vidhyadharan D | 10 Feb 06:21 2016

[81cat] How to edit readonly files in Netbeans


I am using perforce , During checkout all the files are in read-only mode. 

When i open the projects in NB, I couldn't edit the files ,suppose if we edit the files - is there any possibility to change the files automatically to write mode?. 

Richard Kolb | 5 Feb 09:21 2016

[81cat] 8.1 Patch 1 keyboard not responding like IntelliJ

Hi Netcats,

I've been working with NB 8.1 patch 1 for about a day and a half.
(Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 1.8.0_72)

Today, I created a new class in src/main/test/xxx/ and Netbeans stopped responding to my keyboard.
I can't type in a Java file or XML. Control F1 , ESC does not work inside the IDE, but it's working on my other programs.
There is nothing of note in the messages.log

The strange thing is I can copy using Control C in my Output and paste in another app. This does not work from a XML or Java file.

The workaround ibus-daemon -rd fixed the issue.

I've been using Netbeans on Ubuntu 14.04 since it came out and I have never needed to do this before.

Jiří Kovalský | 2 Feb 12:33 2016

[81cat] [news] Help with NetBeans 8.1 Patch 1 test

Hello NetCAT 8.1 participants,

    as some of you might have already noticed in our Wiki or Bugzilla we 
are working on the first patch for NetBeans 8.1. I have just learned 
that NetBeans 8.1 staging Update Centers are ready hence I write you. 
Would some of you be so kind and help us with testing the Patch 1?

What do we need to help with? Basically, there are three things to do:

1. If you have a bug fixed in the patch [1], please verify that its fix 
works after installation of the patch and change its whiteboard status 
from 81patch1-fixed to 81patch1-verified


2. If you are willing to sanity test some functionality area, please add 
yourself to the table in our 8.1 Patch 1 Go/NoGo Wiki [2] and specify 
what you want to cover - please see _some_ of the not tested areas 
already mentioned there and instructions below the table.


3. If you have less time and just want to help us verify that some of 
the not covered extend/activate/upgrade scenarios work, please take over 
some of the unassigned configurations in the spreadsheet [3] by adding 
your name to the selected cell. As well consult [1] for instructions 
what to do.


Are there still any volunteers willing to support 8.1 release by testing 
its first patch? :)

Thanks a lot folks!

Best regards,

Mark Wilmoth | 25 Apr 20:13 2014

[80cat] patch test

I installed it and updated to the patch and opened, compiled and ran a JavaSE and JavaEE web project with no problems, but have not time to do any more than that. I can't really give it a go or no-go since I don't have time to do more testing. 

Mark Wilmoth | 25 Apr 19:10 2014

[80cat] cannot edit netbeans.conf

Strange. I just in stalled the Windows Java SE executable installation version and I can't edit the netbeans.conf file. I get a message I can't access it when I try to save. I have never seen that happen before. This is the first time I have ever installed the Java SE executable version.