SurajVerma | 17 Apr 14:22 2015

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE in Chrome


This is my first post here so excuse me if I am posting in wrong forum topic.
I am getting below error when trying to run the html page in chrome with netbeans connector.

> Failed to load resource: net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE (17:36:24:795 | error, network)
>   at http://localhost:8383/favicon.ico

I am using netbeans for more than an year (mainly for html development)  and I saw this error for the first time.

I don't have any fevicon.ico in any of the directories/sub-directories is the code if you want to have a look at it.

desmond.kirrane | 17 Apr 15:57 2015

Run HTML in NetBeans Chrome Connector

I have a standard Maven jar project. That contains some html files.

I want to run these HTML files with the NetBeans Chrome Connector.
However, the Run File (Shift+F6) is greyed out.

How can I configure a Maven project in order to Run html files?

Gautam | 17 Apr 07:53 2015

How can I convert my Java project to an jar file with all the external libraries which i have used in my project?

hi all ,

 i have converted my java project into jar file by NetBeans and gave it to my friend . Whenever he click on that
jar he is getting exception and then i have tried from cmd to run it then it was showing error like
iText.pdf.* missing .

It means in that jar file the external library which i have used in my project is not there . so guys please give
me a solution that how i convert my java project along with the external library i have used in my project.

Thanks in advance

kadey | 16 Apr 20:23 2015

Multi-language projects...

I want to create a project at the Subversion branch level so I can perform updates/commits/etc for
everything in the branch in one fell swoop (ala TortoisSVN). This project contains many different
implementation languages. 

Is this possible?


Rid_dell | 16 Apr 07:22 2015

Netbeans IDE 8.0.2 wont run

Whenever I try to start NetBeans the splash screen gets about two thirds of the way through turning on the
modules but then disappears.

When In first started running NetBeans 7 it worked, but after I upgraded to Netbeans 8 it doesn't appear to
start. I've re-installed the Java SDK, but I'm unable to re-install NetBeans as a running locked version
message appears even if I use the Windows XP control panel. I have no desire to upfrade from my very oldWin XP
box as it suits my purposes.

jhsachs | 16 Apr 03:48 2015

Problems with the Python plugin

I'm a new user of Python (v2.7). NetBeans is my preferred IDE, so I'm using NetBeans 8.0.2 with the Python
plugin (PythonCore 1.0).

I have some questions about the plugin based on a my first day of use. First, I've noticed that auto complete
displays names that do not belong to the entity before the dot. It seems to display a list of Python reserved
words (and, as, assert, break, class...) no matter what context it's used in.

Second, I'm having trouble getting breakpoints to work. The plugin's wiki says that "The way to setup
breakpoints in python are the same as in Java: just click on the left gutter of the line you want to be a
breakpoint." That does indeed set a breakpoint, but as soon as the breakpoint is set the debugger starts
running the program, and runs it right through to the end, without stopping at the breakpoint. If I start
stepping into the program and then set a breakpoint, the same thing happens. This makes breakpoints

Third, something repeatedly makes the editor increase or decrease the size of the font it uses. I think some
sort of mouse gesture is doing it, but I haven't been able to identify the cause. To restore the original
font size I must open the Options dialog, change the editor's font size, then change it back.

Finally, I've found that under some (unidentified) conditions the editor ceases to mark syntax errors
with a warning symbol in the left margin, removing most of the benefit of editing in an IDE.

I don't pretend to know enough about Python or the plugin yet to be able to pass judgments, but these problems
appear to be show stoppers. I hope someone can explain to me that they are misunderstandings, and once I get
past them the plugin will work pretty well.

Tristram de Lyones | 16 Apr 01:32 2015

User Installed Plugins - deactivating only one of them?

Is there a way to deactivate/uninstall just one of the plugins without touching the other user plugins installed?


JannieT | 15 Apr 21:40 2015

Yikes! Yosemite update 10.10.2 killed my Netbeans

So Yosemite 10.10.3 came out this week and, YAY!!! bug is gone.

zootal | 15 Apr 15:39 2015

How to enable java language options in Tools-->Options->Formatting->Language

There is NO Java Language option in Tools-->Options->Formatting->Language. All that appears is:

All Languages

I even have Java enabled, but there is still no Java language option there. I'm using NetBeans 8.0.2, but the
last few releases were the same - no Java Language options.

Is there some trick to getting Java language to appear in Tools-->Options->Formatting->Language ?

rajdeep.das | 15 Apr 13:51 2015

Compatibility Information Required

Hi Support Team,


I am supporting an organization who wants to migrate their applications from Windows Server 2003 to Windows 2008 R2/ Windows Server 2012 R2. I am unable to determine compatibility of the application mentioned below.


NetBeans IDE 7.1.1





In this regard, I am contacting you as you are the vendor of this application. Please let me know on the below:


Is this application version compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2 or there is any free or paid upgrade available for the same?

If the above is false ,Is this application version compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2 or there is any free or paid upgrade available for the same ?



Thanks in Advance for your help on this,



Rajdeep Das

Avanade Technology Group

Accenture | Delivery Centers for Technology in India

Mobile: +91 7259103391 |



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ranaraza | 15 Apr 12:20 2015

Netbeans Output

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 20, Size: 20 
at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck( 
at java.util.ArrayList.get(