Arthur Titeica | 18 Jul 22:58 2011

[kde-artists] [Bug 264572] Kmail2 background in KDE 4.6.

--- Comment #9 from Arthur Titeica <arthur titeica gmail com>  2011-07-18 20:58:43 ---
KDE 4.7 RC2 with KDEPIM 4.6.1 and this annoying background is still there.


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Ruslan Kabatsayev | 30 Jul 01:25 2011

[kde-artists] [Bug 275872] KDE theme OK button missing a corner in Chrome

Ruslan Kabatsayev <b7.10110111 <at>> changed:

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George Kiagiadakis | 7 Jul 19:51 2011

[kde-artists] telepathy-kde icons

Hello KDE artists,

A few weeks ago I was looking at the icons that we ship in
telepathy-kde and noticed some problems that need some coordination
with you in order to fix properly. You can read [1] for background,
but I will try to summarize the points again here.

1) In telepathy-kde we depend on certain icons, namely the
"kde-telepathy" one and the "im-*" ones. Since we cannot rely on the
users using the oxygen icon theme, we need to provide these icons
ourselves installed in the hicolor icon theme. Some of these icons are
now provided by oxygen and have a completely new style, some others
are taken from kopete. I have made a table here [2] summarizing what
icons are out there, fyi. The question is, which icons should we ship
with tp-kde? Should we ship the icons from oxygen + the missing ones
from kopete? Or should we ship the ones from kopete only and let the
oxygen icons be extra? Any opinions? (Note that neither set contains
all the icons that we need, so some merging will happen anyway)

2) The "kde-telepathy" icon name is a bad name. I guess you already
know that dashes in icon names are like path separators that create
groups. The problem is that when the kde-telepathy icon is not
installed, the icon loader code removes "-telepathy" and tries "kde"
as the second possible icon name, which resolves to the kde logo icon.
I would prefer it if the name was "telepathy-kde", which in case it
doesn't exist will fall back to "telepathy", which is a more suitable
icon for this case (it doesn't really exist, but if it existed, it
would be a better choice than "kde"). So, how about renaming it?

3) The icon name that our gadu-gadu connection managers request is
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Robby Stephenson | 3 Jul 23:27 2011

[kde-artists] icon for overwrite action


I'm writing about which (if any) icon should be used for an overwrite 
action, when saving a file over an existing file. I know Kate doesn't seem to 
use an icon for the overwrite button in the dialog that comes up. I was also 
trying to figure out if there was an exisiting icon somewhere I could use in 
Tellico for the same action.

If there is no current icon, and I guess maybe the freedesktop spec doesn't 
call out one, could perhaps I request one? And maybe a KStandardAction to go 
along with it? In the mean time, might there be a particular icon that seems 
appropriate to mis-use, so to speak?

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