epsilonorion | 31 Jul 15:00 2014

Docblock spacing ussue when using custom sized tabs

I currently am working with C++ code that uses tabs. I did not like the default spacing within Netbeans so I
changed the spacing in the options menu. For both C++ and Header files, I currently changed and have 2 for
the Indent Size, Tab Size, and Statement Fields.

When I go to enter a new docblock, the first portion of the spacing comes up fine, however, the second half
holding doxygen parameters does not. Instead of getting:


	 *  <at> param one
	 *  <at> param two
	 *  <at> param three

I get:


   *  <at> param one
   *  <at> param two
   *  <at> param three

I currently assume this is due to the changes in the indent spacing as before the change it worked fine. Any
suggestions on where to look to fix the problem would be appreciated.

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eng.rcordeiro | 31 Jul 13:35 2014

External JAR not displayed on search module when adding dependency

Hi Dears,

I create a ModuleW which is a wrapper for an external jar and another ModuleB. On this ModuleB I need to add a
dependency of the ModuleW, then I choose Add Module Dependency and on the filter I type an class from my
external library add on ModuleW (all packages are public), but they aren't displayed on the result. I'm
able to see the ModuleW, but I cannot retrieve any class from it using the filter field on the Module
Dependency Window. If I add the ModuleW directly without searching for a class, then it works normally on
ModuleB with imports.

Please, help me I'm doing something wrong when wrapping the ModuleW or this is the way netbeans works. I
cannot search for external libraries on Module Dependency Window.

Zachary1234 | 31 Jul 08:31 2014

Question about extra Java memory on 32 bit Windows.

I have discovered when using 32 bit java on 32 bit Windows (not 64 bit java on 64 bit windows, 64 bit hardware)
that my running programs won't be able to exceed memory usage much further than about

C:>  java program  -Xmx1500m

I have used some of the available Windows memory tools to observe memory usage of a simple while(true)
program that does nothing but balloon in memory.  I either get an exception from java saying there's no
memory left less than the maximum, or I simply can't take any more RAM, even with more Megabytes or
Gigabytes or RAM actively available.  Could someone tell me how to surpass this upper limit in 32 bit
Windows with 32 bit Java?

BorisG | 31 Jul 04:34 2014

Debugging tooltips disappeared

I suddenly lost the tooltips that show over local variables etc while debugging. I can inspect the
variables in Variables window, but it's less convenient. I suspect I clicked something accidentally and
disabled tooltips. Where are the settings that turn tooltips on/off?

Latest Netbeans, JavaScript development

Thanks a lot

Ricardo Palomares Martínez | 30 Jul 21:03 2014

Using NB-generated JPAControllers for bulk operations


I'm creating a Java SE desktop application with JPA. I created JPA Controller classes through the NB wizard (File -> New -> Persistence -> JPA Controller classes from Entity Classes).

I'm now writing a SwingWorker task that imports data from a CSV file into the DB, in two different tables. I wonder if I should use those JPA Controller classes to persist the data or is it better to directly create and manage a single EntityManager in the SwingWorker class (each JPA Controller class, as generated by NB, creates its own EntityManager).

If (as I think) it is better not to use those Controller classes, is there some place in NB docs where it is described what are intended the JPA Controller classes for, which kind of scenarios, their limitations, etc.?

WHamer1 | 30 Jul 03:04 2014

New user can't get started

I am trying to use Net Beans 8.0 on a mac running OS X version 10.7.5.  When I launch NetBeans it says no java
found.  I have successfully installed java for OS X.  What could be the problem?

DragonLeaves | 29 Jul 22:02 2014

Adding iText 5.5.2 to NetBeans 8 -> Yes. Instantiating? No.


This one is interesting.

From the project page I right click on the 'Librairies' folder and 'Add Jar/Folder' the itext jar. It shows
up in the Librairies folder. From there, I do an import statement, and the intellisense of NetBeans will
pick com. and show .iText, and so on. 

However once inside a class, NetBeans doesn't recognize any of the iText classes. It says "cannot find
symbol", or more precisely:

> cannot find symbol
>   symbol:   class PDFReader
>   location: class NewClass
> ----
> (Alt-Enter shows hints)

Any ideas?

Thank you for your time.

> Product Version: NetBeans IDE 8.0 (Build 201403101706)
> Updates: NetBeans IDE is updated to version NetBeans 8.0 Patch 2
> Java: 1.7.0_65; Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 24.65-b04
> Runtime: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 1.7.0_65-b19
> System: Windows 7 version 6.1 running on amd64; Cp1252; en_US (nb)


armeagle | 29 Jul 20:03 2014

Bug 160771 - Custom Code Templates and Code Completion - or how does it work

I've found https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=160771 but I'm
wondering whether the patch for this fix actually made it in the
current version (8) and is still in it.

I share exactly the brought issue there "For me it also does not make
much sens to have a 
hugh stack of custom code templates and have to remember each and every
abbreviation to be able to expand it with TAB or whatever."

I want code completion on the text in the expanded text section.

The fix seems to suggest a code template should have some context
selection. But I see nothing of the kind in the interface.

Am I overlooking something, or not?

If not, should I reopen that bug, or should I start a new one, pointing
to this one?

Thank you.

obfuscator2 | 29 Jul 15:52 2014

Beans Binding won't work model->GUI


I'm trying to do read/write syncing / binding between some GUI objects (JTextField, JList, …) and a Bean.
I configured the binding for instance for a JTextField using the GUI builder. Syncing GUI->model works
fine, but I have problems getting the other way around working.

Up to now, I added an instance of PropertyChangeSupport as well as the methods addPropertyChangeListener
and removePropertyChangeListener to my model.
I added a debug output to addPropertyChangeListener, but it does not get executed, so apparently, the
binding does not register as listener.

So I guess I am missing something?

Henderson, Roy | 29 Jul 21:59 2014

Trying and failing to get my Raspberry Pi working with Netbeans

I am trying and failing to get my Raspberry Pi working with Netbeans 8.


I have reached the point of trying to setup a remote platform and cannot get past that.


I don’t think Java8 is presently installed on my Pi so I am trying to get NB to create the remote JRE for me.


So, when I click on the “Create” button next to the “Remote JRE Path” textbox on the “SetUp Remote Platform” panel, I then get the “Create Java SE Embedded JRE panel.


However, no matter what I try for the “EJDK Location” it always comes back saying “The xxx is not a valid EJDK location.”


I really would appreciate if someone could take a moment to tell me what I should be entering as the EJDK Location to get me past this …


In case it matters, I’m running on W/7-Pro.





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uha | 29 Jul 04:59 2014

using the database plugin

I am new  to Linux (ubuntu 14.04) and also to netbeans 8 and I am quite impressed especially of the database
features. There are 2 things, however, I wonder if I didn't just find out how to use or simply absent.

1. I have tables, views, procedures (very happy with that) but I am missing the triggers, having several
tables with triggers would be very useful to see them.

2. The embedded browser opens ONLY in a split window - I would prefer to have it in a new tab because of the very
limited space on my development notebook, despite 17" screen. How can this be done eventually?