Manikantan Narender Nath | 24 Jul 14:51 2016

[82cat] Where is the simplified Bug submission form


I am not sure if I remember correctly. Did synergy launch the simplified 
form for previous netcats?

If not I would prefer that rather than go through the normal bug 
submission process - it is to nitpick too tedious. :)



mohamed chebbi | 23 Jul 20:12 2016

[82cat] Problem with importing project into SVN

Hi All

I'm trying to do Project Import Test case:

I'm using SVN protocol and Netbeans tell me authentication failed.

I use an svn repository created on SourceForge.

Is this considered as a issue or i have missed something.

here is a screen shot.

vasouv | 23 Jul 19:33 2016

[82cat] [editor] What is TBD?

Good afternoon,

so I finally started testing but hit a small bump. In my first Test
Case (Basic Case) steps 9 and 13 have the following:

9:  add try { TBD
13: In constructor write following code:TBD

I don't know what TBD is. It doesn't invoke CC and isn't a code

Mitch Claborn | 22 Jul 20:56 2016

[82cat] Marking NetCat bugs

Sorry - I know this was discussed before but I can't find that thread.

What is the proper way to denote bugs (in bugzilla) that we discover 
during NetCat testing?




Carl Mosca | 22 Jul 18:26 2016

[82cat] getting back to a specific test

While testing I encountered a bug and reported it but I encountered a second but while doing the test which I want to report separately.

I don't know how to get back to the specific test (I need it because I cannot remember exactly what I did to cause the bug to show).

Any help in getting back to a specific test would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Brett Ryan | 22 Jul 04:08 2016

[82cat] Away for the weekend

Hi all, I'm taking the weekend off as of today, I'm just giving a heads up that I may not reply or may reply drunkedly.

To my DB tribe and anyone wanting to try the DB test specifications go for it, and it's the best tribe ;)

To my profiler tribe and anyone willing to try the test specs, I apologise, I need to still update the tests
for the many changes in 8.1, if you can hold off till Tuesday I should have something. And hey, it's equal
first with the DB tribe :)

Have fun all.
Mitch Claborn | 21 Jul 20:39 2016

[82cat] Bug or feature? Generics capture problem

The code below compiles fine in NB 8.1, but in 8.2 it shows the error noted below. I also updated to the latest JDK 8 for NB 8.2. Is this a bug in NB 8.2, or an error in my code that is just now being caught? (I admittedly have never fully grasped all of the subtleties of generics and collections!)

  public DialogSelectShipWeek(OE2 a_owner, Customer a_customer, Collection<? extends IOrderItem> a_items) {
    super(a_owner, true);
    ArrayList<IOrderItem> items = new ArrayList<>(a_items);

Error: incompatible types: ArrayList<CAP#1> cannot be converted to ArrayList<IOrderItem>
  where CAP#1 is a fresh type-variable:
    CAP#1 extends IOrderItem from capture of ? extends IOrderItem

-- Mitch
Mitch Claborn | 21 Jul 19:37 2016

[82cat] Username/password in "Report Problem" dialog

I feel a strange sense of Deja-Vu with this issue. Seems like I've had 
it before.

Was starting the dev build today and experienced an internal error 
(AssertionError at<init>).

The "Report Problem" dialog popped up.  I filled in the username and 
password that I use to access bugzilla on the web site and it keeps 
telling me "Username or password is wrong". What credentials should I be 
using if not those? I copy/pasted the password and tested it on the web 
site, so I know that it is correct.




Wouter van Reeven | 21 Jul 14:00 2016

[82cat] Strange Maven behaviour

Hi all,

Since I haven't participated in NetCAT for some years now I thought I'd send an email here before starting to open all kinds of issues :)

I am using the build of last night (201607200002) for MacOSX and am seeing the following behaviour. In one of my source files I have modified one line and added several lines directly below. 

What I expect is that NetBeans colors blue the line that was modified and colors green what was added. 

Instead I see one big blue block. When I hover the mouse cursor, I see "1 line changed" and when I right click the block and select "Replace with original text" the modified line gets reset and the added lines disappear.

I checked with NetBeans 8.1 and I see exactly the same behaviour. Apparently I hadn't noticed this before.

Is this behaviour intentional? If no, should I open an issue?

Thanks, Wouter


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inviting and inciting me to rise
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Brett Ryan | 21 Jul 06:32 2016

[82cat] [profiler] Test Specification

Hi profiler team and anyone else interested. I was hoping to get profiler test cases ready for the weekend but I will be unavailable, apologies.

Profiler tests haven't been updated with all the new changes that simplified the profiler in 8.1, as a result the tests may seem confusing if followed. For that reason I wish to update all tests before they are actioned. However, if you do wish to start any testing of the profiler, please feel free though do not take discrepancies with the functions provided in the profiler with that of the test cases.

For those interested the (summary of changes)[1] outlines the changes from prior profiler versions introduced in 8.1. Additionally we now have (SQL profiling support and colouring added)[2]

* Sorry accidentally sent with wrong account.
Manikantan Narender Nath | 21 Jul 04:47 2016

[82cat] Delayed in starting my assignments


I did not get a chance to look at my assignments as I had to travel on 
short notice. I will start them today and finish them over the weekend. 
Sorry for the delay.