Giovanni | 1 May 15:29 2004

crystal real svg 0.5

here is the new version of the theme...also with the icons of mark..I also 
used his script to fix some apps icons:
 antivirus, penguin, samba, core, clanbomber download_manager, kdeprintfax 
(--> kfax) and xchat.
I hope this is now mature enough to use as a basic for an official svg crystal 
Keep up the wonderful work guys and lets make kde "really" svg-friendly. :-)

Giovanni | 1 May 15:30 2004

Re: crystal real svg 0.5

forgot the link ;-)
Marco Martin | 1 May 15:33 2004

Re: Call for icons for my app

i did four of them, similar to the original ones but in svg

Carsten Niehaus wrote:

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> Hi all
> I am the author of Kalzium, a chemical application in kdeedu. A year ago, I 
> created some icons I need in kalzium. In my opinion, all of the attached 
> icons are ugly and should be reworked. I hope somebody on this list is both 
> able and willing to draw the one or other icon.
> I think it is best if I give you a short description of the what the icons are 
> meaning. 
> cr32-action-chemical.png:
> 	A click on this gives you chemical information about a element. For example 	
> that iron is a metal and oxygen is a gas (at 20°C)
> cr32-action-elempic.png
> 	Hehe, I have no idea how to display that so I only drew some lines ;-) That 
> is simply the icon for the picture (photo) of the element, eg. a nail for 
> iron.
> cr32-action-energies.png
> 	some as chemical.png but for energy-information like ionizationenergie
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Jonathan Riddell | 1 May 22:13 2004

Re: icon for kdenetwork/wifi (KWiFiManager)

On Thu, Apr 15, 2004 at 03:44:25PM +0200, Stefan Winter wrote:
> > I'm not sure how much the connection level images can be updated, they
> > seem quite functional as they are.  However I'm confused by the
> > oor_down and oor_minimum images, they are both the same image but
> > oor_down has some random extra pixels on it the meaning of which is
> > unclear.  Maybe oor_minimum should have 2 bars filled in red (as none
> > of the others fill in two bars) and oor_down have one bar filled in
> > red and a big cross over it.
> Ah, well, I took almost the same icons as the Windows Orinoco Client Manager 
> for Win 98. Those random pixels should symbolize a black flash (I guess) to 
> show that something is wrong with the connection (i.e. no communication 
> possible).
> Thinking of it, an icon with four instead of five levels of connection quality 
> would suffice:
> excellent -> 4 bars (light green?)
> good -> 3 bars (dark green?)
> weak -> 2 bars (yellow)
> minimum -> 1 bar (red)
> oor_down -> 0 bars (with some sort of flash, I think people are used to it)
> offline -> 0 bars (without anything else)

I've updated the status icons to only have 4 bars with oor_down with
all bars empty and offline with a big cross through it.

Again, if you don't like them feel free to revert or comment or correct.

> BTW: the code even supports distinction of quality ratings on higher 
> connection levels. Until now, everything above 25 shows the icon with the 
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Josep Febrer | 4 May 22:39 2004


From this Inkscape page I found ill2svg:

ill2svg (Illustrator to SVG) is a small script that helps turn Adobe 
Illustrator .ai files into SVG. While it doesn't always do a perfect job, it 
can sometimes be of great help. comes with Inkscape, on my Debian is located at:



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Gilles Schintgen | 5 May 22:08 2004

[Bug 79012] printer icon looks greyed out

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------- Additional Comments From gschintgen internet lu  2004-05-05 22:08 -------
I just wanted to report this too. In Konqueror there is nearly no difference between the active icon for
Print and the greyed out one for Print Frame. There should be some colored element in the printer icon.
Artemio | 7 May 13:08 2004

KDEvibes debut in SuSE Linux 9.1

Hello KDE people!

I'm very happy to tell you that my EastWest sound theme of the KDEvibes 
project has been included as default KDE sounds in SuSE Linux 9.1!

Big thanks to Kenneth Wimer who made all this possible. I was very happy to 
create these jingles and sound effects and I was also very pleased to hear 
about many positive impressions from the SuSE desktop team.

You can read a bit more here:

During the recent several weeks, I have created loads of new sound effects. 
Soon I'll be creating new jingles and hopefully it will not be too long to 
wait for a new sound theme from KDEvibes.

A happy member of the KDE community,

ArtemioLabs :.: innovative audio laboratories :.:
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Anne-Marie Mahfouf | 7 May 14:52 2004

Re: KDEvibes debut in SuSE Linux 9.1

Hi Artemio,

I also want to use your sounds in KHangMan, modestly of course, when a game is 
won and at start of a new game.

What licence are the sounds under? I think something should be added in your 
'info' page to tell people they can use the sounds freely provided they give 
you credit.

Artemio | 8 May 16:18 2004

Re: KDEvibes debut in SuSE Linux 9.1

Hello there!

Sorry for a late reply.

You can take the sounds and use them freely. About the license - if your app 
is under GPL, take the sounds as GPL. If your app is LGPL, take the sounds as 

If you use some of the sounds, a short mention of me and would 
be kindly appreciated, although not strictly required.

Also, if you need any other sounds like more special sound effects or other 
jingles, etc. - let me know, I'll be glad to create them for you.

Good luck!



ArtemioLabs :.: innovative audio laboratories :.:
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Marco Martin | 9 May 15:11 2004

some missing kdegames icons

i seen some of the kde games still have the icons in an old style, so i 
did some of them:

Attachment (crsc-app-kblackbox.svgz): application/octet-stream, 6346 bytes
Attachment (crsc-app-kolf.svgz): application/octet-stream, 5612 bytes
Attachment (crsc-app-kfouleggs.svgz): application/octet-stream, 7904 bytes
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