Alexandre Porcelli | 2 Sep 05:10 2008

[rules-dev] Changes on parser integration

Hello All,

 I made some changes on DrlParser, now all the previus parse methods
signatures has a new one: adding a boolean in front of each signature.
 What daes this booleans means? If this boolean is setted to true, it
activates the parse in editor-mode. Editor-mode is focused on editor
integration and it is not well optimized.
 So unless you need editor information (like : Location and partial
Descrs) you should not use the editor-mode.

 I could provide you additional information for well formed sentences,
but in most cases it just returns Descrs before the first syntax
problem. Check this tes for a better reference on how to use this new

Alexandre Porcelli
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Kris Verlaenen | 2 Sep 13:23 2008

[rules-dev] Re: Changes on parser integration


I'm trying the IDE now to check for possible remaining problems, but
looking quite good so far.
Added one test to your DRLIncompleteCodeTest that generates a fatal
error on a simple rule fragment:

	public void testIncompleteCode12() throws DroolsParserException,
RecognitionException {
		String input =
			"package a.b.c " +
			"import a.b.c.* " +
			"rule MyRule" +
			"  when " +
			"    m: Message(  ) " +
			"    " +
			"  then" +
			"end ";
		DrlParser parser = new DrlParser();
		PackageDescr descr = parser.parse(true, input);
		assertEquals("a.b.c", descr.getNamespace());
		assertEquals("a.b.c.*", ((ImportDescr)
org.drools.compiler.DroolsParserException: Unknown error while
parsing. This is a bug. Please contact the Development team.
	at org.drools.compiler.DrlParser.compile(

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Mark Proctor | 4 Sep 02:03 2008

[rules-dev] Drools Boot Camp (Oct 16-21) and Texas Rules Fest goes bigger and better (Oct 22-24)
Due to large number of registrations the Texas Rules Fest has had to move location from the Addison to the Sheraton Dallas:

As a reminder entire Drools team will be at the Dallas Rules Fest, this October 22nd to 24th. This is a must attend non-profit event, with $150 registration fee, for hands on rule training on a variety of products and disciplines with some top industry speakers and a fantastic agenda - just stuff, not fluff ;) Gary Riley will be there, author of the rules "bible" Expert Systems, talking about his rule engine the venerable Clips. Charles Forgy, the inventor of Rete and "father" of rule engines, will be there talking about his break through research in parallel executing rule engines. Daniel Selman from Ilog will be there giving tutorials on the ilog engine and tooling.

The organisers have asked me to remind everyone thinking of going to register sooner, rather than later, as they may actually sell out if the rate of registrations continues.

Come Join the Week Long Drools Boot Camp
The Drools team will actually be arriving the week before, on the 15th, for our team meeting which is open to all and starts official on the the 16th in the Best Western hotel conference room. So if you want to chat rules in general or specifically on your problems, or just get involved in some hard core programming, please do come along. We will be staying at the Best Western hotel which has rooms from just $69USD per night :)

So far we have Franklin America and German Aerospace joining us for the team meeting and hard core Drools coding, still room for more :)
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Edson Tirelli | 8 Sep 17:55 2008

[rules-dev] Stable tag


   Thanks to those that helped us reaching a stable trunk status. As of now, we have again a full successful trunk build. I tagged it just in case anyone needs a stable snapshot:

   Also, we shall release M2 soon now.


Edson Tirelli
JBoss Drools Core Development
JBoss, a division of Red Hat <at>
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Edson Tirelli | 8 Sep 18:05 2008

[rules-dev] Target M2 for tomorrow (September 9th)


   We will try to release M2 tomorrow, September 9th, so, if there is anything you want to include, please do it today, but be particularly careful to not break the build.
   If you don't make it, don't worry, lets do an M3 asap after M2.


Edson Tirelli
JBoss Drools Core Development
JBoss, a division of Red Hat <at>
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Daniel Kalcevich | 10 Sep 18:00 2008

[rules-dev] Exporting individual packages from BRMS



We are currently using BRMS and have about 240 rule packages loaded.  The current export only allows the export of the entire repository.  I am wondering if any thought has been given to providing the ability to export a subset of the total packages, and then be able to import them back?  I took a look at the BRMS latest development code and found the places where the BRMS is exporting, but did not see anything related to individual packages.  Can someone let me know their thoughts about whether a)this is possible and b)if it has been considered?  I was thinking of trying to write the code to do it if it is possible.




