cld71 | 6 May 15:00 2016

Apache Tomcat Input

Using Apache Tomcat on a project, and during startup the server must run as a different user using the
"runas" command.
After the "runas" command executes a password input is required.

Is there anyway in Netbeans in the Output window to input this password for the "runas" command?

COD3 | 6 May 12:25 2016

Swing to Database

I have gone mid-way building a dynamic Java software in NetBeans. 

I have dragged into place several swing GUI components using DnD in NetBeans. Even if I know how to hand code
swing GUI components, I am not considering it as I need to move quickly.

I need to ensure that the jTextFields get user input and then pushes them into database by means of
variables. I have created string variables that are using getText() to retreive the user input. Some of
the input expected are numeric so I have tried to convert where necessary.

Now when I get to the part of the db code to use the ResultSet I get error that says
incompatible types: int cannot be converted to ResultSet.

I am using executeUpdate() to insert data.

This is my code straight from the IDE project :


    //declare variables to get input
    String firstname= jTextField1.getText();
    String surname= jTextField2.getText();
    String nic=jTextField9.getText();
    String date=jTextField10.getText();
    String dept=jTextField3.getText();
    String post=jTextField4.getText();
    String sal1=jTextField5.getText(); float sal=Integer.parseInt(sal1);
    String club=jTextField11.getText();
    String loan1=jTextField12.getText(); float loan=Integer.parseInt(loan1);
    String tax1=jTextField6.getText(); float tax=Integer.parseInt(tax1);
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wanghua_mr | 6 May 12:52 2016

tons of mistakes in code assistance

Hi, I'm new to netbeans and I like the function like "show calling diagram" etc. But when handling project of C++ netbeans seems have hundreds of mistake in parsing the source code, in which lots of mistakes are so junior. I'm using netbeans 8.1 portable version and jdk1.8.0_91.

Like below case 1:
the code assistence report rw_map and xpGenLock are undefine, but actually they are well defined in class xpGenLock.
What's more ridiculous is why the "lock_idx" was parsed as not defined? And why even some punctuation was reported as error?

And there're more ridiculous one. The class xpAgeMgr was reported undefined right at where it was defined.
Another one is while the xpManagerLock are displayed as correct but when I trying to go to the definition it failed. But xpLogModFl was reported undefined but when trying to go to the definition it succeed. I'm totally confused by it's behavior and these errors make it unusable for C++. I have to go back to SourceInside for these C++ code. SourceInside can do these things perfectly even before more than 10 years....

Not sure if it realted to portable version or is there anything I should do to make it right?

Thank you!
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lawrenceh | 4 May 22:04 2016

MCProtocolLib Java Library

I am using Netbeans 6.7 and wish to include the MCProtocolLib Library (a Minecraft comms library) in my
application. I cannot integrate the MCProtocolLib library without getting an "package does not exist" error for each import line of code i.e.import;

The entire package has three parts.The other two parts MCAuthLib and packetlib are okay.

The MCProtocolLib library comes in to following directory structure:\ClassicProtocolLib-master\src\main\java\org\spacehq\mc\classic\protocol

I have tried near every point in to directory structure to include it into Netbeans with the
Library->Classpath->Add JAR/Folder... button but without success.

Can someone please point me in the right direction.

Many thanks in advance.

smileinside | 5 May 17:11 2016

Adding folder with multiple jars to a project classpath

Hi all, I am a bit confused. I can't add a folder that contains multiple jars to the classpath of a project. In
NetBeans there is an option to add a folder, but it  seems to not work :

[Image: ]

After I add the folder with the jars, in the file of the project i have the next

[Image: ]

[Image: ]

How you can see, the jars from the temp folder are not listed. 

So my question is: how to add a folder with multiple jars to the classpath ? Maybe there is a special plugin ?

dale____ | 5 May 20:04 2016

"Introduction to GUI Building" main class error?

on the Introduction to GUI Building page

it says to uncheck the addition of a main class when creating a project, then later says to add a main class
from the error box if a main page from the list in the error pop up when running, tried debugging <no main
classes found>, same pop up

I tried adding a main class in project creation, it runs, no errors, but no GUI launches from NetBeans or the
terminal run, no errors

I'm using NetBeans IDE 8.1

zero_cool | 5 May 20:43 2016

Can somebody please help me with drag n drop html designing in netbeans

I was trying to design some very simple and basic html forms, however i hate designing it manually in
notepad, hence i decided to go for some drag n drop tool. however, i can not find other tools user friendly,
so i decided to look for the facility in netbeans itself. But, this bloody IDE says in its tutorial that you
should open html page in design page, but i am not able to see design tab itself. How am i gonna open bloody
page in this design tab ? Can somebody pls help, I am really losing my patience now. [Evil or Very Mad]  [Evil
or Very Mad]  [Evil or Very Mad]

rcook | 5 May 22:57 2016

cannot delete eval expression from variables window

I used "evaluate expression" and put the result in my variables window. I later closed the debugging
session; all my variables webt away as expected, but the evaluated expression is still there. It is
impervious to anything I've thought of doing with it -- delete button, right-click, escape key, etc.

Can someone please tell me how to delete the evaluated expression?

cizzle | 5 May 23:08 2016

How to unignore binary files for SVN commit?

I have a C++ project with some .dll, .dll.a, and .o files that need to be commited to the SVN repo.

I just noticed recently that I can't get Netbeans to unignore these files. I've tried the following:

- Right clicking the files individually and choosing "SVN > Ignore > Unignore". This prints some console
info stating that it is unignoring those files, but their names stay gray and I can't commit them.

- Right clicking the project and going to "SVN > Properties" and removing everything but my build and dist
directories from the ignore list.

- Going to Tools > Options > Team > Action Items and trying to add binary 
MIME-Types, but Netbeans won't let me add new types here unless they have a specified comment string.

Is there something I'm missing or does Netbeans automatically blacklist any binary files from commits?

I understand that often you don't want binaries committed, but in this case I'm positive that I do.

Gary Greenberg | 5 May 23:55 2016

Refactor - rename java package has problems

I am refactoring an older application.
I had to move some classes around and found what I consider a bug but would like to hear an expert opinion on it.
I have java classes in packages
I have created packages a.b.c.d.U and a.b.c.d.V and moved most of classes from a.b.c.d.Y to those two.
That works well. But remaining 3 classes should really be in a.b.c.d package which did not exist in my
project tree.
I wanted to rename package a.b.c.d.Y package to a.b.c.d package but Netbeans won’t allow me to do so.
Refactor button was disabled. I think, because in reality directory structure does exist for a.b.c.d
I resolved this by moving these java classes to the manually typed package.
I think it should at the very least put out a warning or better say “this package exist, do you want to move
your classes there? 
and present yes/no buttons.
jarome | 4 May 16:20 2016

Can't find imports needed

I am trying to use GMapsFX to make a map in an application. The tutorial in
does not work because I cannot set the Netbeans version to anything other than dev-SNAPSHOT, and Maven
cannot find the files, e.g., The POM for org.netbeans.api:org-openide-loaders:jar:dev-SNAPSHOT is
missing, no dependency information available.
So I tried using the supposed source code in that article. But I cannot find the needed imports:

import org.openide.awt.ActionID;
import org.openide.awt.ActionReference;
import org.openide.util.NbBundle.Messages;

They are not in the openide 4.0 jar that I found.