Greg Wilkins | 8 Dec 19:19 2006

Release Candidate 6.1.0rc0

Jetty Release Candidate 6.1.0rc0 is now available via

This release starts the transition from 6.0 to 6.1 as the stable release.
The 6.1 branch contains many new features such as cometd, AJP, async SSL, grizzly,
spring EJB3, async GWT, java 5 threadpools and more.

It also contains several minor fixes as a result of specification
compliance testing.

Finally this release also contains some optimization of writers
and some bug fixes for idle connection handling.

jetty-6.1.0rc0 - 8 December 2006
    + JETTY-181 Allow injection of a java:comp Context
    + JETTY-182 Optionally set JSP classpath initparameter
    + Dispatcher does not protect javax.servlet attributes
    + DefaultHandler links virtual hosts.
    + Fixed cachesize on invalidate
    + Optimization of writers
    + ServletHandler allows non REQUEST exceptions to propogate
    + TCK fixes from Sybase:
      * Handle request content encodings
      * forward query attribute fix
      * session attribute listener
      * Servlet role ref
      * flush if content-length written
      * 403 for BASIC authorization failure
      * null for unknown named dispatches
    + JETTY-184 cometd connect non blocking
    + Support for RFC2518 102-processing response
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Greg Wilkins | 14 Dec 00:16 2006

Release 6.1.0rc1

Release candidate 6.1.0rc1 is now available via

jetty-6.1.0rc1 - 14 December 2006
 + simplified idle timeout handling
 + JETTY-193 MailSessionReference without authentication
 + JETTY-199 newClassPathResource
 + ensure unique name for ServletHolder instances
 + added cache session manager(pre-alpha)

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