Tom Baeyens | 26 Jan 16:00 2007

jBPM jPDL 3.1.4 released

view the release notes here
 - JBPM-813 GraphElement - hibernate -
 - JBPM-806 document JTA integration
 - JBPM-789 add finder methods for current tasks and current nodes
 - JBPM-774 Add JBoss EULA
 - JBPM-768 add getters and setters for action properties
 - JBPM-765 wrong example in configuring persistence factory
 - JBPM-759 Hibernate variable type matchers do not deal HibernateProxy
 - JBPM-757 Constraint violation during process deletion
 - JBPM-641 process end subprocess cascading
 - JBPM-311 Propertys from inherited Actions not directly accessiblly

grab a download here

and talk to others about it here


regards, tom.

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Ruel Loehr | 7 Jul 16:01 2006

JBPM 3.0.4 released

We are pleased to announce the release of JBPM 3.0.4 and JBPM process designer 3.0.10.

The new releases and release notes can be found at the following location on sourceforge:


Ruel Loehr

JBoss QA



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jBpm-users mailing list
jBpm-users <at>
Ruel Loehr | 14 Apr 17:03 2006

JBPM 3.0.3 Released

JBPM version 3.0.3 and JBPM Process Designer version 3.0.9 have been released.  These releases and the changelog can downloaded from the following sourceforge location:




Ruel Loehr

JBoss QA



Tom Baeyens | 11 Apr 08:33 2006

Announcement: JBoss signs Definitive Agreement to be acquired by Red Hat

Hi jBPM-user,

I am personally excited to tell you that JBoss has accepted an
acquisition offer from Red Hat.  The goal of JBoss has always been to
promote and accelerate the adoption of Open Source and the Professional
Open Source Model and we are excited to be joining the largest
independent open source provider.  Together we will further expedite the
development and adoption of new innovative open source products.

Red Hat recognizes that the developer community plays a pivotal role in
the success of JBoss and will invest significant resources in the JBoss
developer community with more extensive online education, additional
training options, and other initiatives to help ensure their continued
support and success.

JBoss jBPM will continue as a JBoss Professional Open Source project.
Both Red Hat and JBoss are dedicated to open source licensing models and
will ensure that JBoss products will continue to be offered under
business-friendly open source licenses.  The combined companies will
also remain dedicated to providing excellent and professional support
services to our customers and partners.

I am convinced that the Red Hat acquisition will lead to continuity and
growth for our developer community. For full details, please visit the
JBoss website:

regards, tom.

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Tom Baeyens | 20 Feb 12:25 2006

Consider the JBoss Innovation Award for jBPM

Hi jBPM-user,

I would like to encourage all JBoss jBPM users to come out with their
stories.  One way of contributing to the jBPM community is letting
others know why you picked jBPM and in what situation you're using it.

To help people get over the treshold, JBoss has launched the Innovation
Awards:  Don't be shy and
tell about your project.  You might end up at the VIP executive dinner
table with Marc Fleury and other keynote speakers at this years JBoss
World in Las Vegas.

regards, tom.

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Tom Baeyens | 14 Feb 10:02 2006

JBoss jBPM 3.1 final released

Hi jBPM-user,

JBoss jBPM 3.1 final has been released.  Downloadable at sourceforge:

From the release notes: The main updates from 3.0.x to 3.1:
 * Asynchronous continuations (see user guide Chapter 'Asynchronous
 * Configuration framework (see user guide Chapter 'Configuration') 
 * Task instance variables (see user guide Chapter 'Task Management'
section 'Task controllers') 
 * Externalized the hibernate queries: (see user guide Chapter
'Customizing queries') 
 * Added support for JSF like expressions in actions and assignments:
(see user guide section 'Expressions'). As part of this, the decision
expression attribute was changed, breaking backwards compatibility: see
also below in the section jPDL XML Schema Changes. 
 * TaskInstanceFactory replaced the task instance class configuration
(see user guide Chapter 'Task Management' section 'Customizing task

A migration guide is present in the release.notes.html

Also check out the updated chapter on Graph Oriented Programming.  Now,
it reflects much better the ideas and vision that we have for the
project.  It now also includes references to 4 source files.  Less then
120 lines of code that clearly show the fundamental concept of jBPM.
Including logging and comments !  I really think that the ideas and
vision in that article give a view on how software development will be
like in a few years from now.  I'm excited about it !