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Adrian Paschke | 11 Sep 10:50 2008

[rules-dev] W3C RIF in Last Call

Dear All,

The W3C Rule Interchange Format (RIF) Working Group recently published "Last Call" drafts of two of its specifications:

   - "RIF Basic Logic Dialect" (BLD) specifies an XML format for rules

     at an intermediate expressive power.  The language is roughly

     Horn rules with URIs, datatypes, and builtins.  This goes beyond

     datalog (it has function terms), it but does not provide any kind

     of negation.   (Various forms of negation, and other features,

     are expected to be provided by dialects which extend BLD, to be

     published in the future.)


   - "RIF RDF and OWL Compatibility" explains and specifies how RIF

     rulesets are to be used in combination with RDF and OWL.


LAST CALL IS THE KEY TIME FOR EXTERNAL REVIEW.  The designs are essentially complete (the Working Group believes the design work is done), but things can still be changed in response to external input.

Additionally, input on editorial issues (especially pointing out

ambiguities) is always welcome.


In addition to these Last Call documents, the Working Group has published four other drafts:


   - RIF Production Rule Dialect (PRD) specifies an XML format for the

     exchange of production rules.  PRD and BLD are expected to be the

     basis of the two main dialect-branches, with RIF Core being the

     things in common between the two.  (We have not yet published a

     document expressing that intersection, but it can be inferred

     from the PRD and BLD specifications.)  This is a first public

     working draft.  This is an exellent time to comment on the

     general direction of the language, and give feedback on all the

     issues mentioned as Editor's Notes in the document.


   - RIF Framework for Logic Dialects (FLD) and RIF Datatypes and

     Builtins (DTB) provide common elements for specific dialects to



   - RIF Uses Cases and Requirements (UCR), last published about two

     years ago, has been simplified and now has examples written in

     the PRD and BLD presentation syntaxes.  The examples can be

     hidden or revealed using Javascript controls.


Feedback on all these documents should be sent to:


      public-rif-comments <at>


All comments (and responses to them) will be available at the public



Please comment by 19 September so we have time to address your comments in incorporate any changes into our next round of publications.



Adrian Paschke

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ganesh.p | 11 Sep 16:09 2008

[rules-dev] Agenda.getScheduledActivations() method is throwing NullPointerException

Hi All,

I have a init rule in which i am accessing Agenda.getScheduledActivations()
method. But it throws NullPointerException. I have tried with both
drools-core 4.0.4 and drools-core 4.0.7 jar files. 

Here are the rules:

package com.demo.rules;

import java.util.Date;

import org.drools.Agenda;
import org.drools.spi.Activation;

import com.demo.metric.TxInfo;
import com.demo.rules.RuleDemo;

function void removeActivationsForRule(String ruleName, Agenda agenda) {
	Activation[] actArr;
	Activation act;
	int len;

	try {
		actArr = agenda.getScheduledActivations();
		len = actArr.length;

		System.out.println("*** Scheduled Activation[] Length : " + len);
		for(int i=0;i<len;++i) {
			act = actArr[i];
			if(act.getRule().getName().equals(ruleName)) {
				System.out.println("*** ACTIVATION : " + act + " IS REMOVED ***");
	} catch (NullPointerException ex) {

rule 'init_rule1'
salience 10
when TxInfo(totalTime <= 100)
	removeActivationsForRule("rule1", drools.getWorkingMemory().getAgenda());

rule 'rule1'
duration 60000
when TxInfo(totalTime > 100)
	System.out.println("**** FIRING RULE : rule1 : -" + new Date() + "- ****");

Here is the stack trace:

	at com.demo.rules.RuleDemo.removeScheduledActivations(
	at com.demo.rules.RuleDemo.beforeActivationFired(
	at org.drools.common.DefaultAgenda.fireActivation(
	at org.drools.common.DefaultAgenda.fireNextItem(

	at com.demo.rules.RuleDemo.fireRule(
	at com.demo.rules.RuleDemo.main(
	at com.demo.rules.Rule_init_rule1_0.consequence(
	at org.drools.common.DefaultAgenda.fireActivation(
	at org.drools.common.DefaultAgenda.fireNextItem(
	at com.demo.rules.RuleDemo.fireRule(
	at com.demo.rules.RuleDemo.main(

I have attached my source code. 

Thanks and Regards,

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Mark Proctor | 12 Sep 14:00 2008

[rules-dev] Rule Engine's and Performance Misconceptions

After seeing some recent user postings I thought I'd write up this blog 
article, so that the community can just reference it in the future when 
similar questions come up:

Please vote for it in digg and dzone:

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Adrian Paschke | 12 Sep 14:52 2008

[rules-dev] RuleML-2008 Call for Participation - One week left for Early Bird Registration

[ our apologies should you receive this message more than one time ]


                      CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                2008 International RuleML Symposium

         on Rule Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2008)

                October 30-31, 2008, Orlando, Florida


  ***   The early registration deadline is only ONE WEEK away ***

                       on 19 September 2008

              Register by September 19, receive $100 off.

