Thomas Kruse | 31 Jul 22:30 2015

[81cat] Really annoying: Focus behaviour broken


does anyone have an idea how this could get some attention?

This is really annoying. At first I thought it was just about the alt-f4
shortcut, but then I noticed that the whole focus is getting lost,
forcing me to fight with the IDE (especially after popups).

I confess that the window focus mode 'sloppy' or 'mouse' is not that
common, especially for people originating on windows. But it is a major
productive boost for me and I would hate to have to choose between
Netbeans and my beloved focus mode.


vidhyadharan D | 31 Jul 13:37 2015

[81cat] WebService error while testing


I created a Echo service and deployed it in remote server.

Issue 1:
1. In the service window i have added a webservice via wsdl
2. When i try to test the method i got class not found exception. Please find the screenshot below

Alied Pérez Martínez | 31 Jul 08:12 2015

[81cat] Problem uploading a bug report

I'm trying to report an exception[1] from latest Netbeans Beta, but I'm
recieving this error:
Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /analytics/uploaddone.jsp.

Reason: Error reading from remote server

Apache/2.2.15 (Oracle) Server at Port 80

Is there something wrong there? This is the last test!

Giuseppe Tino | 30 Jul 12:32 2015

[81cat] [Synergy] Just a pair of suggestion for enhancements

I have a pair of enhancement suggestion for Synergy.
1. In my opinion the textbox for the comments in each test case of 100 characters is too small. Rarely I can explain what is wrong when the test specification is invalid in only 100 chars without making the effort to try to compress the message. Could you increase the number of maximum character to 500 - 1000?
2. Into the test run page there is the big table of all the assignments. There are also very useful filters for "user" for "spec" and for "tribe". Considering that the most used filter (at least for me) is to find the tests assigned to me and that the user list of the user filter is quite long it should be nice to have a quick button that apply directly the filter to the active user.

Best regards,

Giuseppe Tino
Giuseppe Tino | 29 Jul 12:39 2015

[81cat] What to do if test spec is wrong?

I have a generic question about the test specification.
In some case it occurs that the test fails because the steps reported into the test spec are wrong. I know this because after that I file the bug the developer answer me that it was the expected behavior and the correct steps that the testspec should follow.

I would like to know what is the best thing to do in those cases.

For example should I come back to the test case that I marked as "Fails" and correct it as "Passed" or is better if I just leave it as "Fails"?

Concerning to the test spec itself, should I open a bug in the qa -> testspec section reporting the wrong spec, should I just signal this error into the Synergy comments or should I directly open the test specification in synergy and correct them by myself?
Thanks in advance,
best regards,

Giuseppe Tino
Christian Lenz | 28 Jul 23:15 2015

[81cat] Nightly build updates right inside netbeans.

I have a Dev build: 201507130001. So I downloaded it some days ago. Today I opened it and I saw a lot of updates (PHP, C/C++, HTML5, and so on) I thought nice and after restarting the IDE it is still 201507130001. I don't want to download each week or each 2 weeks a complete new IDE. It should be possible to update the whole IDE for bug fixes minor releases and nightly builds. A lot of other applications does this too. I know that it is not really possible to Major releases like 7 to 8 or so. But what about 8.0.1 to 8.0.2 I think that is already possible, right? So why not to 8.1 and after this 8.1.1 or so. IDEA brings more often updates, bug fixes and so on minor releases are still possible right inside the IDE. Service packs for Visual Studio are only a new executable and I don't have to install a new Visual Studio version. Only from Visual Studio 2013 to 2015 or IDEA from 13 to 14. Atm it's really a pain in the ass for me and I think for others too.
Or did I miss smth and my dev version is after updating on the newest version but it will not override the dev version?
Giuseppe Tino | 28 Jul 15:14 2015

[81cat] [editor]Test case without attached project

Hi all,
In the test
Java Project -> Freeform project -> create freeform project.

The first step require to download the attached project but there are not attachments on it. In a first moment I attached the project used in other tests but after I noticed that into this test case the name of the project that should be attached is not specified and that could be a different one.
Could you tell me if is the correct project and in case it is not could you give me the link to the correct one?
Thanks and best regards,

Giuseppe Tino
Luca Mambretti | 28 Jul 14:14 2015

[81cat] Tomcat kill from services

Hi everyone,

I have a small issue with the Tomcat integration, sometimes when I issue the shutdown command from the services window, Tomcat refuses to come down cleanly; It happens also from the command line; in that case the only option to shut it down is to manually kill the underlying process.

I was going to fill an ENHANCEMENT request to have a kill action added to the tomcat service, but I found the following request for the same thing already marked as FIXED:

probably in the pre-cambrian era since the referenced commit comes from CVS, now I'm no longer sure so do you think this should be an ENHANCEMENT or a DEFECT?

Best regards,
Yannis Pastis Glaros | 27 Jul 20:54 2015

[81cat] Netbeans and bugzilla 5.0

My workplace's bugzilla instance got updated to 5.0 and from that point
I have problems with netbeans. I use the beta candidate on windows and
the latest build on a linux machine, both have the same problem.
They display all the tasks correctly and I can do searches, but when I
try to update any task, I get an error for invalid token.
I know that bugzilla plugin officialy supports bugzilla 4, not 5 and the
last version of bugzilla has changes on the web services api. However, I
ask here if anyone knows, is this the case that Netbeans doesn't work
with bugzilla 5 yet, or we did something wrong with bugzilla upgrade?

If it's the first case, I should open a new task in
bugzilla, otherwise I will hunt the sysadmin :)

It seems like every time we upgrade bugzilla, something breaks (I remind
you the problems with support of 4.4.4 in the past)...

Mitch Claborn | 27 Jul 17:25 2015

[81cat] Submitting a bug from within NetBeans?

Has anyone else had a problem submitting a bug from within NetBeans 8.1 

I experience a NPE and the dialog popped up for me to submit a bug 
report. I have triple check my username and password, but I keep getting 
the error "Username or password is wrong."  I'm using the same 
username/password that I use to log in on the NetBeans bugzilla site.




Vladimir Riha | 27 Jul 13:57 2015

[81cat] New features without test specification

Hi all,
I've seen few emails from you about missing or incomplete specifications 
for some features. Could you please have a look at [1] to get more 
information about new features? It contains pretty detailed information 
about all the new stuff coming to NetBeans 8.1, including NodeJS 
support, Gulp, Protractor, Jade, Profiler, Versioning and a lot more.

Please have a look at it and don't be afraid to file issues :)


Thank you in advance,