Karl Kildén | 12 May 22:02 2014

Fwd: Log4J2 - Set log level programmatically


Reading this
http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/logging-log4j-user/201305.mbox/%3CBAF05689-F627-457D-BD37-59BFCE46F69E <at> nicholaswilliams.net%3E

hints that this is fully possible. This is also a very nice feature for
webapps (especially those running in a cluster) because editing a file on
the server is error prone and sometimes not even possible.

The docs for log4j2 is pretty great overall but I would really like some
info on setting the levels programmatically...

Thanks for log4j, a staple framework I use for every project :-) Time to
upgrade to log4j2 (hence the question)

Walter_Marvin | 1 May 15:47 2014

More maven build problems for log4j

Dell - Internal Use - Confidential
Could not build clean target for 1.2.17, could not build install target for 2.0. In each case maven
libraries could not be found.



Evan J | 1 May 02:21 2014

Web Service Appender

I searched around, but I could not find an off-the-shelf Appender that
sends logs to a web service. Is there any?
Mikael Ståldal | 30 Apr 10:34 2014

Log4j 2 appender for Redis?

Are there any appender for Redis for Log4j 2?


Mikael Ståldal
Chief Software Architect
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Email: mikael.staldal <at> appearnetworks.com
Gordon | 30 Apr 00:51 2014

log4j 1x usage in jsp.


I understand the current version of log4j is 2.x, but our company using
log4j 1.x and so my question is specific to version 1.x:

It's said here



"You must take particular care when using Log4j or any other logging
framework within a Java EE web application. It's important for logging
resources to be properly cleaned up (database connections closed, files
closed, etc.) when the container shuts down or the web application is
undeployed. Because of the nature of class loaders within web applications,
Log4j resources cannot be cleaned up through normal means. Log4j must be
"started" when the web application deploys and "shut down" when the web
application undeploys. How this works varies depending on whether your
application is a Servlet 3.0 or
2.5 <http://logging.apache.org/log4j/2.x/manual/webapp.html#Servlet-2.5>web

1) How do I start Log4j?  Did I miss something?  Currently I'm using log
for 4 in my jsp / java as follows:

import or.apache.log4j.Logger;
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Walter_Marvin | 28 Apr 21:30 2014

maven build for source does not work

Dell - Internal Use - Confidential

1)      The pom file has to be updated to allow for maven-site-plugin 3.3 rather than 3.1

2)      The mvm staging step gives a null pointer exception



Mikael Ståldal | 25 Apr 16:52 2014

Configure Log4j 2.0 in a Web Application

I am using Log4j 2.0 in a Web Application, which is packaged as a .war
file, and deployed in an application server.

I want to bundle a default Log4j configuration within the .war file, but
make it possible to override it in the application server when deploying,
without tampering with the .war file.

Is that possible with Log4j 2.0? I am currently using Jetty 9.x as
application server, but I would like a solution which can be used in
multiple application servers.


Mikael Ståldal
Chief Software Architect
Phone: +46 8 545 91 572
Email: mikael.staldal <at> appearnetworks.com
Jörn Huxhorn | 21 Apr 19:45 2014

Lilith 0.9.44 has been released!

This release brings huge improvements to the usage of conditions. Take a look
at "Focus" and "Exclude" in the popup and "Search" menu.

Remember that you can save conditions using Cmd/Ctrl-I. Those will show up in
the "Saved conditions" section of "Focus" and "Exclude".

It will also most likely be the last Java 5 compatible version.
Development will continue on Java 8.

- The table of the view will now always receive the focus if the selected
  view changes.
- Added alternative behavior for Focus/Exclude actions.
  By default, those actions are replacing the current views filter,
  if available, with the new combined filter.
  Hold shift to create a new view instead.
- Status text is now properly updated in case of a replaced filter.
- Renamed "Named" in the find combo to "Saved".
- Renamed "Add condition..." to "Save condition..." and moved it from
  the "View" to the "Search" menu. Also added it to the popup menu.
- Significantly enhanced tooltips of various condition-related components.
  They now show a pretty-printed string representation of the condition.
- Enhanced "Focus" and "Exclude" popup menus.
- Added corresponding "Focus" and "Exclude" menus to the "Search" menu.
- Added two Substance look&feels to the mix.
- Status text of main window is now properly updated on change of
  white/blacklisted list name.
- Enhanced profiling output of TracingAspect.
- Fixed of-by-one error in message renderer [+x lines]. Again.
- servlet-api dependency of de.huxhorn.lilith.logback.servlet is now
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James Hutton | 21 Apr 14:21 2014

One appender, multiple layouts

Still trying to wrap my head around markers a bit, but I was wondering if
it was possible to use a marker to determine which layout the event was
formatted with to the same appender.  If there is any documentation or
examples that would be helpful and most appreciated.

huang | 20 Apr 09:18 2014

not lose log events while reload its configuration problem

Hi all,
         I am learning the source code of log4j 2.I want to know  how log4j 2 can reload its configuration "without
losing log events while reconfiguration is taking place.".How can  it  make sure it don't lose log events
while reload its configuration. 
      With regards.

Jeff Shaw | 16 Apr 21:55 2014

How to make a custom connection source available in log4j 2 config?

I made a custom connection source that I want to use. (Source follows
this message.) However, when I attempt to use my BoneCP connection
source in my config, I get the error, "ERROR JDBC contains an invalid
element or attribute "BoneCP"". What else do I need to do to make my
custom connection source available in the configuration?

I'm hoping the answer will also apply to a custom appender and manager
I've written, neither of which work because they also cannot be
instantiated from the configuration, however the error is a class not
found error.



 * Copyright (c) Bit Gladiator on 2014.

 <at> Plugin(name = "BoneCP", category="Core", elementType =
"connectionSource", printObject = true)
public class BoneCPConnectionSource implements ConnectionSource {
  private static final Logger LOGGER = StatusLogger.getLogger();

  private final BoneCP pool;

  private BoneCPConnectionSource(final BoneCP pool) {
    this.pool = pool;
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