chrisdebo | 22 Sep 18:46 2014

Blank Output when Building Swing CRUD App after Designing the User Interface Step

Could someone offer some suggestions as to what to look at to fix this problem? Following the NB Swing CRUD
application sample project, I got to past the Designing the User Interface step per the instructions and
compiled cleanly. On the Running the Prototype step, the window that is generated is just blank. I don't
see any of the output as in the tutorial. I am using exact code as in the tutorial except that I followed the
link instructions for using the embedded derby db. I also changed the table from customer to score. The db
connection is good and there is data in the table.
I am running JDK 1.8 and NB 8.0.1.

Here is the

import demo.Score;
import java.util.List;
import javax.persistence.EntityManager;
import javax.persistence.Persistence;
import javax.persistence.Query;
import org.netbeans.api.settings.ConvertAsProperties;
import org.openide.awt.ActionID;
import org.openide.awt.ActionReference;
import org.openide.util.NbBundle.Messages;

 * Top component which displays something.
 <at> ConvertAsProperties(
        dtd = "-//",
        autostore = false
 <at> TopComponent.Description(
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NetBooster | 21 Sep 10:34 2014

tables order-services panel

Is there anyway I can change the order of appearance the database tables shown in the services panel?

I tried to do it in by drag & drop but I could not.

At the time of dragging a blue horizontal line appears as if though the change of order was going to take
place-nevertheless nothing occurred.

adhiea7x | 21 Sep 07:55 2014

[ASK] How To view Qos a Sim Card on Android

I was introduced Indonesian android user , I want to make an application for the android app to see the QoS of
the existing Sim card in my country . How does the source code should I terapakan

thanks before , sorry if my english a little confusing .

ePortfel | 20 Sep 22:10 2014

NetBeans 8.0 - compile/debug/run functions deactivated

Guys, how does Netbeans decide if "compile" function is enabled or disabled for specific file?

JeanvdMerwe | 20 Sep 19:26 2014

jPanel Help

Hi there

I want to include a black panel with round edges as in the image below. I also want to make use of a textfield
with round edges. How should I do it? Is there any way to do it without writing any code?



spartanhooah | 20 Sep 01:55 2014

Project tabs blank, often can't build in NetBeans 8.0.1

Ok, I realized that the build etc. icons were greyed out because I hadn't selected a project. That's not
terribly intuitive. I still don't know why the tabs are blank, though.

jba | 19 Sep 14:59 2014

Adding a "true" -classpath to a NetBeans project

Upon building a project, NetBeans creates:


When there is an external library used, NetBeans creates:


MyProject.jar relies on this /lib/mylib.jar, and if it is not present there, MyProject.jar fails to run.

So far so good. Unfortunately, I got a dozen of different lib.jars with a total size of 100+MB, they are
already present on all the computers that have to run MyProject.jar.
I do not want all this libs to exist twice on any computer, and what if I want to reuse some of this libs in
another of my projects, I have to copy the /dist/lib directory again... making it three times the same
lib.jar present...

What NetBean is doing here, is simple copy of the necessary lib.jars, intead of reusing the ones present on
the comp.

Hope anyone know what to do, to make the NetBeans created jar use an already existant lib, instead of
creating a new one.


Phell0x | 19 Sep 10:16 2014

jUnit4 Library - is not found.

First of all I'm using a MAC.

One day i opened my Netbeans and it were unable to retrieve any .org packages. I looked around and found out,
that it had something 2 do with jUnit4 in Library in my "TestPackage".. I went there just to find out, that
there was a red (!) at jUnit4, so i tried to remove it and find it in my library, but I could not find it.

I've tried to check for updates(Which should give me the option to install jUnit4). But didn't work and I
haven't found out any other solution - Can someone help me? ... I use the newest version of NetBeans of course...

Thanks! - Phell0x

jcrist | 18 Sep 21:00 2014

Cannot add custom JPanel component to JFrame using NetBeans 8 GUI editor

Dear All,

I'm really stuck here, please help . I have 2 children of the same abstract class, which inherits from
JPanel. So they are like this:

public class JMyPanel1 extends JMyAbstractPanel 
public class JPanelMy2 extends JMyAbstractPanel
public abstract class JMyAbstractPanel extends javax.swing.JPanel

I can drag and drop JMyPanel1 from Projects explorer to my JFrame form -  when I drag it over the form it shows
the layout as it should, I can drop it on the form etc. But the other one (JMyPanel2) does not work - when I drag
it over it shows just a small rectangle, which floats back to Projects explorer when I release the mouse so
no actual "drop" happens.

I'm failing to understand what is the difference between them. Both are logically the same. Both are public
classes, both have default constructors both are compiling successfully. But one is working while the
other one is not ((((

I was trying to rebuild everything  with clean option,  restart IDE, delete NetBeans cache etc - no luck. One
is working while the other is not!

I tried one little experiment, which may give some clue. When I create  new  empty JPanel component using IDE
with the name NewPanel  - I can compile and add this component to my form with no issue. When I make it subclass
of JMyAbstractPanel - it still works: allows me to drag and drop it on my form.  But then I rename JMyPanel2 to
JMyPanel3 and NewPanel to JMyPanel2 - it stops working!!! Although I did not change anything except name,
which I made equal to "unlucky" JMyPanel2! 

Ah, and yes, the "old" JMyPanel2 does not work no matter how I rename it. 

The funny part: when I rename this new "JMyPanel2" (former NewPanel) to some new name - like JMyPanel4 - it
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David Baron | 18 Sep 21:24 2014

Re: Java Program to Show in Task Manager

> > Running a program as java -jar myprogram.jar. It does not show up in the
> > window managers taskbar or such. Popups within this program do indeed show
> > up.
> > 
> > How do I get the main to show up?
> You can make an exe wrapper. See JSmooth. I have used it much in the passed. 
> As long as your exe runs the JVM by way of the DLL versus starting Java from 
>the command line you will get what you want.  ...

I am not running Windows. Should be a way of getting an executable in Linux as 

> Or mayby simpler:
> from the commandline  / batch.file (ex: in  start group )
> You could use
> *Start "yourProgramName" java -jar myJarName.jar ...

No such command around (again, Linux). Some similar for bash?

gliesian | 18 Sep 19:26 2014

Colorblind-friendly theme

Similar to the new "Dark Nimbus and Dark Metal Look and Feel" for NetBeans, does anyone out there agree that a
Colorblind-friendly theme would be a nice feature to NetBeans?

Fonts & Color Profile for the Color Blind

I think this would be great, as I am colorblind.