edwardeguard-cosita | 2 Apr 06:01 2005

stdout & log4j in tomcat 5.5

sorry about the eariler tomcat only post. my bad. 2 questions:

1) does the config file below look ok to you all in a general way, no
obvious errors, etc?

2) im trying to get my log4j output for my web app (win2k server &
tomcat 5.5) to only go to my log files.  its a standard setup: using
commons logging & log4j 1.2., the log4j.props is in my web-inf/classes.

problem is that it looks like some things (system.outprintln(),
org.apache.struts, etc ) are still also going to the stdout log files
(e.g stdout_20050401.log).  i see what i expect in my log files, but i *
didnt * want to see it in the stdout log.  is that a normal limitation
of log4j 1.2.9/tomcat 5.5 or did i miss something here.

# log4j.properties
log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, roll-error

#----------- my web
log4j.category.com.company-name=DEBUG, roll-debug
# Console Appender
# Pattern to output the caller's file name and line number.
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