                 Special team discounts also available  


                        Open Calls


           RuleML-2008 Challenge/Showcase Demos,

        Lightning/Highlight Talks & Fast Abstracts


             Submission deadline: September 15


We invite you to attend the 2008 International RuleML Symposium on Rule

Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2008) to be held during October 30-31,

2008 in Orlando, Florida. As this is a relatively new event, being only its

2nd year, participants can make a difference about shaping the future

direction and structure of the field, including about rule standards

supporting their own approaches and about their own possible involvement in

the organization of future events.

Co-located with the 11th International Business Rules Forum, RuleML-2008

provides a unique opportunity to exchange your ideas about practical

distributed rule technologies and rule-based applications. Meet the Web

experts and discuss with them status and progress of the rules technology.

Discuss your recent work with colleagues in the informal atmosphere of the

symposium. You should not miss the high-quality technical presentations, the

innovative applications presented in detail and the state of the art reports

of the plenary speakers. RuleML-2008 is a must for all people active in

technologies or entering the field.

The scope of RuleML-2008 covers all topics relevant to rule-based

technologies, rule interchange formats and rule-based applications as well

discussions of lessons learned that have to be taken into account when

employing rule-based technologies in distributed, (partially) open,

heterogeneous environments.


Technical Program


The symposium will feature a strong, single-track technical program

consisting of:

* Keynote speakers:

  o Michael Kifer (State University of New York at Stony Brook), on "Rule

    Interchange Format: Not Just Syntax".

    Joint keynote between RuleML-2008 and RR2008.

  o David Luckham (Stanford University, USA) on "The Power of Events: An

    Introduction to Complex Event Processing in Distributed Enterprise


  o Paul Haley (Haley Systems, Inc) on "Event and Process Semantics will


  o Benjamin Grosof (Vulcan, Inc.) on the SILK KRR system of the

    HALO project.

* Joint Lunch Panel held in conjunction with the co-located Business Rules

  Forum on "Rules on the Web".

* Lightning talks/Highlight talks

* A RuleML-2008 Challenge with prizes to demonstrate tools, use cases, and


* Industry, demo and scientific research & development papers and

  presentations advancing and assessing the state of the art in event and

  rule-based systems selected in a peer-reviewed fashion by an

  international program committee.

* Papers will be published as a Springer LNCS proceedings. A related journal

  special issue (IEEE TKDE) on "Rule Representation, Interchange and

  Reasoning in Distributed, Heterogeneous Environments", open to all, has

  been scheduled.

* Social events to promote networking among the symposium delegates in an

  informal setting.

The full symposium program is available at:


RuleML-2008 Registration


Early Registration Deadline:   September 19, 2008

Late Registration Deadline:    after September 19, 2008

RuleML-2008 Symposium:         October 30-31, 2008

The registration page is available at:

As shown there, special discounts are available for our collaboration

partners and sponsors, as well as a group discount.

The symposium will be held at the Buena Vista Palace in Orlando,

Florida, near the Walt Disney World Resort. Information about

the symposium venue are available here:


RuleML-2008 Challenge


The new RuleML-2008 Challenge provides an excellent opportunity to

demonstrate rule-based tools, use cases, and applications (and to win a

prestigious prize). Late-breaking demos for the RuleML-2008 Challenge are

welcome. Please send title, author(s) and brief description by September,

15th to ruleml2008 <at>

More detail can be found at:


Co-located with:

         The 11th International Business Rules Forum



Sponsored by:

Gold level  : Vulcan Inc

Silver level: Model Systems

Bronze level: STI Innsbruck, ruleCore, JBoss

Sponsoring opportunities:


In Co-operation with:

AAAI, W3C, BPM-Forum, Business Rules Forum, ECCAI, OASIS, OMG,

Dallas Rules Group, Belgium Business Rules Forum, MIT Sloan CIO Symposium,

Event Processing Technical Society, ACM, ACM SIGART, ACM SIGMIS, ACM SIGWEB,

Open Research Society, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Systems Man and

Society, IEEE SMCS TC on Intelligent Internet Systems, IEEE SMCS TC on

Distributed Intelligent Systems, IEEE Computer Society TC on Autonomous and

Autonomic Systems


Media Partners:

                  Springer LNCS, MoDo Marketing


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