Marcel Stör | 19 Apr 23:47 2014

Have junitreport load styles from JAR

Looking at the source of 
I see no way I could pack my style sheets into a JAR file and reference 
them in the parameter.

Is that assumption correct?

I'd need something like this:
<junitreport todir="...">
   <report styledir="jar://c:/my.jar/foo" format="noframes" todir="..."/>
   <fileset dir="....">
     <include name="**/*.xml" />

Context: I use the junitreport task in a Maven build (similar to


Marcel Stör,
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Edoardo Vacchi | 15 Apr 09:10 2014

ClassLoader classpath of a TaskDef'd task

My taskdef'd task uses
to load dynamically a series of classes *during* the execution of the task
itself. These classes are actually the same jar of the task implementation.

Now, if I put my jars in ~/.ant/lib the task works. If I use
<taskdef ...>

where classpath points to the ./lib/* folder of the project, the task *is*
found, but the classloader fails to load the classes. I suppose that ant is
changing the classloader for the task's thread. How can I pass the
<classpath/> information down to the task's classloader?

hwpstorage | 25 Mar 15:30 2014

Maven Ant Plugin question


Sorry for the crossing post.
I tried to use maven to genterate build.xml for ant.
Use command
 mvn ant:ant
will generate build.xml and maven-build.xml, which can be used by Ant.

my problem is
everytime runs ant compile
it will download everything from every repository.

for example, for this jar file parquet-format-1.0.0.jar
I got error, it tries every repository.
      [get] Getting:
      [get] To:
      [get] Getting:
      [get] To:
      [get] Error opening connection
      [get] Error opening connection
      [get] Error opening connection
      [get] Can't get
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Tony Anecito | 5 Mar 22:03 2014

Ant on Mac OS X

Hi All,

I am new to Mac OS X. What is the easiest way to get Ant running on OS X? I tried copying my ant folder from Windows
to Mac OS X and it would not run.

Knuplesch, Jürgen | 25 Feb 16:07 2014

create a new fileset in Java and in Ant Task


I want to create a new fileset inside a ANT-Task using this:

      FileSet createdFileset = new FileSet();
      createdFileset.setDir(new File(basedir));

When I do this to get the files:


I get a NPE.

What else do I need to do to set up a new fileset?
Cant find it somewhere else )-:


Juergen Knuplesch

Application Development

icon Systemhaus GmbH

        Tel. +49 711 806098-275

Hauptstätter Straße 70
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Mahmood Naderan | 23 Feb 12:12 2014

Installation question

I have read the manual on how to install Ant ( However
there are some confusing steps so I will appreciate any answer for my problem

I have run 


ant -f fetch.xml -Ddest=system
I want to know, is that all? I see that subsequent steps are optional.
 How can I check if
 ant is installed correctly?

Edwin Castro | 13 Feb 22:26 2014

How to merge jars and directories specified by path resource into a single jar

I have a handful of paths defined as

<path id="class.libs">
    <pathelement location="blah/blah.jar"/>

<path id="class.dirs">
    <pathelement location="blah/blah"/>

<path id="class.path">
    <pathelement refid="class.libs"/>
    <pathelement refid="class.dirs"/>

I have a need to merge the .class files in the jars and directories
specified by class.libs and class.dirs into a single jar. I can merge
the jars using

<pathconvert property="class.libs" refid="class.libs"/>

<jar destfile="${jar.file}">
    <fileset dir="${classes.dir}" includes="*.class"/>
        <name name="**/*.class"/>
                <path path="${class.libs}"/>
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Kimpton, C (Chris | 11 Feb 09:21 2014

Resource collections - Linux vs. windows


I have a target that is trying to delete some directories, all but the last few.  It works as expected (I
believe - it deletes files when expected) on my dev box (windows), but is not deleting anything on the build
server (Linux):

It builds up 2 resource collections - one for all directories and one for the last few and then does a delete
based on the difference.

        <resources id="resource-all-dirs">
            <dirset dir="${release-base-dir}" >
                <filename regex="^\d+$" />

        <resources id="resource-last-3-dirs">
            <last count="4">
                    <dirset dir="${release-base-dir}" >
                        <filename regex="^\d+$" />
                    <date />

        <delete verbose="true">
                <resources refid="resource-all-dirs"/>
                <resources refid="resource-last-3-dirs" />
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Marc Benstein | 11 Feb 01:17 2014

junit skipNotTests zipfileset including inner classes that are not tests

I am using ant 1.9.3 with junit 4.11 with batchtest skipNonTests="true"

What is happening is that inner classes of non-test classes are being
tested. This is resulting in a few failures. Any thoughts on why these
inner classes that are not test classes are being tested?

<junit printsummary="no" fork="yes" forkmode="perBatch"
haltonfailure="no" failureproperty="junit.failure">
    <formatter type="xml" />
    <batchtest skipNonTests="yes" todir="${junit.result.dir}">
        <zipfileset src="foo-testing.jar">
            <exclude name="**/*TestLocal.class" />

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Martin Gainty | 5 Feb 16:53 2014

RE: Nexus Taskdef question

Ant Gurus

The subject says it all: I'm trying to get an artifact from Nexus, and the Ant build job I'm looking at seems to
be unable to retrieve the most recent snapshot artifact from Nexus. 
I suspect that when Ant tries to get the snapshot, there is already one in the local Maven cache and grabs what
is appropriate, instead of getting the absolute latest one.

Is there an ant taskdef to download the most recent (snapshot) artifact from Nexus?

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Sander ... | 5 Feb 14:17 2014

Ant with Dimensions


I try search before, but I didn't found the search bar in the site.

I'm learning to use apache ant and I would like to know how I can make an extraction (or check out) from the
Serena Dimensions CM 12.2 with an oline repository. I try to use this code above ( provided by Apache), but I
din't be successful. 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>   
<project name="test" basedir=".">   
<property file="./"/>   
<target name="extract">    
    <pvcs repository="${repository}" pvcsproject="${pvcsproject}" userid="${user}" />    

Fail description:

Failed executing: pcli lvf -z -aw -pr(repository) -id(userid) (project name). Exception: Cannot run
program "pcli": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot found the file especified.


I would like to know how I can overcome this problem. Maybe if exist a new way or "pcli" program.

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