george waldon | 26 Apr 06:17 2003

Netbeans searches and deletes your files


I use Netbeans 3.4.1 on Windows XP. Since I installed j2sdk1.4.1_02, the search engine is not working
properly, sometimes indicating the place of the previous search, or indicating empty areas in the text.

Sometimes, and this is the second time on two different machines, Netbeans just deletes the files. Today,
after searching nb_all directory (Netbeans developpers knows that one), the number of files went from
18,735 (counted of master saving) to 5,073 in just a few seconds. 

I'd like to know if people have experienced similar problems. Please reply on the list.


tek1 | 26 Apr 02:08 2003

Making .ejb files appear like .java files? (syntax coloring)


Is there a way to make Java files with the .ejb extension appear the same, 
when opened, as .java files?

In "Options" menu -> "IDE Configuration" -> "System" -> "Object Types" -> 
"Java Source Objects", I added "ejb" for the "File Extensions" property, 
but when I open the .ejb file, it does not appear with the same syntax 
coloring as .java files.

Is there a way to get the syntax coloring back?

Thank you! 

jlchacon | 26 Apr 01:06 2003

Re: Problems with Debugger

As a follow up to the request for help below, the debugger output window has
the following comments:

C:\j2sdk1.4.1_02\bin\java -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,ad
dress=chacon:3229,suspend=y -Djava.compiler=NONE -classpath "C:\Documents
and Settings\Chacon\.netbeans\3.4\system;C:\Documents and
Settings\Chacon\.netbeans\3.4\system;C:\Program Files\NetBeans IDE
3.4.1\system;C:\Program Files\NetBeans IDE
3.4.1\modules\ext\AbsoluteLayout.jar;C:\Program Files\NetBeans IDE
3.4.1\modules\autoload\ext\servlet-2.3.jar;C:\Program Files\NetBeans IDE
3.4.1\lib\ext\xml-apis.jar;C:\Documents and Settings\Chacon\My
Documents\Joe\3rd Qtr\Java\Proj 1;C:\Program Files\NetBeans IDE
3.4.1\beans\TimerBean.jar" KennelTest
err:: No such file or directory
Error [2] in connect() call!
Socket transport failed to init.
Transport dt_socket failed to initialize, rc = -1.

Again,  Any help fixing this is greatly appreciated.

Joe C.
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rob bercik | 26 Apr 17:32 2003

JScrollPane problems...

I am building a rather compex GUI(for me at least) using sun one studio's GUI editing tools. The problem is that I've built most of the GUI already and I realized that it won't fit the minimum screen size requirements I've set. In order to accomplish this, I want to turn several of my larger JPanels into JScrollPanes, but any attempt i've made to do this has not worked. Has anybody here done something like this before? All of the examples I've found using JScrollPane have been w/ fairly simple components like textarea's etc. not with large complex panel objects. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks, -rob bercik

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