Niall Pemberton | 1 Sep 20:08 2008

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Commons BeanUtils 1.8.0 Released

The Apache Commons project is pleased to announce the release of Commons 
BeanUtils 1.8.0. Commons BeanUtils provides easy-to-use wrappers around 
the Reflection and Introspection APIs provided by the Java language.

BeanUtils 1.8.0 is binary compatible with version 1.7.0 and contains a 
number of bug fixes and enhancements. Full details of changes are 
available in the Release Notes:

Commons BeanUtils is available in either binary or source form from the 
following download page:

For more information on Commons BeanUtils, visit the project home page:

- Niall Pemberton -
on behalf of the Apache Commons community
Nick Burch | 28 Sep 18:01 2008

[ANNOUNCE] Apache POI 3.5 Beta 3 Released

The POI team is pleased to announce the availability of Apache POI 3.5 
beta 3, our latest beta including OOXML (Office Open XML) support.

Apache POI is well-known in the Java field as a library for reading and
writing OLE2 office file formats, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and
Word. With POI 3.5, it also support the new OOXML formats introduced in Office 
2007. See for more details

Release Highlights:

   POI-SS - Java API To Access Microsoft Excel Format Files
   * This common interface allows access to HSSF (binary file format,
      .xls) and XSSF (ooxml file format, .xlsx) in the same way
   * Very similar to HSSF usermodel, allowing easy translation of old
      code support to the new format
   * All of HSSF should support this interface
   * Partial implementation of XSSF for this interface

   POI-XSSF - Java API To Access Microsoft Excel 2007 OOXML Format Files
   * partial implementation of high level interface
   * text extraction supported
   * low level, low memory parsing supported

   POI-XSLF - Java API To Access Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 OOXML Format Files
   * text extraction supported

   POI-XWPF - Java API To Access Microsoft Word 2007 OOXML File Formats
   * text extraction supported

In addition, all fixes from the forthcoming 3.2 release (svn trunk) are 
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