Tim McNerney | 1 Dec 01:54 2000

re: Problems running servlets in NetBeans

Tim McNerney wrote:
> I tried it with 3.1. I don't remember the exact set of modules I tried
> moving (by hand) to 3.1, but I got errors doing so. Now that I know it
> should work, I'll spend a bit more time trying to get it to work and if
> I can't, I'll file a bug report with the details.

Okay, I'm still not able to get this to work. My guess is that I'm just
going about upgrading in the wrong way. What I'm trying to do is move
the right files from my IE beta to 3.1 beta (build 18). What I've moved
are the jars from modules that weren't in the netbeans release, the jars
from lib/ext that weren't in the netbeans release and the missing
directories from docs. I get several NoClassDefFoundErrors, including
for FTPException, ConnectionSource, CachedRowSet, as well as problem
with the JDBC pallette.

Clearly, I'm at least not copying some of the files over that are
needed. So let me ask this question:

How can I most easily modify the 3.1b18 version of Netbeans to include
the IE modules? Update does not seem to have any solutions. I'd really
like to get the fixes from 3.1, as the IE beta just is too buggy.


Evan Adams | 1 Dec 03:05 2000

Build 76 Travalogue

Using development build 76.

1) Debugger window did not come up when breakpoint hit when debugging a project.
2) Menu item to show debugger window not where expected.
3) Deserialization problem on startup
4) Stack trace window too small
5) Can't select the stack trace info
6) Deserialization problem reproducible
7) Re-install gets "'import exceptions' failed" msg on console
8) Deserialization problem still exists -- Build 76 not usable
9) Project|Debug Project not enabled (probable user error)
10) DataObjectNotFound exception when setting Project's main class a second time
11) Double spaced stack trace
12) Successfully reproduced the problem described in 1)
13) Missing properties for JTextField in form editor

Conclusion -- this build needs some work!!
Serious issues with the editor, debugger, projects and the form

1) Started a debugging session by setting a breakpoint and
   starting to debug my project.  My program hit the breakpoint
   but the debugger window did not come up.

2) Since the debugger window did not come up, I went to bring
   it up.  I assumed this would be on the View menu since this
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Robert E. Newby | 1 Dec 04:20 2000

re: how do I make a public release?

jrp wrote:
> I'm kind of new to java, and can't get my programs to run. If I execute them within the program (using
"execute"), my aplications run ok. But when I go to the directory using the console, and type "java
myaplicaton" it doesn't.
> How do I make it run?

Have you taken the time to learn the basics of Java itself -- namely
those which are presented in the introductory "trails" of Sun's Java
Tutorial (see http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/) -- independent
of working on Java development with the assistance of Forte?

Robert E. Newby
Principal Engineer, Renew Associates
Arlington, Massachusetts USA
Java 2 enterprise and XML contracting
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Dave Brosius | 1 Dec 08:44 2000

Re: FFJ 2.0 beta 2 1099 issue

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Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2000 4:30 PM
Subject: Re: [nbusers] FFJ 2.0 beta 2 1099 issue

> While I agree that there is no reason to expect that the package last
> used is where you want to put this file, I disagree with the conclusion
> that the filesystem most recently mounted is better.

I agree in general that the default package should not be changed when you
mount any old filesystem. My point is that when you first create a project,
the ide
specifically asks you for a (one) filesystem. This is the only filesystem
that you could possible create files in. As far as this new project is
this is the only place code lives. This remains true until you manually add
a second filesystem.

Kean | 1 Dec 09:21 2000

re: how do I make a public release?

You need to tell the java.exe intepreter where your Java program is.

Assuming that your ClassName.class program is in
E:\java\forte4j\Development\flores and (from the error message I am
deducing ) that your ClassName program is inside a package called flores

Try this in E:\java\forte4j\Development directory (note that there is a dot
after "-cp") :

java -cp . flores.ClassName

Hope it helps.


