luciash d' being | 6 Sep 08:59 2003

Re: KDE Mimetypes


yes, you can really use them.
just please change they are subject to copyright (if you are including the 
notice) to the following:

Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 KDE Artists
(u can make a link to kde-artists <at> of it)

On Saturday 06 of September 2003 00:26, Webscript wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to use the KDE Mimetype Icons on my website.
> I have read though and think it
> would be allowed.
> I just wanted to check with you.
> I am including a notice on my website stating who the icons are made by,
> that they are subjected to the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version
> 2.1, February 1999 and they are subject to Copyright (C) 1991, 1999 Free
> Software Foundation, Inc.
> Thanks heaps,
> Adam.
>       Adam Earnshaw
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Mark Janssen | 6 Sep 16:22 2003

KDE artwork license


i'd like to know if is legal with using ur icons; i hate 
ppl that are using free stuff to create commercial $$$ stuff.

mark (will be using crystal icons as well)
Mark Janssen | 6 Sep 16:26 2003



i'd like to know how i can open svg files, and where I can get the full svg 

also, is it right that v0.9 is the latest?

thanks alot for your work.

kde3.1.3 / slackware 9 user
Ante Wessels | 7 Sep 13:13 2003

Re: svg

On Saturday 06 September 2003 16:26, Mark Janssen wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> hi,
> i'd like to know how i can open svg files, and where I can get the full svg

a svg file is a text file that can be opened in a text editor and of course 
in vector drawing programs. 

> source.
> also, is it right that v0.9 is the latest?
> thanks alot for your work.
> mark
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Ante Wessels | 7 Sep 13:18 2003

Re: KDE artwork license

On Saturday 06 September 2003 16:22, Mark Janssen wrote:
> hi,
> i'd like to know if is legal with using ur icons; i
> hate ppl that are using free stuff to create commercial $$$ stuff.

The LGPL allows commercial use of free stuff, that is the "lesser" part of the 
LGPL. They should have a license and copyright notice.

> mark
> (will be using crystal icons as well)
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Sara Nedaei | 9 Sep 03:40 2003


do u know anything about the pandora box? well if u do do u know the good reason about it?
emal me back!

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BellaByte | 17 Sep 20:43 2003

GRATIS und sehr guenstig

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luciash d' being | 22 Sep 08:31 2003

Announcement: KDE Community Wiki Site

i would like to let you know about new project i've started, which is based on 
the idea by Ante Wessels: a Wiki for KDE.
The working name for this project is "KDE Community Wiki Site" (KDE CWS) and 
you can find the site which is more than just a Wiki at
It is based on very powerful and feature rich TikiWiki CMS 
(, the interface is multilingual and content can be in 
almost any language too (uses utf-8). Registered user can set up many 
settings in their preferences including site layout and style (users can even 
made their customised versions of available styles), etc.
Everyone is welcome to join and participate on the content. The main idea is 
to share KDE users and developers experience. Every registered user is able 
to create, edit and modify the content of Wiki pages. It's fast and easy...
You can start reading about here: and when 
you are curious what wiki is, read this page first:
What are the rules? Simple KDE CWS Wiki Guide is here for you:
And one last but not least important thing: you can register here at :)
What's planned? Making it much better than it is now (btw: i'm one of the 100 
TikiWiki developers, so it's not just a 'plain sentence'), better 
accesibility and xhtml 1.0 strict compliance, better and more compatible CSS 
styles ( style would be nice too) and of course more and more KDE 
related content (devel, documentation, ideas, everything is needed)...

Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome. This is a test which 
depends on you. So we're just curious; how can this Wiki thingy attract your 
senses? ;)

Greetings, luci

PS: You're free to announce this on other mailing lists, sites or news too 
(let me know). Thanks.


:.. :.: ::: :
luci(ash [graun]d' being) :.:::.::. ::.:::  :: :: :  :.:.::
simply just an( )other web designer? :::::.::.:.:::.:::  :.: :
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Claudiu Costin | 25 Sep 00:57 2003

Icon request for kcmpureftpd

    Dear friends,

 I have a little KControl module for configuring
Pure-FTPd server. More precisely there are two
modules. Icon represent a shiny and pure blue

  I've made it by hand some icons in the past using
Povray and Gimp. But for the new KDE look & SVG
icons, I need to make some SVG ones.
  So I started to make some, but the look is not 
good: colors and sphere effect.

 Please could some brave artist refine my SVG icon

 Thank you very much in advance!

kind regards,

Claudiu Costin, claudiuc <at>
Linux-KDE Romania
Martin Koller | 28 Sep 16:49 2003

2*arrow icons wrong

Hi list,

I have seen that the new action-2*arrow pngs do only show ONE arrow.
So the 2arrow button looks like the 1arrow button.
See e.g. the kdatepicker (click on the clock).

Best regards/Schöne Grüße


Public key at: