tkellerer | 20 Aug 15:00 2015


newbie89 wrote:
> I need to create a forum/chat app but don't know where to start  :( 
> Any guidance much appreciated.
This forum is not for general programming questions. 

This is only for questions regarding the use (setup, configuration, customization) of the NetBeans IDE. 

When you post this question in a more approrate forum you should also consider to provide a lot  more
information about what you want to do (and find a more suitable subject) Your question as it is won't be
answered in any forum I know

Stanislav Baiduzhyi | 19 Aug 14:20 2015

NetBeans 8.1 issue extracting superclass

Encountered this issue with the NetBeans from 2015-08-17. What's the
procedure on this one, should I report it through bugzilla as normal

Steps to reproduce:
1. Add following class:
package org.test.netbeans;
public class MainClass {
    private final String one;
    private final String two;
    public MainClass(String one, String two) { = one;
        this.two = two;
    protected String getOne() {
        return one;
    protected String getTwo() {
        return two;

2. Second mouse button click - Refactor - Extract Superclass, mark
both one and getOne for extraction.

3. Superclass is extracted, but "one" is not passed to super() and
superclass has only default constructor, leaving final field "one"

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tkellerer | 17 Aug 23:45 2015

how do I delete an event handler

ras_oscar wrote:
> I have been working on a swing application using Netbeans. I had some false starts and ended up with a couple
event handlers that I no longer need, as they do not fire wen I expected. How do I delete them within
netbeans? They are within the protected portions of the code.

* Select the component where the handler is defined
* Click on the "Events" tab in the "Properties" editor for that component
* Click in the right hand column (the one with the dropdown arrow) of the event for which you want to delete the
* the handler name will be selected. Press DEL to delete the next from that input field -> the handler method
is deleted.

This is also documented in the manual:

Blake McBride | 17 Aug 06:10 2015

What is the nbbrowse target?

Hi.  My build-impl.xml contains the "nbbrowse" XML tag.  What is that?  Where is it defined?


Blake McBride

Blake McBride | 16 Aug 20:32 2015

How to stop including jersey2 jars


I am using NetBeans 8.0.2 on 64 bit Linux.  I have a SOAP web + hibernate app that works fine.  However, if I right-click on one of the source files with a main and click "Run File" I get a runtime error.

After about 8 hours of investigation I discovered that the problem is caused by NetBeans adding the following jar's that I am not specifying.  If I run the same command from a shell script with these jars excluded, everything works.  They are:


The app runs fine when I run the whole thing, I just can't seem to run a single class.  This is something that worked for years but all of a sudden doesn't work anymore.  Although I haven't used this facility recently, I restored the source from a year ago (when I know it worked) and it doesn't anymore.  Something in NetBeans changed.

How can I make NetBeans not include the jersey2 jars when I run a single class?

(When the app runs as a whole, it is a soap / tomcat web server.  When I run a single class it is intended to run as a non-web, non-soap, non-tomcat, command line app.)


Blake McBride

tkellerer | 16 Aug 08:48 2015

How to convert from characters to ASCII and ASCII to binary?

Alice5 wrote:
> Who are you or the other commenter to tell anyone any such rule?
If you look at the list of moderators for this forum (or the others) you will see my name listed there. 

The description of the NetBeans users mailing list (which is synchronized with this forum) states: 

> "nbusers <at> The main NetBeans user support list. General discussion of NetBeans use

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Nothing is so much to be feare d as Evil Report.
Crissy Elgart
tkellerer | 14 Aug 19:44 2015

How to install a Plugin without internet access

StormCrow wrote:
> We are using Netbeans at work, and our internet access is limited (for example, we have access to Oracle
sites, but not Netbeans site). We don't have any problem to install Netbeans without Net access on our
desktops using the OS independent zip, but how is it possible to install a Plugin in our (limited)
environment? Our immediate use case is FindBugs.
You need to download the NBM files on a different computer. Then you can copy them to the computer that has no
internet access. In the Plugin manager ("Tools -> Plugins") there is a tab named "Downloaded". Switch to
that tab, click on "Add plugins" and select the NBM file you copied. 

The findbugs plugin for NetBeans 8.0 can be downloaded from here:

Pete Ford | 14 Aug 16:55 2015

C++ debugging - setting follow-fork-mode


Is there any short cut that I can use to run a gdb command every time I debug a 

Specifically, I want to do

     set follow-fork-mode child

to enable the debugger to follow the child processes in the server I am trying 
to write.
It's a pain having to go to the Debugger Console and type it out every time I 
start the debugger.
There is not even any command history in the console to allow me to get previous 


tkellerer | 14 Aug 08:06 2015

Netbeans won't start after popup screen

rockin7136 wrote:
> I'm taking a Computer Science class this semester, and the professor wants us to download Netbeans 6.9.1
specifically. I've installed it, but when I try to run it, I just get that initial pop-up window, and then it
goes away, and then nothing. I have a JDK installed and Java installed. The newest versions of those. 
6.9.1 is ancient history and the request from your professor to use that outdated and unsupported version
is not understandable (not to say stupid). 

I don't think NetBeans 6.9 will work with any recent JDK (and it will most definitely not support any Java
language constructs after Java 5). So you will need to find a JDK 1.5 or maybe a JDK 1.6 to run NetBeans with. 

See here: on how to specify the JDK that NetBeans should use to run itself.

tkellerer | 14 Aug 08:01 2015

How to convert from characters to ASCII and ASCII to binary?

Alice5 wrote:
> If there's a rule like that, send a link to it.
I already you twice that this forum is not for general Java questions - regardless if they are homework or
anything else. It is only for questions regarding the usage (i.e. configuration, installation, bug
reports, performance and so on) of the NetBeans IDE. 

General Java questions should be asked in an appropriate forum (Oracle Java Community, Stackoverflow, or
something similar).