> yes. I've done some console aplications. I use javac to compile, and "java
mainclass". to execute them. I turned to JForte for the GUI, and have been
doing some things with it for a few days.
> The problem is that my aplications run fine when I use the Execute option
within Forte. The problem is that when I try to run them outside Forte, They
dont work. Look at my console output:
> E:\java\forte4j\Development\flores>java ClassName
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ClassName
(wrong name: flores/ClassName)
>         at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass0(Native Method)
>         at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(ClassLoader.java:442)
>         at
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Trung Duc Tran | 1 Dec 09:37 2000

Re: Build 76 Travalogue

Evan, thanks very much for your report and your time.


> 7) Did the re-install and started the IDE and I get a console message
>    saying "'import exceptions' failed; using string-based exceptions".

this is printed by JPython.  We need to investigate why it prints this
message and why it gets initialized so soon.  In the IDE everything
should as initialized lazily for to reduce startup time.


> 13) I finally returned to trying to work on my program.  I added 
>     a JTextField to a form and went to remove the initial text.
>     However, the Text property was not there!  Neither was the
>     Columns property.  I didn't check the full list, but something
>     is clearly messed up.  I did add a JLabel and its text field
>     did show up.  Now I have to completely give up on build 76.

the "text" property is on the second tab "Other Properties".  It used to
be displayed on the first "Properties" tab.  We changed the algorithm on
deciding which properties are displayed on the first tab and which on
the second.  Here is an excerpt from my posting on nbui

    Previously bean properties were displayed in two tabs: "Properties"
    and "Expert".  On Expert tab there are properties marked as "for
    experts only" by the author of the bean in the corresponding
    BeanInfo, all the other properties are displayed in the "Properties"
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Marek Grummich | 1 Dec 10:47 2000

Re: Build 76 Travalogue

Hello Evan,
    thank for your time.  It's true it would be bad to find development trunk in a
worst state after final release 3.1. We have been focusing to release 3.1 builds, so
I try to reproduce your steps for the latest release 3.1 build 19.

> Details:
> --------
> 1) Started a debugging session by setting a breakpoint and
>    starting to debug my project.  My program hit the breakpoint
>    but the debugger window did not come up

I filled a bug in the Bugzilla -

> 4) I hit Show Details on the Exception Message window.  It brings
>    up a window to show me the stack trace, but it is a ridiculously
>    small window.  Its only 35 characters wide!  I've never seen any
>    stack trace that can come close to fitting into 35 characters.
>    Yes, there is a horizontal scroll bar, but the default should be
>    something much more usable.   Its also 7 lines tall and the
>    first is the date and the next is the exception message so
>    there are just 5 lines of the exception text.  I would recommend
>    making the window at least 80 chars wide and tall enough for
>    10 lines of the stack trace (12 overall).

I filled a bug in the Bugzilla -

> 6) Sure enough the deserialization problem was with the Source
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Kean | 1 Dec 10:46 2000

re: Baffled! Where to now!

> Can I create a .exe or do I have to use some other mechanism?

Sorry to disappoint you , but Forte cannot create native executables. It is
not a limitation of Forte. Rather , it is the design of Java to create
bytecodes that can be executed in any Java VM.

You can try Excelsior Jet  http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jet.html
to compile Java programs into native executables. I'm not very sure of Jet's
limitations , though.

Another way is to package your Java class files into a Jar file and
distribute the Jar file. Forte has a Jar packager that allows you to do


Robert E. Newby | 1 Dec 13:55 2000

re: how do I make a public release?


You should also take a thorough look at

Robert E. Newby
Principal Engineer, Renew Associates
Arlington, Massachusetts USA
Java 2 enterprise and XML contracting
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Robert E. Newby | 1 Dec 13:56 2000

re: I cant make my apps run

jrp wrote:
> how do I make a simple application run outside Forge? I tried javac, but it doesn't work. Is there a spetial
way to make things run?

We are responding to your earlier post; no need to re-post this

Robert E. Newby
Principal Engineer, Renew Associates
Arlington, Massachusetts USA
Java 2 enterprise and XML contracting
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