I hope it's equally fun to use as it was to develop.  Enjoy it !

regards, tom.
tom.baeyens <at>
+32 14 880 900

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Tom Baeyens | 3 Feb 12:52 2006

jBPM 3.1 beta3 released !

hi jbpm-user,

We're almost ready to release the 3.1 final.  Also the documentation is
updated in the current beta 3 release.  Please, if you have a chance,
take beta 3
45174&release_id=390311 for a test ride and let us know on the forums what you

We appreciate any kind of feedback !

regards, tom.

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Koen Aers | 21 Nov 22:32 2005

JBoss jBPM 3.0.2 and GPD 3.0.5 released

Hi all,

The announcement is a bit late, but we nevertheless wish to inform you of the 3.0.2 release of jBPM last week. This release fixes several bugs and minor issues for which we point you to the release notes. In addition there is also a new release of the graphical process designer plugin. This is the 3.0.5 release of this plugin. The biggest enhancement for this release is the ability to show and edit the transition names directly on the diagram.
You'll find all you need on the JBoss jBPM download pages ( ).

We have also decided to again include a starter's kit bundled with a complete Eclipse installation with this release. We feel that it lowers the barrier to get started with jBPM a lot. Firing up the jBPM server and exploring the websale sample process is only one mouseclick away, tweaking and changing the websale process yet another click. This download is only available for Windows from . Users of other OS's will have to stick to getting a separate Eclipse download for their platform and installing the plugin themselves. But for the Windows users there is no excuse for not starting this download immediately.

Have fun,
Koen Aers | 2 Nov 14:59 2005

jBPM Core 3.1alpha1 and jBPM GPD 3.0.4 Released

Hi all,

A short notice that as of yesterday we released the jBPM core 3.1alpha1 and jBPM GPD 3.0.4 releases. New feature highlights of the core jBPM are asynchronous process continuation, improved flexibility of the persistence API and task instance variables. The persistence API has been changed maintaining backward compatibility with the 3.0 release. Purpose of these changes was amongst others to use Hibernate more directly whitout too much unnecessary wrapping. Some of the API methods and classes have been deprecated and might be removed in versions after 3.1.
The 3.0.4 release of the GPD now fully supports swimlane configuration through an additional swimlanes tab in the editor and the properties configuration page of tasks. Another new feature in the GPD is grid support to improve the looks of the process graphs.
The new releases are available on the sourceforge download area :
All feedback is welcome on these fine forums.

Have fun,
Tom Baeyens | 11 Aug 12:52 2005

new jbpm training, website and jboss world

hi jbpm-users,
I just finished the update of the jBPM training.  It took blood, sweat and tears but the result makes it all worth while.  An improved steam course training about jBPM of 2 days.  The training has 2 major targets:
1) Get productive with jBPM.  hands-on labs are included to practice the technical details.
2) Background information on workflow, BPM and orchestration.  The what, why and how.  This makes the training also interesting for architects and technical managers.
For more information, take a look at
The brandnew website is also ready.  For a sneek preview, see :  That will be the landing page of
Now that i have your attention, i would also like to mention JBossWorld Barcelona, October 10-12.  The core jBPM team is going to be there and the JBoss spotlights will be directed at our project.  It's going to be great fun and i hope that you can make that time free to join us :
regards, tom.
Koen Aers | 2 Aug 23:21 2005

3.0.1 Release of the Graphical Process Designer

Hi All,

I want to announce via these mailing list the 3.0.1 release of the Graphical Process Designer. The eyecatchers of this release are the code completion in the XML source tab (when the JPDL XSD if referenced) and the addition of a 'Design' tab taken from the WTP XML editor where you see the XML in tree format with the ability to add attributes and children based on the XSD. The XSD reference is automatically added to the processdefinition tag when creating a process definintion using the wizards.
In addition to this, it is now possible to add and configure a single task in the start-state node so that a link is generated in the webapp when this process gets deployed (if this is desired of course).

Enjoy it,