Joakim Knudsen | 21 May 19:29 2016

Creating EXIF tags (TiffOutputField) the right way

Hi List!

I'm working on an Android app, where I want to read and write "EXIF tags"
to JPEG files on the device. Sanselan 0.97 seems to work perfectly,
although it's a bit complicated to work with EXIF tags/directories.

The specific tags I'm interested in, is EXIF_TAG_USER_COMMENT and
According to the documentation I could find, UserComment is of field type
"undefined", whereas ImageDescription is of field type ASCII.

What's the proper way of creating those tags, wrt. charset etc? I want as
wide as possible character support (æøå etc).

I find different discussions online, with different advice. Seems two
constructors are going around, where the simpler one does not deal with
charset/encoding at all. This one uses the .create method:

String textToSet = "Some Text æøå";

TiffOutputField exif_comment = TiffOutputField.create(
                outputSet.byteOrder, textToSet);

while this one uses the standard constructor:

byte b[] = ExifTagConstants.EXIF_TAG_USER_COMMENT.encodeValue(
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Benedikt Ritter | 21 May 17:13 2016

[ANNOUNCE] Apache Commons git repositories now writable for all ASF committers


a while back, the Apache Commons project decided to grant write access to
all ASF committers [1]. While setting this up for our SVN repositories was
easy, we had some problems to grant the necessary karma to all ASF
committers for our git repositories. This problem has now been fixed [2].
All ASF committers should now be able to commit to our git repositories as
well. This includes the repositories of the following components:

- Apache Commons Lang
- Apache Commons Math
- Apache Commons Compress
- Apache Commons SCXML

If you experience any issues, please report them on dev <at>

Have fun,
Benedikt, on behalf of the Apache Commons community

Josh Elser | 20 May 17:17 2016

[ANNOUNCE] Apache Commons VFS 2.1 released

The Apache Commons team is pleased to announce the release of Apache 
Commons VFS 2.1. Apache Commons VFS provides a single API for accessing 
various different file systems. It presents a uniform view of the files 
from various different sources, such as the files on local disk, on an 
HTTP server, or inside a Zip archive.

Details of the changes and bug fixes in this release can be found in
the release notes:

This release is binary compatible with 2.0, users are encouraged to 
upgrade at their earliest convenience.

For information on Commons VFS please visit the VFS website:

Commons VFS can be downloaded from the following page:

- The Apache Commons community
Lon Varscsak | 19 May 19:51 2016

Last object in key path

Hey guys,

I’m trying to do something where right before setting a value, I want to
lookup and call a validation routine.  I was looking for a method where I
could get the target object for a given property, but I can’t seem to find
one that’s exposed.

So for a key path of “key1.key2.key3” when setting a value, I’d like to try
to lookup a method on the object represented by “key2” and call that first,
and then conditionally call the set.  Any ideas?


Robert Huffman | 18 May 18:59 2016

[dbutils] Would it be possible to have parameters passed to QueryRunner as an Iterable?

If a prepared statement is built dynamically, with a variable number of
parameters, and parameters are collected in a Collection of some sort
instead of an array, usage QueryRunner requires that the collection be
converted to an array first. This means the parameters are iterated twice:
once to convert to an array and once again in QueryRunner.fillStatement.

Would it violate a design decision if methods were added to QueryRunner
that took the parameters as an Iterable instead of as varags? It should be
straightforward to add such methods and use an Iterable wrapper around an
array to have the varargs methods invoke the new methods that take

I would be happy to submit a patch if this does not violate some sort of
design decision I am not aware of and if the implementation approach sounds
Aaron Gadberry | 17 May 15:06 2016

Re: XInclude Support

Hi,  My question is specifically on commons-configuration2.

I cannot seem to use XInclude within an XMLConfiguration file.  Perhaps I
am doing something incorrectly, or perhaps it is unsupported, but I can't
seem to find documentation either way.

This is my example program, files and output.

package test;


import org.apache.commons.configuration2.ConfigurationUtils;
import org.apache.commons.configuration2.XMLConfiguration;
import org.apache.commons.configuration2.builder.fluent.Parameters;
import org.apache.commons.configuration2.ex.ConfigurationException;

public class TestConfiguration {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws ConfigurationException {
        Parameters params = new Parameters();
        FileBasedConfigurationBuilder<XMLConfiguration> builder = new
                new File("configs/test_external.xml")));
        XMLConfiguration config = builder.getConfiguration();
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Dmitry Goldenberg | 15 May 19:50 2016

commons vfs next release - ?


Apologies if this is posted somewhere already. What is the current roadmap
for the release of commons vfs2 version 2.1?  Is there a specific target
date when it'll become available on Maven Central?

Is the HDFS provider in a completed state? It appears that the write to
HDFS capability is there. Just curious if this is complete.

Mansour Al Akeel | 14 May 15:19 2016

[SCXML] How to obtain a collection of valid events

Hello all,

Based on my understanding, a state machine provides feedback about the
input. If the token is not recognized, it should report this.

I am prototyping in SCXML, and trying to find a way to find if the
supplied event/token is recognized or not. I am unable to find a way
to tell. May be someone else had luck with this, and can share the way
with me.

So my question is, I am working in an AbstractStateMachine, and I have
an instance of SCXMLExcutor obtained from getEngine(). How can I find
the valid inputs ??

Thank you
Victor Rodriguez | 12 May 23:42 2016

[net] FTPClient retrieveFile doesn't finish


I'm having an issue where sometimes FTPClient.retrieveFile doesn't finish and it doesn't timeout either.


The BufferedOutputStream I'm using is defined as follows...

outputStream = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(localFile), 8256000);

What I'm doing is connecting, logging in, transferring a bunch of files one at a time, logging out,
disconnecting.  Is there any way I can prevent retrieveFile from hanging or make it so that retrieveFile
times out after a while so that I can try again?  If there is no configurable timeout, what strategies are
people using to interrupt the call to retrieveFile and try again?




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ruchi ahuja | 12 May 12:00 2016

[POOL] Common pool eviction thread not working

I am using apache commons pool 2 for object pooling.

The commons pool eviction thread is invoking the destroy method in test
environment. However I don't see it getting called in production.

How do I find the reason why it's not getting called?
ruchi ahuja | 12 May 11:33 2016

[POOL] Common pool eviction thread not working

I am using apache commons pool 2 for object pooling.

The commons pool eviction thread is invoking the destroy method in test
environment. However I don't see it getting called in production.

How do I find the reason why it's not getting called?