Viktor Farcic | 15 Sep 11:29 2014

BDD Assistant

I wrote an OSS application for writing, managing and running JBehave stories. I'd be grateful you someone would give me feedback.

Chad Wilson | 13 Sep 02:46 2014

When hook

Is there any way to run something before all When steps?


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Zheng, Ayesha(AWF | 12 Sep 03:53 2014

Stories' Dependency

Hi all,


I have a problem with stories’ dependency.



I have A,B,C stories, and stories B, C depends on A. (B->A, C->A).

I add “GivenStories: A.story” in both B.story and C.story to do this, then run these 3 stories.

I found A.story run for 3 times.


I want to make A,B,C stories run only one time and keep dependency at the same time. (Like testng: dependsOnMethods)

Does JBehave support this?


Thanks very much.



Best Regards,



Ahmed Ashour | 5 Sep 16:06 2014

[eclipse] Search Ctrl-F

Hi all,

I have noticed that with the latest Eclipse-Plugin versi on, the search in a story file is not enabled with the usual shortcut Ctrl+F.

Was this on purpose?

Frank Pedroza | 1 Sep 19:12 2014

Story writing catalog

As we write more and more stories, we obviously accumulate a growing number of annotated step methods (currently we have ~350).  I'm wondering what do people do to more easily catalog the existing step methods so they don't duplicate steps as well as ensure they're taking advantage of the steps they've already written.  The eclipse plugin sort of helps with this, but it's hard to find that one method you're after when choosing from 350 options.
Anders | 1 Sep 19:10 2014

Where do I register for an account to access JBehave-Jira?

I’d like to be able to participate in the JBehave community, so how do I gain access to Jira?



Chad Wilson | 20 Aug 22:23 2014

Steps classes question

Hello all,

I'm not sure if I'm missing something here.  According to the 
documentation in order to register Step class instances, an 
implementation of InjectableStepsFactory should be used.

Isn't there a way to scan the classpath for classes that are annotated 
with various step annotations?  Cucumber JVM supports this OOTB.


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Brent Barker | 11 Aug 18:10 2014

Report times are wrong when running multiple threads

When executing reports in multiple threads, the execution times are not correct. Instead of varying from 1-10 minutes, they say the execute in microseconds (which i know is not the case)

Are other seeing this?
Dan McLellan | 23 Jul 20:24 2014

Are there plans to provide a story-specific timeout feature in JBehave?

Hi Everyone,

It looks, from issue 1436 of this site, that JBehave's current position is 
that the StoryTimeouts feature is intended for the execution of all test 
cases in a job, rather than each individual story being run:

Per Mario Talevi:

As for the expected behaviour, do note that the story timeout is global, 
i.e. not per effective story execution time, in the sense that it's 
calculated (in "real" time) from the moment the execution of all stories 
starts.   After the elapsed time as reached the timeout, all story execution 
is cancelled.   We can try to improve on this for 4.0.


But the JBehave website itself seems to indicate that story-specific timeout 
control is already available in the current release, although the 
whereabouts of the class/methods to set those controls are not specified:

<excerpt from>
It is important to note that it's the entire story that is executed in one 
concurrent execution and that scenarios within the same story cannot be run 
concurrently. For each story execution a timeout in seconds can be set via 
the same configuration mechanism used to set the number of threads.
</excerpt from>


But I can't find any methods or variables in Embedder, EmbedderControls, 
StoryReporter to set timeouts for individual stories, or any "watchdog" 
functionality in StoryManager (or elsewhere) to enforce them.

It would be good to know:
1.  Is story-specific execution timeout currently available, and if so, how 
can it be set?

2.  If you can't currently set the timeout on individual stories, is any 
such feature currently being targeted for 4.0 or another future release?

Thank you.

- Dan McLellan

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Brent Barker | 21 Jul 19:33 2014

Maping stories at the senario level

HI again,

I am using the story mapping feature with Maven. I am wondering if it is possible to map stories with meta tags at the scenario level, not only at the story level.

For example, I have a scenario inside of a story annotated with <at> bug. I'd like the map reports view to show that a scenario in the story has that <at> bug meta tag

Thanks in advance!
Brent Barker | 10 Jul 19:49 2014

Conditionally skip story using meta tag

Hi everyone!

Is there a easy way to conditionally skip a story using a meta tag? For example, I want to annotate my story with <at> bug BUG-3333 and then check if that bug is still open or not. If it is still open, skip the scenario/story.

Right now I am extending RegexStoryParser, calling super.ParseStory to get the story object, then if the bug meta property exists, I add the skip meta property to it. 

Is there a better way to do this? I am not sure how to feed a list of meta filters to the embedder, since I can not access it from the story configuration where I have access to the story object