guxiaobo1982 | 19 Apr 11:45 2015

Simple HbaseTemplate demo can't run


I am running HDP2.2 with Hbase and HDFS, so I add the 2.1.2.RELEASE version
of spring-data-hadoop to my maven pom file, but failed to complie with the following error messages:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems: 

	The type org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client.Scan cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from
required .class files

	The type new RowMapper<String>(){} must implement the inherited abstract method
RowMapper<String>.mapRow(Result, int)

	Result cannot be resolved to a type


I thought spring-data-hadoop should has hbase-client as it's dependency, but I found it does not, so I add
the 0.98.4-hadoop2 version of hbase-client manually, then the program can compile, but failed with the

Exception in thread "main"
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Manoj Venkatesh | 17 Apr 20:01 2015

Add keys to column family in HBase using Python

Dear HBase experts,

I have a Hadoop cluster which has Hive, HBase installed along with other Hadoop components.  I am currently
exploring ways to automate a data migration process from Hive to HBase which involves new columns of data
added ever so often.  I was successful in creating a HBase table using Hive and load data into the HBase
table, on these lines I tried to add new columns to the HBase table(from Hive) using the alter table syntax
and I got the error message, "ALTER TABLE cannot be used for a non-native table temp_testing".

As an alternative to this I am also trying to do this programmatically using Python, I have explored the
libraries HappyBase<> and
starbase<>. These libraries provide functionality for
creating, deleting and other features but none of these provide an option to add a key to a column family.
Does anybody know of a better way of achieving this with Python, say libraries or through other means.

Thanks in advance,

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Jeetendra Gangele | 16 Apr 16:06 2015

Need hlep in substring filter

Hi All I have get all the records using scan with end with particular
string let
say record key ending with "12567". I need to scan and get all such result.

I am values filter and do the substring there but i want to avoid this
because its slow.

Jeetendra Gangele | 16 Apr 11:13 2015

Importing data from Hhbase to TSV file

Hi All does anybody know how to import data from hbase table as tsv file.
anil gupta | 16 Apr 08:27 2015
Picon homepage looks weird on Chrome and Firefox


I am aware that recently there were some updates done on HBase website. For
last few months, more often than not, the homepage is displayed in weird
way in chrome and firefox. Is there a bug on homepage that is leading to
this view:

IMO, if the homepage looks broken then its hard to proceed ahead to read
the docs. My two cents.

Also, it would be nice if we could move docs of startgate from here: to


Thanks & Regards,
Anil Gupta
Stack | 16 Apr 06:53 2015

hbasecon2015 is coming up fast; May 7th in SF

Are you all coming?

We have a nice agenda for you:

And all your favorite hbasers will be in attendance for you to tackle and
have a chat with.

It promises to be a good day out for one and all so be sure to come!

The HBasecon Program Committee

Registration is here:
侯野 | 16 Apr 03:58 2015

HBase not expect Shutdown

hi all:

I  have got a error on my hbase cluster .The version is HBase
2015-04-15 05:19:04,221 ERROR [Thread-379358] hdfs.DFSClient: Failed to
close file

at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy13.getAdditionalDatanode(Unknown Source)
at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor90.invoke(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy14.getAdditionalDatanode(Unknown Source)
at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor90.invoke(Unknown Source)
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anil gupta | 15 Apr 22:28 2015

Getting binary data from HBase rest server without Base64 encoding

Hi All,

I want to fetch an image file from HBase using its Rest server. Right now,
i get a xml where the image byte array(cell value) is Base64 encoded. I
need to decode Base64 to Binary to view the image.
Is there are way where we can ask rest server not to perform base64
encoding and just return the Cell value(ie: the image file)

If its not there, and we were to do it. what kind of effort it would take?
Any pointers to code that i would need to modify would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Anil Gupta
Liu, Ming (HPIT-GADSC | 15 Apr 07:35 2015

how to use RegionCoprocessorEnvironment getSharedData() to share data among coprocessors?

Hi, all,

I am trying to learn how to share data between two coprocessors. I have one Observer coprocessor and one
Endpoint coprocessor. In the observer, it overload the prePut/preDelete to maintain a counter. And I
want the Endpoint coprocessor to read that counter and return to client caller. So I want to use the
getSharedData() method in RegionCoprocessorEnvironment, but I cannot make it work. Could anybody help
me here?

In the Observer Coprocessor :
During start(), create the shared object "counter":
public void start(CoprocessorEnvironment envi) throws IOException {
  Env.getSharedData().put("counter", new Long(0) ); //create the counter

In the Endpoint coprocessor:
During start(), try to read the shared "counter" , but failed.
public void start(CoprocessorEnvironment envi) throws IOException {"The size of sharedData map is: " + envi.getSharedData().size() ); //try to get the counter
Here it print 0, if I use evni.getSharedData().containsKey("counter"), it will return false.

When creating table, I call addCoprocessor() method to add Observer first, then Endpoint coprocessor. I
confirmed that by checking the hbase log file message. I only have one region for that table during the run.
I confirmed by hbase shell status 'detailed' command.

There is not much example I can find about how to use getSharedData(), could someone help me here? What is
missing in my simple code? Thanks very much in advance!

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황승환 | 15 Apr 03:45 2015

How hbase:meta works?

Hi, I have some questions about hbase:meta

First, Which component caches hbase:meta,
each regionservers cache hbase:meta?

Secondly. If one regionserver caches
hbase:meta then how to synchronize it to other regionservers?

Finally, When regionserver that has
hbase:meta is dead, how to balance region. How to read hbase:meta?

I just started to study about hbase data
flow. So I need a lot of help. Thank you for your attention and have a nice

Jeetendra Gangele | 14 Apr 22:29 2015

multiple row key ranges support in hbase

Hi All I have multiple range Queries which I need to fire on same table and
Want the result at single call.

I did little bit search and found
is there any alternative for this? which can give same performance.
Will it give much better result then firing the each range query in
separate scan and collating the results from each scan.

Also if its not possible can you please guide how to apply this patch.