nsvir | 1 Jul 11:06 2015

Why I can't use netbeans not more


If someone has got a solution to my reason I am leaving netbeans I would be glade to hear it.
But I am tired to search about it.

I am using netbeans for an Android project (thanks to NBandroid plugins very cool, with a nice action range)

But why can't it also be a Java Project ?
I can't custom some (used) project properties like the header template, unit test, ... just because it is an
Android and not JAVA project.

I tried to define 2 projects for the same folder but netbeans doesn't allow that.

And that's why I am leaving netbeans,
It is powerful but not good enough to be so inflexible.

Thanks for reading

nashcc | 30 Jun 21:27 2015

Can Netbeans 7.4 run on Solaris 10 X86 64bit

We are reviewing on what version Netbeans we can use and was wondering if 7.4 can be used on solaris 10 or do we
have to use the 7.4 OS independent version of 7.4?

parcrowing | 30 Jun 19:31 2015

Using CRUD with existing front end GUI

This is my first time using this so here go's

I've created a simple student enrolment database using MySQL workbench. 

I've created a nice looking front end GUI using swing with simple text-fields, choice-fields, JRadio
buttons and JButtons and even an image.

I've connected them together

I'm rubbish at coding, but someone told me I could use CRUD to do the coding for me. Is this possible??


razerduy | 30 Jun 14:24 2015

How to connect database in java netbeans

Hi guys, i'm studying java dev. I have a question: how to connect database (sql server 2014) into java
netbeans 8.0.2? I connect via windows authentication but i have problem: "cannot establish a connection
to jdbc: blah blah blah.." I connect via windows authentication so i don't need username and password,
right? I had attached 2 screen: netbeans and sql server. I need your help


Emin ŞİT | 29 Jun 00:48 2015

Netbeans - Git - Remote Server problem

Hello guys,

I have a problem. Could you help me please.

I have a server. Which contains some of my projects etc. I installed git(version controller). I have netbeans on my computer when i try to sync git via cloning i am getting the connection problem.

which i mentioned in ticket i opened in stack overflow.

after a suggestion ı tried to use ssh key and i got another error.

as a conclusion i want to connect my git repo via my netbeans side from my computer

and this is stack overflow question link.

iamcreasy | 29 Jun 00:30 2015

Shortcut to cycle through the opened code windows


I have few code window(editor) opened in Netbeans. The only keyboard shortcut I know to navigate between
them is Ctrl + Tab, and this displays a list of opened tabs to choose from. But it feels very clumsy. 

Is there any better shortcut to cycle through the opened tabs?

I am using NetBeans 8.0.2

TheWiseGuy121 | 28 Jun 13:57 2015

Cant Type

i cant type in the fields at all. I just got it. it doesnt even have the page with the class on it.


GeertVc | 28 Jun 10:51 2015

Autocompletion like in Notepad++?

To see autocompletion in action in Netbeans 8.x, you have to press Ctrl-Space to have the popup menu with the
possible candidates.

When looking to the autocompletion in Notepad++, it simply shows the possibilities while typing, which is
much more convenient.

They make this possible by allowing the user to define from how many characters onwards the autocompletion
should popup.  They even make a distinction between functions and/or regular words, like so:

See the attached screenshot of Notepad++'es Autocompletion window.

Would something similar be a valid improvement for Netbeans too?


arshad365 | 27 Jun 17:31 2015

How to change the default Icon in netbeans deployed application

Hi, Every one I hope you'll be fine. My question is that I have build an application in netbeans. I want to
change the icon of my application deployed in native mode. Please give me positive and easy way to do so.
Evey Idea is welcome. 

Thanks in advance. 

Regards: Arshad

Grimspiller | 27 Jun 15:36 2015

Could not install some modules

Hi when I instaled a plugin here is what pops out when I run NetBeans:

[Image: http://s1.postimg.org/5vpwgyuj3/Untitled.jpg ]

Also it seems I can not activate Android plugin:

> Activation failed: Not all requested modules can be enabled:
[StandardModule:org.netbeans.modules.android.kit jarFile: C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\NetBeans\8.0.2\modules\org-netbeans-modules-android-kit.jar]

FidLi | 27 Jun 09:12 2015

Closing cygwin terminal shortcut?

I have win7 and Netbeans 8.0.2.
I have installed cygwin so I could use embedded terminal. I can open up the terminall normally, using the
shortcut I have set (default ctrl+T)...

But the problem is, once the terminal opens, all shortcuts except for crtl+tab are registered within
terminal and ignored by netbeans. So I cannot for example jump to editor by ctrl + 0, or to project browser by ctr+1.

I absolutely hate the netbeans ctrl+tab functionality and would rather jump right to the editor.

I have also discovered Ignore global shortcuts option in the settings, but toggling it does not do anything...

Is there a way, to somehow make this work natively? Or is this candidate for another plugin?

thanks, Adam