uwe_pachler | 26 Jun 16:18 2016

Maven Tooling: How to make paths in output window clickable

Hi there,

I'm currently developing a Maven plugin which analyses some project resource files and writes error
messages to the console via Log.error() if something is wrong. Netbeans neatly displays it all in the
output window (like it does for the output of any other Maven plugin in the project).

For instance, the Maven Compiler plugin prints an error message like this:

com/myproject/mypackage/MyClass.java[24:12] ';' expected

However, while for the Maven Compiler plugin all file references are displayed as clickable links by the
IDE, the file paths printed by my own Maven plugin are not.

I've tried some combinations, without success, so I wonder which format the output needs to have so the IDE
interprets and displays it as a file link.

Can someone shed some light on this?



kkathman | 25 Jun 19:45 2016

Snippets or Text Expansion in NetBeans?


I have been trying to use a commercial text expander in NetBeans 8.1 (PHP/HTML) version, and for some reason
the NetBeans IDE blocks that expansion.

I understand that there is a similar capability built into NetBeans (Palettes) but from what I read, it
seems to be very complicated, and seems to be centered around Java, which I don't use.

I have installed the TagMyCode plugin, but can't seem to invoke any of my snippets.  

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Thank you!

Edson Richter | 25 Jun 21:19 2016

In love with new editor font

Just wanted to share this discover...

Really, I'm not passioned by "look and feel", but since my eyes have betraying me, I decided to go further than DejaVu Mono.

I've found the most amazing font, with perfect spacing between lines and great differentiation between 0, O, I, l and 1... Italics and bold are just perfect.

It's is called Meslo LG, and the Meslo LG L size 12 is just relaxing that I can't express in words.

Give a try and share your toughts!

Just look this combination of Darcula (I've changed the color for Field Use to light blue) + Meslo LG in my Full HD monitor (notice the extra between-the-lines space):

-- Atenciosamente, Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter
md7dani | 23 Jun 19:09 2016

Only one Menu item may be selected at any one time

In this example, with both RadioMenuItem's assigned to the same ToggleGroup, only one item may be selected
at any one time, and should the selection change, the ToggleGroup will take care of deselecting the
previous item.

ToggleGroup toggleGroup = new ToggleGroup();

RadioMenuItem radioItem1 = new RadioMenuItem("Option 1");
radioItem.setOnAction(new EventHandler<ActionEvent>() {
     <at> Override public void handle(ActionEvent e) {
        System.out.println("radio toggled");
RadioMenuItem radioItem2 = new RadioMenuItem("Option 2");
radioItem.setOnAction(new EventHandler<ActionEvent>() {
     <at> Override public void handle(ActionEvent e) {
        System.out.println("radio toggled");

So my biggest problem when using Netbeans JavaFX with Scenebuilder 2 is the missing objects. There is no
Togglegroup to choose.

How can I use the above code and integrate it in my Netbeans code?

fire_water | 24 Jun 18:34 2016

Creating Java Entity Classes in Netbeans

I am trying to learn JavaFX so that I can create a desktop application that communicates with a database
(currently using SQLite).

So far, Netbeans is able to connect to the SQLite database. I believe the next step is to create entity
classes, which represent database tables, so I went ahead and did that in Netbeans: File > New Project >
Java > Java Class Library. Then in Projects window > right-click the project > File > New File > Persistence
> "Entity Classes from Database"

Now my projects window looks like this:

[Image: http://i64.tinypic.com/2hi5mr8.png ]

My questions are:

1. What is the next step?
2. How do I use the entity classes in my HelloWorld project?


Johnathan Pietz | 24 Jun 22:48 2016

Interface font too small.

Please help, the font size for the NetBeans 8.1 is too small to read. I can increase the font of the code but not the menu. Can you please explain to me how? All of the info I have read doesn't work or doesn't make sense.

