Sam Duff | 1 Aug 01:39 2008

Re: [kde-artists] KDE4: Menu problems

Thanks for the replies Stephen, and the words of wisdom James.

In terms of programming, I make a point of spending more time finding out the best way to do something than jumping in and writing something that is unmaintainable and inefficient. I don't expect to be a brilliant programmer from the get go, but I do plan on getting there eventually. :) I'm willing to listen.

Also, thanks for the links Stephen. I'll join the kde-pim list and see what I can do.

Kind regards,


On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 7:26 AM, James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj <at>> wrote:
Sam Duff wrote:

I'm glad you asked. :) I'd love nothing more than to help.

A word to the wise.  Be prepared to persevere even when it appears that
developers don't really want help.

I'm currently learning C++/QT4 using the KDE Developers documentation,

It takes a lot more than knowing a computer programing language to know
how to write a good program.  I say this as someone that has a great deal of programing experience, but till I started working on the KDE project had no experience with GUI programing and very little experience with C++.  So, knowing how to program comes first, knowing how to translate the program into a computer language is a secondary skill.

but nothing beats having some project to do or bug to fix.

There are a lot of bugs on bugzilla:

that need fixing.

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Adriaan de Groot | 1 Aug 03:31 2008

Re: [kde-artists] KDE4: Menu problems

On Thursday 31 July 2008 19:08, Stephen Kelly wrote:
> Sam Duff wrote:
> > Do you know who the current maintainer of the codebase is,
> > and how I can contact him/her?

Sam, the maintainer is nominally Mikal Villas; he has not been very active as 
far as I know. All of the pim folk have commit privileges to update the site.

> I don't think the website currently has a maintainer, but members of the
> kdepim team have been contributing to it.
> There was a call for help with it on the kdepim devel list a few days ago.

Ha, the annual call.

A lot depends actually on what it is you want to do. Since you started this 
thread with issues in layout and margins in the menu and it's wobbled 
off-course to the pim website, it strikes me that you might be more 
interested in other stuff. But as for websites, here's my take (as one-time 
maintainer of and others):

- the framework most kde sites use is called Capacity, and it's one of those 
php things that basically has an include('') include('') 
wrapped around all the content. unless you want to write yet another cms, 
there's not much to do there or challenge either.

- some sites are done in a CMS; games.k.o uses something new by Emil Sedgh -- 
he *did* want to write another cms :) -- and plasma.k.o uses Aaron's cms 
(which used to be a commercial product) and some others use Drupal.

- the technology isn't really *all* that interesting if you're coming from a 
content and visuals point of view, but implementing things does vary between 
the different technologies.

- uses capacity, so it's possible to make a good looking site.

- actually, the real issues aren't in technology, but given the overload of 
technology geeks around the different mailing lists, it's easy to get lost in 
that stuff because it means you don't have to look at the hard stuff, which 

- design and content and editorship.

See, I'm on the tech end of this debate, so I can't ever write much about the 
three things that I know are the big challenges with KDE websites.

Updating and maintaining looks is something that -artists is the right forum 
for. You could go further and try to identify where additional graphics make 
sense for the pim website; it's mostly scattered icons now and a few 

Content is the first bugbear: the content is woefully out of date and doesnt 
reflect either the development process and activity (which is nominally the 
purpose of or provide user information ( 
Getting this information means following development and talking with the 
developers and mostly taking an active stance in this. Developer's wont stop 
to tell you what they've been doing specifically -- if they took time to do 
thet they might as well write the content of the website themselves right?

Editorship is the second bugbear. Basically, the sites lack organization and 
structure, so someone needs to bring that structure to the sites. But that 
takes time and dedication and careful planning -- possibly in the face of 
criticism that changing structure at all is a bad thing. And then you get to 
keep up the content and expand the structure.

So while the pim world would welcome you with open arms, do have a plan for 
yourself if you go that way: do you want to do site design, content or 
editorship? What pim really needs is an editor person.

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Jaroslaw Staniek | 8 Aug 00:22 2008

[kde-artists] problem applications-education-mathematics.png

I've just noticed that applications-education-mathematics.png icons have 
nontransparent shadow (did not check the svg).


regards / pozdrawiam, Jaroslaw Staniek
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James Richard Tyrer | 9 Aug 04:05 2008

Re: [kde-artists] problem applications-education-mathematics.png

Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just noticed that applications-education-mathematics.png icons have 
> nontransparent shadow (did not check the svg).
I didn't check anything (will look into this further), however, there is 
a problem that the current Qt SVG rendering will not render a drop 
shadow made with a filter.  See discussion on kde-core-devel: "Qt SVG 

Not really much point in working on this till the rendering issues is 



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Pino Toscano | 3 Aug 05:37 2008

[kde-artists] [Bug 155490] some thoughts about icons and menu

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Pino Toscano | 7 Aug 00:42 2008

[kde-artists] [Bug 155783] Easy one: Konquerors animated "page loading" icon runs backward

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