10-23 09:22:41] ldap.DEBUG: Using function ldap_search on scope sub ($ns_function is ldap_search) [] []
[2014-10-23 09:22:41] ldap.DEBUG: C: (Without VLV) Setting a filter of (&(objectClass=kolabsharedfolder)(kolabfoldertype=event)(mail=second.test <at> [] []
[2014-10-23 09:22:41] ldap.DEBUG: Executing search with return attributes: array (
  0 => 'mail',
  1 => 'kolabtargetfolder',
) [] []

My first investigations showed me the there were some folders missing (lib/cache) so I created them.But nothing changed

any hints of what to do ?

Kind Regards,

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dsp3 | 22 Oct 23:13 2014

Re: Poodle and Kolab

Have you tried listing the individual ciphers in order? Try the 

On 2014-10-22 22:12, Martin Teufel wrote:
> Please help a "Junior" kolab admin: which value should I assign to
> tls_cipher_list in imapd.conf?
> Thanks
> Martin
Nick Wiltshire | 22 Oct 22:48 2014

ldap login pop up

Hi All,

I'm using Kontact under a Gentoo install to connect with my Kolab 3.3 install 
on Cent 6.5

Every time I start typing an address in the "To:" field of a new email I get a 
popup from Kontact asking for a user name and password to connect to my ldap 

I know enough about ldapsearch to barely be dangerous, but I can tell I am 
able to connect to the server and I can get it to reply " matched DN: 

If anyone has any insight, it'd be appreciated.
Alan Miller | 21 Oct 09:35 2014

Best way to migrate from Kolab 3.0 to 3.3?

I have a single-site, single-server installation still running on Kolab 
3.0 on CentOS, and I'd like to look at moving them up to 3.3. Rather 
than doing an upgrade (or 2 or more upgrades) given the changes between 
the versions, would I be better off setting up a new 3.3 server and 
recreating the accounts, then using imapsync to pull everything across? 
I do have (or can get) all of the relevant passwords and already have 
the imapsync mostly scripted from when they first moved onto Kolab.

Thanks for any suggestions,
Henning | 20 Oct 18:34 2014

Re: template

Hi Marco!

But you run setup-kolab as root, right? If you do that, and are not changed?

Anyway, setup-kolab is NOT intended to run multiple times and may fail then.
However, there was a rollback script for CentOS, but I'm not able to
find it now.
I'm not sure what counts as "virgin system" for setup-kolab and makes it
work, but there is something radical as

Maybe the developers could provide us with information on the "virginity".

Personally, I run setup-kolab and then adjust postfix to match my actual
environment. The setup-script does a great job by setting up the
LDAP-server and all the lookups in postfix, saslauthd and so on.

Marco Zanon | 20 Oct 14:22 2014

Re: Subfolder Adressing for shared folders in Kolab 3.3 - 550-Mailbox unknown

(reposting to the list)

Hi Thomas,

> I tried, but get now directly in smtpd
> 550 5.1.1 <kolab+shared.list.kolab/kolab-users <at> 
> In my former approaches mail got processed by amavis and rejected by lmtp.

from what I read in the document you pointed out, this sounds ok to me, 
just see Problems > Posting to shared folders:
"As described on this page anyone from the outside may send emails 
directly to the shared folder by using the special syntax 
kolab+shared.foldername <at> (given that you provided the 
anonymous or anyone user with post access rights for the shared folder 
This does not work out of the box at the moment. If you send mail to a 
shared folder with the correct access rights you will probably receive 
the message "service unavailable: Command output: Failed to set 
recipient: Invalid response code received from server, code 550"
The problem is that when the folder is created, there is no virtual 
mapping for any address to that mailbox in postfix. The mailbox is 
sitting there, and you can access it via cyrus in a mail client. Move 
messages in and out etc. But when you send mail to it postfix can not 
find a user for that address. So to get around this, we add a new Vcard 
for the address : kolab+shared.foldername <at> That way there 
is a virtual mapping available for that address and mails should get 
delivered to this address."

so maybe you could try opening kolab-webadmin and adding a Contact named 
kolab+shared.list.kolab/kolab-users <at> mydomain...


Marco Zanon
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Thomas Baumann | 20 Oct 10:49 2014

Subfolder Adressing for shared folders in Kolab 3.3 - 550-Mailbox unknown

Hello list,

how can I directly post to a subfolder of a shared folder?


I have following structure


And I want to post directly to "shared/list.kolab/kolab-users".

When I do a mail to list.kolab+kolab-users <at> mydomain then this mail gets processed by postfix and amavis, but gets rejected by lmtp while it was expanded to <shared+shared/list.kolab+kolab-users <at> mydomain>.

Oct 20 10:35:36 mail postfix/lmtp[19965]: 869B78415D: to=<shared+shared/list.kolab+kolab-users <at> mail.mydomain>,[/var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp], delay=0.07, delays=0.03/0.02/0/0.03, dsn=5.1.1, status=bounced (host mail.mydomain[/var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp] said: 550-Mailbox unknown.  Either there is no mailbox associated with this 550-name or you do not have authorization to see it. 550 5.1.1 User unknown (in reply to RCPT TO command))

Hope somebody can give me a hint, how to directly post into the subfolder.

Best regards, and thanks for your help in advance,

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Martin Schmid | 20 Oct 10:01 2014

Poodle and Kolab

Hi Guys,

i want to protect kolab ago poodle. My problem to protect my cyrus-imapd.
I've tried to add these lines in my imapd.conf, but after i restart the 
cyrus deamon my kolab and iphones didn't work.

  tls_cipher_list: TLSv1:!SSLv2:!SSLv3:!NULL:!EXPORT:!DES: <at> STRENGTH
dsp3 | 18 Oct 18:13 2014

Re: Default folder permissions

I found the answer here:

Running /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/reconstruct -r -f mailboxname fixed this 
problem on CentOS
dsp3 | 18 Oct 14:29 2014

Default folder permissions

I have 2 users experiencing the same issue. They can send messages, but 
they will not be saved to the default folders as defined in roundcube 
(error - can't save). If they create new folders and delegate them for 
'sent' then messages are saved to the new locations. Same with 
calendars, until a new one is created, no new events. They are also 
unable to view the contents of their inboxes. 'kolab list-mailboxes' 
shows that they exist - indeed they can be seen in roundcube.

Creating a new user via Webadmin does not suffer from this behaviour, so 
that leads me to believe that it is related only to these 2 users and is 
permissions related to the default mailstore directories. However, 
comparing these to a good user, shows no differences: "drwx------ 2 
cyrus mail" for sent, for example.
Any help on how to debug this appreciated.


info <at>
Marco Zanon | 16 Oct 15:11 2014 template


I'm not able to find the template: it should be under 
/usr/share/kolab/templates (I'm running the latest Kolab on Debian), but 
I only find a few files including, but not
Was it "deprecated" and excluded from kolab-conf?


Marco Zanon
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