Thank you
troyofeqarth | 25 Jun 00:23 2016

Netbeans 8.1 - main class stops working after "background scanning"


I have a Java SE project in netbeans 8.1.

When I start netbeans, if I right-click my project and choose "run" before background scanning completes,
my project runs. HOWEVER any time after 'background scanning' completes, if i click run from the project
context menu, it forces me to pick a new main class, and none of my classes are available in the list. The java
files in my project always have the wrench icon, even after being compiled, and they never have the icon or
tooltip that normally indicates a runnable class.

Other projects work properly.

So to repeat: on startup, for the first few seconds, 'run' works properly. After the first few seconds, it
stops working.

There is a workaround- If I right-click on the actual file and choose "run file," it runs properly.

Please help.

Zdeněk Žamberský | 24 Jun 16:59 2016

Problem with bugzilla registration


I tried to register to netbeans bugzilla, but I was not successful.
I was following appropriate links, but they point me to community page 
in loop.
I tried starting from multiple points, but without success.
Can someone here please help me with issue ?

I visited following pages (during attempt to register):

1. Bugzilla page [1] : "Log In" link points to 2.
2. Login page [2]: Both "Sign up" (under login) and
    "Join Now" (upper right corner) point to 3
3. Probably should have been registration page [3], but it is simply 
    redirect to 4 (Community page)
4. Community page [4]: "Report a Bug" link points me to 5, "Register"
    (upper right corner) points back to 3
5. Issues page [5]: "join netbeans.org" link there points back to 3, 
clicking on
    "A Step by Step Guide" (lower) points to 6
6. Bugzilla step by step guide [6]: first step "Register" points to 7
7. Nonexistent signup page [7]: "Join now" in (upper right corner) points
    back to 3
8. Contact page [8]: "File a new bug report or enhancement request" link 
    to 5
( As you can see I end up in loop being pointed to Community page. )

I have tried link to contact webmaster as listed on Contact page [8], 
but it
only shows "Secure Connection Failed" error message for me. [9]

Yesterday I tried to ask on #netbeans IRC channel (on freende), but without
success. So now I am asking/reporting here. This is maybe no exactly 
right place
for this kind of problem, but since webmaster page is now working for 
me, I am
running out of options.

best regards,
Zdeněk Žamberský

[1] https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/
[3] https://netbeans.org/people/new
[4] https://netbeans.org/community/index.html
[5] https://netbeans.org/community/issues.html
[6] http://wiki.netbeans.org/IssueReportingGuidelines
[7] https://netbeans.org/people/signup
[8] https://netbeans.org/about/contact.html
[9] https://netbeans.org/about/contact_form.html?to=1

lightrayshow vray | 23 Jun 13:20 2016

Chat apps with video streaming

i want to build a chat apps with video streaming,
what does entails ?

whrrgarbl | 22 Jun 18:05 2016

Unable to register for netbeans.org

I want to submit a bug/feature request, but I don't currently have an account to do so, and any of the
"Register" or "Sign Up" links I found are for the URL "https://netbeans.org/people/new", which just
redirects me back to the community index page. The links I've tried are "Register" in the sidebar at
https://netbeans.org/community/index.html, "Sign up now" at
https://netbeans.org/people/login?original_uri=%2Fcommunity%2Findex.html, and "Join
netbeans.org" at https://netbeans.org/community/issues.html.

Can someone fix this / notify the appropriate people to fix this??

Vaishali Chandel | 22 Jun 19:08 2016

Unable to run project in NetBeans 8.1

Respected Sir/Madam,

Myself Vaishali Chandel. I have downloaded Netbeans 8.1 IDE from your official website and running it with MinGW and MSYS. But it is showing error 127 i.e mkdir:
command not found. To the extent of my knowledge this error arises when MSYS sub- directory is not included in path variable. But I have included MSYS sub- directory. Here is the screenshots attached to the mail of the the path variable and errors in the program.  
It will  be really thankful if you provide any kind of help.