Farmer | 31 Oct 18:41 2014

inno exe installer

dear friends, 
I made an application (Database apache derby in JavaFx FXML) with Net Beans 7.4. 
When I run the application through it Net Beans, everything works well. 

But when I choose “Packaga as- - - >exe installer” into the exe package the database not exist,
and I can not connect to it.
The all application start well to run, but is not continue to work.

How resolve this problem?

gbulfon | 31 Oct 08:41 2014

Maven projects interdependencies


NetBeans support for maven projects is amazing.
We only have trouble having automatic build of dependant subprojects, when they are changed anywhere.
We have a big project with many library projects attached as dependencies.
You find yourself coding here and there during the work.
Running the main project should check for all the dependency tree and rebuild dependents when needed.
Instead, this does not happen.
Is there anything we can do to make this happen?
It used to work with ant based dependency projects.


wjgood | 30 Oct 12:38 2014

How to define the JavaC version used by JasperReports to match Netbeans

I've done a lot of searching and I can't find an answer. I'm working on a large Netbeans project that is set to
compile JasperReports at the same time that it compiles the project. The problem is we want to set
JasperReports to compile with the same version of JavaC selected in Netbeans instead of the JavaC version
that is on the OS path.

I think it can be solved by modifying build.xml.

Here is what I believe is the relevant section of the file.

    <target name="-post-compile" depends="compile-report"/>
    <target name="compile-report" depends="init">
        <taskdef name="jrc" classname="net.sf.jasperreports.ant.JRAntCompileTask" classpath="${javac.classpath}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${build.classes.dir}/...proj/reports"/>
        <jrc tempdir="${build.classes.dir}/...proj/reports"
compiler="" destdir="${build.classes.dir}/...proj/reports">
                <fileset dir="${basedir}/reports">
                    <include name="**/*.jrxml"/>                    
            <classpath path="${run.classpath}"/>

        <!--copy the styles into the classpath-->
        <copy todir="${build.classes.dir}/...proj/reports">
            <fileset dir="${basedir}/reports">
                <include name="**/*.jrtx"/>
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chrismalan | 30 Oct 10:32 2014

import grails.plugins.springsecurity.Secured class not resolvable

chrismalan wrote:
> Yes, how about it?  This problem was first reported in 2009 and is still alive and well in NB7.  I ignore it as it
affects nothing.  It would be nice if it would go away, though.

It's now late 2014 and Netbeans 8.0.1 and the problem is still there.  Will it ever go away?

Andrew | 30 Oct 12:44 2014


Explorer bug
Kumarkovuru | 29 Oct 06:03 2014

How to Debug PHP Code in Netbeans IDE 7.3.1?

i have installed Net beans IDE 7.3.1, Xampp 3.2.1 server in my machine. i can run my source
code(codeigniter) in netbeans. i need to debug my source code so that i can see changes if i made any thing in
controller, model. 
i have been trying it for since 2 days..  
Please anyone help me out from this...

windsBlowin | 29 Oct 04:43 2014

Debugger breakpoints out of sync under 8.0.1

Any progress on this?  I've seen something similar lately, but I think it's just a NetBeans update issue.  If
you make sure that NetBeans refreshes all the links (generally, a restart), it should be better.  Also
helps to clear the .cache/netbeans/x.x.x and .netbeans/x.x.x/var/log/*heap.dump.


telkomsa25721 | 28 Oct 17:14 2014


I have a message for you

keepitsosimple | 28 Oct 17:03 2014

Attach remote debugger - debuging JSP files (Tomcat 5)

I have the same problem with tomcat 7.
Debug won't stop in JSP files (except if I place the breakpoint inside a method)

sample of JSP file:

1. <%! static void myMethod() {
2.               System.out.println("myMethod");
3.         } %>
5. <%
6.       System.out.println("JSP");
7.        myMethod();
8. %>

Note if I place a breakpoint at lines 2, 6 and 7, the breakpoint only stops in line 2 because it is a method.

ouribeb930 | 28 Oct 17:03 2014

Debuggin Netbeans 8 error

Attached you will find the IDE Profiler result.

Thanks for your help.

Patrick Nowak | 29 Oct 10:32 2014

Netbeans sometimes doesn't recognize generated classes


I am developing a Netbeans Platform application. This application is 
splitted into Maven modules. In one of the modules I am generating JAXB 
classes from a XSD schema. The classes are always generated and shown 
fine. But sometimes, Netbeans seems to not recognize them anymore.

In classes using these generated classes I get errors saying that the 
imported and used classes are not there. I still can build the 
application without any errors and the classes are still shown in the 
project view and I can open them.

My setup:

- Netbeans IDE 8.0.1 with all updates
- Java 1.8.0_20
- Maven 3.0.4
- Git

If I can provide anymore information regarding this issue, please let me 

Best regards,