chicane | 3 Oct 16:24 2015

Numerous issues with sample apps

I am having numerous issues with the built in sample apps which i find odd and a bit disturbing. these apps
should be ready to roll without so much as a config change.

- The Java GUI app doesn't do anything.
- The AngularJS app doesn't even come up
- Neither does the PHP app

What gives?

Win 10/64 bit
JVM 1.8
NB 8.02
GlassFish 4.1

Bayless Kirtley | 2 Oct 18:26 2015

Re: Default how to make the comboBox autofill in netbeans?

What do you mean by "auto complete?"

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Subject: [nbusers] Default how to make the comboBox autofill in netbeans?

I have searched everywhere for this answer. although there are many, none of 
the answers worked for me (due to my inexperience). Does anyone know of a 
tutorial that takes me step by step how to do it. or how to import a ready 
made comboBox that can autocomplete

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ayman | 2 Oct 17:30 2015

Default how to make the comboBox autofill in netbeans?

I have searched everywhere for this answer. although there are many, none of the answers worked for me (due
to my inexperience). Does anyone know of a tutorial that takes me step by step how to do it. or how to import a
ready made comboBox that can autocomplete


Slow interface for update that has not yet been implemented, Interfaz lenta por actualización que aún no se ha aplicado

Currently I find developing developing me the integration of a system librarys Development Kits, which developed them for not more than JDK 7u2 versions, my problem lies in the NetBeans which is 7.1 and can not migrate because of the kits, and a few days ago I appeared an "Auto update Services", for now plugin does not interest me that NetBeans will auto update and can not remove the update manager updates NetBeans and what it does is put the excessively slow connecting interface, although distanced a few minutes reappears, and change the configuration updates NetBeans options but the problem remains. Is there any way to remove / cancel this update?

Thanks for the quick response.

Actualmente me encuentro desarrollando desarrollando la integración de un sistema con librerias de Kits de desarrollo, los cuales los desarrollaron para versiones no superiores al JDK 7u2, mi problema radica en el NetBeans el cual es 7.1 y no puedo migrar a causa de los Kits, y hace unos dias me ha aparecido un plugin "Auto Update Services", de momento no me interesa que el NetBeans se auto actualice y no puedo quitar la actualización del administrador de actualizaciones del NetBeans y lo que hace es poner la intefaz exageradamente lenta, aunque lo desmarco a los pocos minutos vuelve a aparecer, ya cambie la configuración de las actualizaciones en las opciones del NetBeans pero el problema sigue. Hay alguna manera que quite / cancele esta actualización?

Gracias por la pronta respuesta.
b1narydigit | 2 Oct 11:51 2015

URL Query String


How do I add a query string to the URL in the Project Properties Run Category ?

I have Start File as abc.html but I want to run abc.html?mode=debug

Thanks in advance


colmkav | 2 Oct 10:53 2015

unlock variable change in Swing GUI Forms

Is it possible to change these private declarations? Basically I would like to extend the jTable class so I
would like to either remove this line or change the object type from jTable to my new class.

    // Variables declaration - do not modify                     
    private javax.swing.JLabel jLabel1;
    private javax.swing.JPanel jPanel1;
    private javax.swing.JScrollPane jScrollPane1;
    private javax.swing.JTable jTable1;

b1narydigit | 2 Oct 10:41 2015

Find Usages


I'm new to Netbeans and loving it so far.

I have an html application project but when I edit my javascript files 'find usages' is constantly greyed
out under the edit menu and the shortcut (alt F7) does nothing.

Am I missing something ?

Many thanks


Gary Greenberg | 2 Oct 02:42 2015

Running a file in the test packages.

I have a complex maven project that I want thoroughly tested.
I have all the tests written.
However, test data need to be generated based on configuration.
I wrote those generator and placed it into the test packages.
It is a class with the main() method that is suppose to take two arguments (names of config files).
My problem is that I cannot invoke this program with  arguments from netbeans.
In the project properties there is an action called “Run file via main()” but I can’t figure out how it is working:
  • How to provide arguments for this main() method?
  • I cannot find this action in any menu.
I’d appreciate a help in this regard.
FidLi | 1 Oct 10:26 2015

Project Window nodes navigation shortcuts

This is concerning Project Window.
I am browsing large projects quite frequently and I have discovered that you can open folder by pressing
RIGHT arrow key and close it by LEFT arrow key, if the folder is targeted. If you use LEFT on any of the
children, it jumps to the parent folder keeping the folder open.

I am looking for 2 things:
Shortcut to jump up, leaving the active folder in its state(open/closed), so that the shorcut does not
close the current folder, as would LEFT do.
given project:

Pressing the shortcut on subdir1/2/3 would jump to dir, leaving it in the same state (subdir2 open,
subdir1/3 closed, dir open)

Shorcut to jump to the next/previous sibling. Imagine this:

Being on file1 or file2, pressing the shorcuts, it would just navigate inside subdir2, whereas pressing
shorcuts on subdir3 would go nowhere(RIGHT) or on subdir2 (LEFT), skipping all the subnodes...

Are such shorcuts natively available, or is there any plugin?


payamm | 1 Oct 08:08 2015

Help with GlassFish server


I am trying to make the simple web application by following the tutorial on the website, but when it comes to
Setting up a JDBC data source and connection pool, when I open New File wizard, there is no GlassFish server
in the categories. Attached the screenshot.


chromewells | 30 Sep 20:24 2015

I need help

I have 12 projects due this sunday, and I only completed two. In Alice in action 3 with Java chapter 7
Programming Projects 7.3 I'm designing the story  of Mary had a little lamb, but lost in translation of
writing this code. Anyone familiar with it?