Rahul Akolkar | 23 May 02:01 2008

[ANNOUNCE] Apache Commons SCXML 0.8 Released

The Apache Commons project would like to announce the immediate
availability of Commons SCXML 0.8.

Commons SCXML provides a Java State Chart XML (W3C Working Draft)
engine. Anything that can be represented as a UML state chart --
business process flows, view navigation bits, interaction or dialog
management, and many more -- can leverage the Commons SCXML library.

Commons SCXML 0.8 contains a small number of improvements and bug
fixes. Details can be found in the release notes:


Commons SCXML is available in either binary or source form from the
following downloads page:


For more information on Commons SCXML, visit the project home page:


-Rahul Akolkar
 on behalf of the Apache Commons community
Yegor Kozlov | 28 May 08:30 2008

[Announce] Apache POI 3.1 BETA2 Released

Hi All,

The POI team is pleased to announce the release of 3.1 BETA2 which is one of the final steps before 3.1 FINAL.

Apache POI is well-known in the Java field as a library for reading and
writing OLE2 office file formats, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and

The status of this release is a beta, meaning that we encourage users to try it out.
If you find any bugs, please report them to the POI bug database or to
the poi-dev mailing list.

Summary of changes since 3.1-beta1:
    * fix44306 - fixed reading/writing of AttrPtg(type=choose) and method toFormulaString() for CHOOSE formulas(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix24207 - added HSSFName.isDeleted() to check if the name points to cell that no longer exists(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix40414 - fixed selected/active sheet after removing sheet from workbook(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix44523 - fixed workbook sheet selection and focus(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix45000 - Fixed NPE in ListLevel when numberText is null(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix44985 - Properly update TextSpecInfoAtom when the parent text is changed(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix41187 - fixed HSSFSheet to properly read xls files without ROW records(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix44950 - fixed HSSFFormulaEvaluator.evaluateInCell() and Area3DEval.getValue() also added
validation for number of elements
      in AreaEvals(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix42570 - fixed LabelRecord to use empty string instead of null when the length is zero.(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix42564 - fixed ArrayPtg to use ConstantValueParser. Fixed a few other ArrayPtg encoding issues.(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fixFollow-on from 28754 - StringPtg.toFormulaString() should escape double quotes(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix44929 - Improved error handling in HSSFWorkbook when attempting to read a BIFF5 file(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix44675 - Parameter operand classes (function metadata) required to encode SUM() etc properly.
      Added parse validation for number of parameters(POI-DEVELOPERS)
    * fix44921 - allow Ptg.writeBytes() to be called on relative ref Ptgs (RefN* and AreaN*)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
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