Anne-Marie Mahfouf | 1 Apr 02:47 2005

Re: Fonts in a KDE application

On March 31, 2005 05:24 pm, Kurt V. Hindenburg wrote:
> On Thursday 31 March 2005 10:03 am, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> | Hi all,
> |
> | For KDE-Edu fancyness we would like to use specific fonts in some
> | applications. We are thinking in making the install the new
> | font (it's very easy and the user can install it locally or system-wide).
> Not to hijack this thread as I'm not sure if Anne-Marie was asking about
> this exactly, but in Konsole we install the console bitmap font in
> $KDEDIR/share/fonts.  In order for those fonts to show up in the
> KFontDialog, the user must first install them via KControl->System
> Administor->Font Installer (I've thrown up simple instruction on
>  Is there a way to automatic at installation time or at
> KDE init?
My question was in 2 parts, one is cleared about freedom and the GPL. The 
other is about the install.
We thought we would install it with the following in the (in a 
fonts subdir)
install: font_name.ttf
	kfmclient copy font_name.ttf fonts:/

It works well for our purpose (I was quite amazed by the easiness and the neat 
dialogue, very friendly in my opinion) and then the font is called in the 
program (if it's not there, Qt will default it to something else). The font 
can also be used from any KDE font dialog. No need to be root if you install 
in Personal.
But packagers (we had a nice debate on IRC) pointed out that for building RPMs 
it's not the best so we'll have to see how to do it. For packagers, it would 
be easier to make a separate font package. For example kdeedu-fonts.
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